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The Ketogenic Diet: A Treatment For Epilepsy, 3rd Edition

Sometimes referred to as "miracle diet," the ketogenic diet has helped doctors treat difficult-to-control epileptic seizures in thousands of children. Coauthored by four respected experts from Johns Hopkins, The Ketogenic Diet continues to be the definitive guide for parents, physicians, and dieticians wanting to implement this strict diet. This Fifth Edition has been extensively updated to reflect current advances in understanding how the diet works, how it should be used, and the future role of the diet as a treatment. Six new chapters address how to integrate the diet into all cultures, religions, and taste preferences; new information on modified and less restrictive versions of the diet, and modified Atkins diets are included. The book also covers exciting new research that shows the diet may work for people with other neurological illnesses . This best-seller also includes sample meal plans, a food database, how to calculate foods, and much more.

Paperback: 224 pages

Publisher: Demos Health; 3 edition (August 1, 2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1888799390

ISBN-13: 978-1888799392

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I reluctantly bought this book to join the sea of books I already had regarding seizures and other son was born disabled and developed seizures shortly after birth.It turned out that this book CHANGED OUR LIVES!!!! I have not looked back since buying it! My son was diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut Seizure Disorder. Doctors reacted like the mere diagnosis was the kiss of death. I am here to tell you that if the Ketogenic Diet can work for my son, who had over 100 seizures a day and constant seizure activity during sleep, it has the potential to work for anyone! Just remember that since it is not a drug, doctors do not promote it (pharmaceutical companies pay for their vacations, remember!)......My son was formerly on 6 meds with no end to seizures in sight. He is now on the diet and has only one med left to be weaned from. The diet had immediate and amazing results!If you want to ask specific questions, please feel free to email me directly at:

In trying to search for Kimberly's method of treatment, the book An Introduction to The Ketogenic Diet along with Seizures and Epliepsy in Childhood helped me decide which way to go. While preparing myself to start the diet, the book prepared my for what to expect before and during the diet process. I referred to the book often when I had a question. When Kimberly would get and ear infection and recently a urinary infection, the list of what type of prescriptions should be used came in handle for the peditricians . Since I went against two neuroligist to start her on the diet, I was on my own. I had to travel 3 hours for the nearest Ketogenic Center, the book along with God were my biggest preparers for what would become Kimberly's cure. She is seizure free and drug free, but with God's will, she will be ready for the weining stage. Thank you for a will prepared book.

A "ketogenic" diet is nothing more than a low-carb diet that restricts carbohydrate intake to a level that produces ketones in the body through a process called ketosis. This is the basis for what many people who desire weight loss on a plan like Atkins or Protein Power attempt to attain. But research has shown quite convincingly in recent years that a ketogenic diet is much more than about weight loss-for children with epilepsy, it can control the frequency of their seizures. With medications providing only nominal aid for kids dealing with this disease while offering some unwanted side effects, a ketogenic diet truly is the "answer" that so many parents have been looking for. The diet is very high in fat, very low in carbs and protein since both of these can kick you out of ketosis in excess. The authors combine their expertise on this subject to describe why this way of eating works so well for treating epileptic patients, how it should be administered, and what the future of epilepsy care with ketogenic diets will be like. This updated edition includes sample menus, recipes, and other helpful tips for educating parents about the use of low-carb ketogenic diets for their kids with epilepsy.

I've read this book just prior to starting my child on the diet. We are very optimistic, and the book answered many questions. It it used as a guideline by our dietician. The book is easy to follow and subjects are grouped nicely for later reference. The book offers some recipes, but more ideas on "creative cooking" would have been helpful. We bought 3 and gave one to each family member that would be preparing meals, and to grandparents, who need gentle convincing that the benefits from the diet are worth the sacrifice and effort!The book talks about how more studies are needed on the keto-diet, but it would have been nice to add how one could become part of a study.The book goes into detail regarding how to do the calculations, but when you are in the program, the dietician should do that for the family.Overall, I found the book easy to read and not too lengthy, but with enough information. There aren't alot of other educational options in book form related to the keto diet, so your choices are limited, but this book fills the need.

I just got my copy of the third edition of this wonderfulbook.It's even better than the second edition.1. The menu plansare better and more complete. 2. They include information on howthey think the diet works. 3. The whole book just flows better thanbefore.I highly recommend this book (and the diet) to all withepilepsy -- adults too!

If you have or know a child with epilepsy, THE KETOGENIC DIET: A TREATMENT FOR CHILDREN AND OTHERS WITH EPILEPSY is a 'must' for your consideration: it offers a solution beyond medication which provides a doctor-supervised diet high in fat and low in carbs and proteins, which limits calories - and is proven to control seizures. There've been many advances in the field, so this updated 4th edition is essential even for library holdings with prior editions. Besides the latest research, this book includes a new section on the Atkins diet and other alternative nutritional therapies. Very highly recommended as a top alternative to medication for kids with epilepsy.Diane C. DonovanCalifornia Bookwatch

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