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The Principles Of Feng Shui

After ten years of intensive research, experimentation, exploration, and the teaching of Feng Shui, Master Larry Sang puts forth his accumulated knowledge and insights into this book to systematically introduce Feng Shui to its readers. Its primary goals are: A. To correct mistakes committed in various Feng Shui books presently on the market so that the readers can avoid abusing Feng Shui and being victimized. B. To help readers to discern real professional Feng Shui practitioners from imposters, evaluate their competence and knwledge of Feng Shui, and meanwhile, stop hooking Feng Shui up with superstition, mystique and religion. C. To apply the knowledge in this book as fundamentals to initiate extensive interest and research, to promote Feng Shui as a precious ancient natural science, and finally, to utilize Feng Shui to the extent of benefiting all mankind.

Paperback: 197 pages

Publisher: American Feng Shui Institute (January 1, 1995)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0964458306

ISBN-13: 978-0964458307

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The first thing you will notice if you are wanting to study 'feng shui' , is the sheer volume of publications available. Browse any book shop or 'new age' centre and you will undoubtedly see shelves upon shelves of books 'claiming' to be written by 'masters' and claiming to offer you a 'quick fix' to increase both your wealth and happiness by 'apparently' using the ancient art of Chinese Geometry (feng shui) - hang a wind chime here, a mirror there, add a bowl of water and BINGO! health, wealth and happiness are sure to follow.... Hmmm! Really?! Ever wondered why they never worked, ever wondered why they are rather thin on actual facts and formulas ('feng shui' is a science after all) - well the reason is that when the 'feng shui' badwagon rolled into town, every hippy-dippie and their wife, mother or cousin who had an inclin towards; crystals, new-age or the occult was there waving their flag ang joining in. Hence forth soon you couldn't see the real for the false, the masters for the charlatans, and all confusion broke out. The people you were inviting in to 'read' your homes were largely un-qualified or possessed the mere basics, and so their 'cures' seldom worked. Step forth 'modest' Master Larry Tsang to put things straight. I am not saying that if you are of Asian descent you know more that 'westerners' - not at all, but what I am saying is bring forth a modest man, immensely knowlegable, a man who understands this science inside out, back to front AND upside down, see a man such as this and you KNOW he speaks and writes the truth.There are VERY vew people on this earth who can claim to be really such an authority on 'feng shui' as to actually write a book on the subject. I mean how many people are really capable of writing a chemistry text, or a physics one? very few I suppose.

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