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Healing Multiple Sclerosis: Diet, Detox & Nutritional Makeover For Total Recovery, New Revised Edition

This new, expanded edition (revised in 2014) gives a breakthrough treatment protocol that can restore health to those with multiple sclerosis. Even though MS is widely believed to be unbeatable, Ann Boroch, certified nutritional consultant and naturopath, has developed a breakthrough treatment protocol that is having dramatic results.   This landmark work describes how she cured herself of MS using complementary medicine, the real causes of MS, case histories of those who have triumphed over multiple sclerosis, and a comprehensive how-to section that will show you how to develop your own treatment plan. Healing Multiple Sclerosis contains everything you need to know to bring about recovery, including: A detailed and effective self-help treatment plan Delicious recipes and recommended foods with two weeks of sample menus A five-week nutritional makeover An updated and expanded step-by-step vitamin and supplement protocol Slow-start program for those that are more progressed or not ambulatory User-friendly charts and resources Healing Multiple Sclerosis finally brings hope to those suffering from MS.

Paperback: 440 pages

Publisher: Quintessential Healing, Inc.; 2014 edition (March 1, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0977344649

ISBN-13: 978-0977344642

Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (63 customer reviews)

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I used the first edition of Dr. Boroch's book, Healing Multiple Sclerosis to help my husband get well. I was a bit skeptical reading the review about candida yeast, as I didn't understand its implications at the time. He was diagnosed with m.s. and a very severe load of brain lesions, and I was searching for help, as I saw his mother take the rapid progressive path, and was terrified. After visiting Mayo and other m.s. specialists, and becoming more unnerved, I was so relieved to find this book and Dr. Roy Swank's diet, and the hope they gave. He's going on six years healthy, better than ever. His doctor practices integrative medicine, was willing to prescribe things Dr. Boroch recommended, and marvels at his healing. She told us 99.9% of patients won't do the things he did. Read the book, and be well. You can do it. Follow Dr. Swank's diet and Dr. Boroch's which goes further and adds to, especially the first year, before adding no-no foods, taking your lemon flavor cod liver oil, pray, believe for wellness, do stress relieving exercises like yoga, anything physical you can endure. The enzymes....I can't say enough about systemic enzymes for healing, vitamin d....essential. Fight for your health, heal your immune system, find out what's causing inflammation - get a CDSA test. It's worth it.

I loved this book when it first came out in 2007 - marked it up, highlighted, and dog-eared it within an inch of its life. The content of the new 2014 edition is worth every penny of the price and more. All new supplement protocols totally blew me away - very different from the last edition; can't wait to try these. Some new recipes, a section on the new MS pharmaceuticals, including an oral pill - and Ann gives her thumbs up on which she likes best, which I totally appreciated. I was so happy to see that this edition was more Rx-friendly, for people who want to combine a disease-modifying drug with the candida diet and supplements. Loved the new client success stories. Love, love, love this book! The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the Kindle edition is very cumbersome if you're using this book as a reference to go back to again and again. It's just a PITA to navigate, especially if your hands don't work great. For example, you can't "Go To" the table of contents. Even with tons of bookmarks and highlights, it is just tough to find what you're looking for without a gazillion thumb clicks, and that gets real painful really quickly. I just ordered a hard copy so I can hold an actual book and find stuff faster.

this program is not for everyone!i've been trying since 2008 and have gotten worse each time i tried it.the first time i lost my sense of smell for a whole month after being on program for 4 months.she has a 90% success rate - i asked - guess i'm in the unfortunate 10%.i finally skyped w/ her last Aug [$400/2 hr], and she looked me straight in the eye and said she "couldn't guarantee anything but we would stop the progression". a month later when i rearranged my supplements per her recommendations [esp her line of abx supps], that's all i did was get progressively worse and i have yet to recover - it's worse than ever! i am still on the candida cleansing diet but i'd rather be on Wahls protocol [too much work for my sister cutting all the veggies -she has to cook for me - sucks]i went from standing and hanging on and being 'assisted', to my sister having to lift me from bed to chair to toilet.,..i spend the majority of my day in my recliner and even have to change my incontinent pads in my chair!i am chair-ridden instead of bed-ridden. i can barely type this.SO, this program is NOT for everyone, if it works for you, awesome - lucky you!!BTW - THIS BOOK DOES NOT HAVE AN INDEX!! if you read something and want to find it again you'll have to look for it by flipping thru pages instead of using an index [like is in all other books of this type].HOWEVER, she does give excellent product [Sami's gluten-free bread is best on market] and supplement recommendations.and has exercises for every level of MS.I think she's a beautiful person with a great program for most people and is responsive to emails even though she's extremely busy.a true inspiration.GOOD LUCK!

It took me a while but now I realize that this book makes total sense and I believe I can be well again. I have had a lifetime of using lots of sugar. I loved the low fat diet that I was on because I could still have my sugar however everything I read including this book states that low fat is so wrong! This book will help you heal from the years of abuse. and help you to heal candida. I was in such denial because as Ann states the sugar was feeding the candida and that is why I had the cravings. Ann Borough is amazing as she walks you through the steps that you need to take to begin healing and get your life back. She also tells her own story and how she healed her own body. I highly recommend this book.

i have ms-having read her book and deciding the only way to beat it was through diet -i am on the program and recommend it fully-starting to feel better

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