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The Western Guide To Feng Shui: Room By Room

Filled with photographs, stories, and many practical Feng Shui “tricks of the trade,” this book is packed with ideas and tools that you can easily apply to your life to increase your prosperity and improve your health, creativity, and overall happiness. Terah covers every room in great detail—including your living room, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms, home office, kitchen, family room, and storage areas. She also explores the attitudinal and spiritual work—the inner Feng Shui—that complements and strengthens your outer Feng Shui enhancements. Includes a 16-page insert of color photos to emphasize the author’s points.

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My son gave me this book for Xmas, what a wonderful gift! As a beginner to Feng Shui, I find many books on the subject too complex for me at this time. I needed a book that was clear and uncomplicated. I found it! Not only did I learn how to incorporate feng shui into my home but also in my attitude and way of life. Unlike many authors I have read, Terah Kathryn Collins emphasizes the importance of changing our attitudes along with our living space. Only by combining the two can we truly utilize the power of Ch'i. I look forward to incorporating the principles I have learned from this book into my home and life!

I collect, read & study every book I can on Feng Shui. I have close to a hundred books in my own library on Feng Shui. This book is by far, the easiest to understand and use. It just tells you how to do it and improve your life. I highly recommend this book.

I loved The Western Guide to Feng Shui, but I was unsure what more the author could say in Room-by-Room. I had no cause for concern! Collins continues her breezy and easy to understand style of breaking Feng Shui into quickly digested pieces (in The Western Guide, it was Bagua regions, in Room-by-Room, it's the common rooms and exterior areas of a house). For each piece, she explains the basics of Feng Shui as applied in that situation, gives real life examples (both success and failure stories), and ends with a quick reference list for your later use. Room-by-Room also contains great color photographs that make the descriptions come alive.Although The Western Guide is a better all-over explanation of Feng Shui, Room-by-Room gives you enough information to get started. Where Room-by-Room really shines is describing how to pick out the pieces to enhance the bagua areas. It is not enough to simply slap artwork depicting a naked couple in your relationship area -- if that area happens to fall in your entrance foyer, you'll be making guests uneasy with an overly intimate piece of art. If you're serious about giving your home a Feng Shui makeover, you should probably get both books.The first guests I had in my home after its makeover used words like "cozy," "comfortable," and "homey" to describe their impressions of the house. Feng Shui really works!

While this book is good in providing real-life examples, I found her examples were too situation-specific. She shows real situations that don't apply to my own, hence, most of the book was unhelpful. This is not a particularly good book if you want to know what to do specifically - unless the examples in the book match your own. Her suggestions of what you can do to improve a room are either too broad or too specific to the particular case she uses. I've seen more helpful hints on the Internet than in this book, and do not recommend it unless you have other Feng Shui books. Not completely useless, you can use this as a supplement.

This is the first book I read about Feng Shui. I found I really enjoyed Collin's breezy style of writing, but more than that, after reading 10 other books on feng shui, I can honestly say this is the best book out there for the beginner feng shui reader.Collins goes over all the feng shui basics in this book - the bagua, enhansements, colors, the five-element theory (nourishing and destructive cycles), etc. She then goes on with the theories of each Room beyond the bagua (such as that bathrooms are watery, etc, and how to prevent them from being overly watery). I found this very helpful. I also enjoyed how Collins had affirmations for each gua and each room. The affirmations, for example, for the bathroom, involve letting go of toxic thoughts and emotions.This book is also full of photos, both black and white and color, that are really helpful in allowing you to see what the author means when she gives an example of good or bad feng shui. The photographs are really gorgeous, too, and simply make the examples stand out really well!After reading this book, I went back and read her book, "The Western Guide to Feng Shui", but didn't enjoy it nearly as much. It doesn't has the photographs, the writing is stilted, and she doesn't go into as much detail with enhansements and color theory as she does in this book. If you had to choose which book to start with, start with "The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Room by Room"! Simply the best First book to read about Feng Shui!

... I read most of it on a recent flight and found it helpful, insightful, and easy to read/understand. I have realized that by making some subtle changes to my enviornment I can feel better about myself and hopefuly generate more positive energy flow around me. Even if you don't believe in cosmic energy forces this is a great book to fantastic decorating ideas. You will never look at your home (or that of others) again the same way...

I read several books on feng shui before this one-mostly slogging through all the history and technical information that was not at all useful to me. Then I found Ms. Collins book. She presents just enough history and technical information to be useful, and offers many simple and practical ideas which can change the energy of your home and your life. The pictures were very helpful in illustrating how a few small changes can dramatically change the energy of a whole room. I highly recommend this book.

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