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My Parrot, My Friend: An Owner's Guide To Parrot Behavior

My Parrot, My Friend is a straightforward book that addresses a growing need for parrot owners and their birds. When difficulties develop in the home, or a clash in avian and human natures makes for unhappy birds and angry owners, many times the sad consequence is painful termination of what could have been a long-term, joyful relationship. Happily, there is an effective remedy and it lies in a program of behavior modification. That program is fully detailed in this well-written, wonderfully detailed text. In addition, the text helps readers to find the right bird so problems can be sidestepped altogether, and it explains which birds not to consider and why.My Parrot, My Friend shows how parrots grow and develop, and how behavioral problems can start. The book explains behavioral modification, how it works, and how to apply it in specific situations. Case studies and an examination of pertinent issues add considerable interest to the text. These and other special features make this one of the most indispensable reference books you will ever use.My Parrot, My Friend is the first book to approach the subject in such depth for the lay reader. It will make a significant difference in how pet owners view and relate to their birds and will point the way to happy endings where once there were none.

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This book gave me a crash course in parrots and helped me successfully re-tame a Citron Cockatoo named Sunshine. Using the steps in the book I accomplished what has been described by friends as "a miracle" and helped a dangerous biter become a sweet and affectionate friend. This book will help you communicate with the bird in your life and enable you to persuade the bird to let its natural guard down enough to experience the joy of human companionship. Wonderful book!

Another great book on companion parrot behavior, the second from Bonnie Doane. This book will greatly help any parrot owner deal with any behavioral problems that may occur in your long-term relationship with your parrot. Unhappy parrots and angry owners can lead to an unneccesary termination of your shared life together. You could have used some behavioral modification, solved the problem and avoided separation.I believe this book is an excellent source for the beginner who has a new parrot and is learning how to interact, adjust and bond with their new friend. Parrots are not human, but very intelligent individuals with a mind of their own. It takes a lot of study, time, and energy to learn why they react to different situations and conditions. The more you know the happier your life will be together.Before I found my perfect feathered friend I read every book available. This book is a definite must for your bird-related library. Knowledge is the key to understanding and the key to a long-life of companionship with your new parrot. There are behavioral case studies included with this book which are very helpful and informative. This author's books are wonderful. Be sure to check out her other books: "The Parrot in Health and Illness" and "The Pleasures of Their Company."

This book is somewhat uneven. The parts relating parrotbehavior as a pet to parrot behavior in the wild are good.The parts about modifying the behavior of a problem parrot are good, but focus on dealing with extreme cases in an institutional setting. Contains good advice on how to avoid turning your bird into a problem in the first place. "Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot" is cheaper, better written, and better produced. If you can only get one, get that one, but this one is worth having if you can afford both. Pet peeve: low quality black and white illos that look like photocopied color pictures - some with captions describing the colors you can't see.

The authors write with keen sensitivity and insight into parrot behavior. While the material may seem clinical to some, the content is excellent. I would suggest reading the entire book as a complete work rather than trying to use it as a quick-fix to "solve" a specific behavior problem with your parrot. All in all I found it to be very helpful and have re-read it several times, gleening new info each time around.

Thinking about buying a pet bird? MY PARROT, MY FRIEND by B.M. Doane will not answer all your questions, but it will give you a broad overview of what to expect from various types of parrots. As the owner of ten parrots, I found little of specific interest about my own birds, I must rely on specialty books for that. However, if you know nothing, you will not know which specialty book to buy. For example, are you thinking about a small bird or a large bird? The author discusses generalized personality traits forgenuses of Psittadaceae( parrot family). Did you know that "budgies" (a.k.a. parakeets) and love birds were types of parrots?Coloration, characteristics such as an affectionate nature, and length of life differ across parrot genuses. According to Doane, while most Cockatoos like to be handled, most Cockatiels are not interested in human affection. The specially bred colors such as Lutino Cockatiels may not live as long as birds with the natural coloration. Budgies are most susceptible to cancer (all of them are predisposed to it apparently) and thus most budgies have relatively short life spans. The author provides very general information about how birds grow and develop and how you can work with your bird and encourage him to talk. Plenty of black and white photos.

Whenever I am asked for advice from novice bird owners, I recommend this book. It's full of information which explains psittacine behaviours that are alien to our human brains.The Case Studies aptly illustrate the problems that transpire when the parrot/human communications are misinterpreted.Before giving up on a beloved pet, you owe it to your parrot and yourself to give this book a try.

This is the Bible for people who share their life with a bird. It really gets into flock behaviors and their relevance to the relationship between human and avian.My Parrot, My Friend is easily read and understood. The book addresses problems that all bird owners have had to deal with, along with easily followed directions for helping the bird to correct these problems.Bonnie and Thomas have done their research, tested their methods and show a true understanding of why birds do what they do.

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