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Urban Ants Of North America And Europe: Identification, Biology, And Management

Ants that commonly invade homes, damage structures, inflict painful bites, or sting humans or their pets are considered pest ants. This illustrated identification guide highlights forty species of ants that pose difficulties in urban settings. Included are well-known invasive troublemakers such as the red imported fire ant and Argentine ant, as well as native species. After an introductory chapter on the evolution, biology, and ecology of pest ants, the book follows a taxonomic arrangement by subfamily. Each subfamily chapter includes separate illustrated keys to both the genera and species of that group to enable entomologists and pest control professionals to identify pest ants correctly. The species accounts cover biology, distribution, and methods for excluding and/or removing ants from human structures and landscapes. The authors focus on the ants' biology and nesting behavior, life cycles, and feeding preferences; an intimate understanding of these factors enables the implementation of the least toxic control methods available. A chapter on control principles and techniques encompasses chemical strategies, habitat and structural modifications, biological control, and integrated pest management methods. Urban Ants of North America and Europe also contains valuable information on the diagnosis and treatment of human reactions to ant stings and bites. This comprehensive reference work on these economically significant ants includes the scientific, English, French, Spanish, and German names for each species and a summary of invasive ant species in the United States and Europe.

Paperback: 216 pages

Publisher: Comstock Publishing Associates (September 11, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0801474736

ISBN-13: 978-0801474736

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"Urban Ants of North America and Europe" by John Klotz, Laurel Hansen, Reiner Pospischil and Michael Rust. 196 pages, softcover, © 2008, Comstock Publishing Associates. We define animal life as “good” or “bad” depending on whether the critter interferes with our lives. Of the estimated 15,000 species of ants, some enter our homes or otherwise disturb our existence. This is far more than a cookbook for pest control practitioners. This provides the fuller ant biology, from life cycles and nesting behaviors to identification keys and behaviors. This allows the reader to more fully understand the complexity of these most successful forms of life. The set of color plates inserted at the front is less helpful than most readers would expect since the identifying features are not generally apparent in photographs. The identification guides are well-designed and appear later in the book under each subfamily. The first chapter briefly discusses the origin of social behavior, economic importance, extent of exotic introductions, general life history with line drawings, general biology and taxonomy, and a key to subfamilies. The subsequent chapters detail each subfamily: 2)Formicinae, 3)Dolichoderinae, 4)Myrimicinae, 5)Ponerinae, 6)Pseudomyrmecinae, and 7)Ecitoninae. Chapter 8 addresses the diagnosis and medical consequences of ant stings and bites. Chapter 9 describes chemical controls, habitat modification and biological control of ants. The appendices list: 1)Scientific and Common Names of Urban Ants, 2)Urban Ant Species Introduced into Europe, and 3)Urban Ant Species Introduced into the United States. The keys and line drawings with arrows pointing to the key features are very well drawn.

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