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Best Chicken Breeds: 12 Types Of Hens That Lay Lots Of Eggs, Make Good Pets, And Fit In Small Yards (Booklet)

New on Overview of the best chicken breeds for backyards, including full color pictures of each type. Learn which types of hens lay the most eggs, have friendly and calm personalities, and fit well in small city back yards. Written by the author of the best-selling Fresh Food From Small Spaces book, a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine. (Updated 2014 Version) Topics Include:• How This Information Can Help You• Rainbow Eggs: White, Blue, Green, Dark Chocolate Brown, and More• Importance of Hatching Eggs and Handling Chicks Early• Each Chicken is an Individual• Best Breeds: 12 types of hens that lay lots of eggs, have friendly and calm temperaments, and fit in city backyards• Bonus: 5 Exotic Poultry Chicken Breeds for backyards: wait ‘till you see these!• Resources Section: Links to additional information on chicken breeds, plus where to obtain your chickens Be Sure to Read This Before You Get ChickensThinking about getting chickens? Not sure what kind is best? If you’re ready to learn which types of hens lay lots of eggs on a regular basis, make good pets, and fit happily in small sized yards, you’ve come to the right place. This e-booklet provides you with information on 12 types of chickens which are best suited for a small back yard flock. Plus Bonus Section: 5 Exotic Breeds for BackyardsAlso included is a bonus chapter covering 5 Exotic Poultry Chicken Breeds which are also suitable for backyards. If you've never seen a bird that looks like a chicken crossed with a turkey, another one with a head resembling a feather duster, a third that looks more like a rabbit than a chicken, a hen that lays dark chocolate brown eggs, and a one pound chicken 6-12 inches tall that people keep as an indoor pet, then prepare to meet some new friends! Amazingly, each of these has a friendly personality and all can make good pets. There’s a lot of free information online about different kinds of chickens. It’s great to have this available, but sorting through it can take a lot of time. When I decided to get chickens, I spent many hours researching different chicken breeds in books and on the Internet. At the time, I had a small yard in the city. The only thing I knew about chickens was that the hens lay the eggs and the roosters make most of the noise!From my research, I learned that there are as many as 175 different kinds of chickens in the world. However, only 12 chicken breeds met my criteria, which were:•Regular and prolific egg layers•Comfortable in an enclosed coop and run area•Preferably, not too loud •Friendly around people Save Time and MoneyIt would take you at least two or three hours just to find this information, even before you sort through, read, and analyze it. Instead, I’ve put all the important stuff in this short booklet (which only appears longer because of all the chicken pictures, another essential element for people choosing breeds). I’ve summarized the lengthy raw material from my own research, selected the best breeds for backyards, and presented this information in a format you can use. Don't Get the Wrong Kind of Chickens!Be sure to read this booklet before you get chickens!Don't make the mistake of getting the wrong kind of chickens for your small yard. The wrong kinds can eat lots of food, get fat, and lay few eggs. They can be loud, aggressive, obnoxious, or scared of people. The right kinds will lay eggs almost every day, stay calm and quiet, let you pick them up and pet them, and will not mind being kept in a coop and fenced area!

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The author gives us a brief on what characteristics make a great bird for a small backyard flock. As he points out, all this information is available for free on the internet (and he gives his sources), HOWEVER brings the information together in one short, sweet bundle. I can attest to his information as I also slogged through hours of research and found the same short list of birds as my top candidates for when I can get a small flock started.Basically the criteria are which birds are superior layers, have friendly personalities and/or are QUIET (and he points out the quietest ones--yay!), and which ones are suited to the more confined areas of a backyard run and coop. These are the criteria for what I'm looking for as a prospective chicken owner (next year) and I want layers that like the backyard, that like me, and are the least likely to bug my neighbors. My husband is hoping for brown eggs.This little book does a great job in describing 12 breeds that suit these criteria and gives little tidbits of other useful facts like size, history and egg colors.I found my top candidates on the list, which confirms the slogging I've done on the internet for hours using many of his resources but also chat boards and whatnot from 'real' owners.In other words I could have saved myself a lot of time by reading this book first, and with a very reasonable price, I highly recommend purchasing this first so you can narrow your focus.JTG

I appreciated the details given about each breed, including the history, temperament, etc., and agree this is a helpful summary of lots of research. As a summary and geared to new chicken-keepers, it is necessarily concise. However, there are a few points that I think new chicken-keepers tend not to think about until they are in the thick of things, that would have been good to include here:1) When hatching your own eggs, a major problem for many people is what to do with male chicks; they're not so easy to find homes for! A word on preparation for this inevitability seems important for the new chicken-keeper.2) From my experience (not based on research), many of the high-production breeds tend to have health problems (esp. reproductively-related) and don't live as long. Dealing with these issues can be heartbreaking for those who get to know their birds as pets. So perhaps it's good to consider a trade-off of rate of prolific laying within the first few years to longevity (of life and laying).3) Kudos for mentioning a few of the less-common backyard chicken breeds like the Delaware and Cubalaya, but perhaps an acknowledgment of the heritage breeds in general and the importance of preserving a diverse gene pool is important.

An enjoyable quick read for the chicken enthusiast. An interesting overview too of some birds not usually covered in a book like this. The author did his homework and it is appreciated that he shared.

This booklet is full of information on backyard laying chicken breeds. Love the pics of the breeds....some I have not seen before. This booklet is a good choice to read when trying to decide which breed you want to get. Number of eggs to expect, color and size. very happy to find this one.

I am just getting in to raising chickens. This book has some good information about the different chickens and how much they lay. Someone who has been raising chickens may already know some of the information but I found it helpful.

I gifted my grandchildren with baby chicks that they wanted last April which have turned out to be wonderful pets. I found this book afterwards which was okay because they have 4 different breeds which are in the book and rated as great pets, friendly, and get alone with each other.

This is a good resource for some one who has limited space and wants a small flock. I wish there had been more photos.

I have three suggestions for potential buyers of chickens: #1 Buy this book! #2 Buy This Book!! #3 BUY THIS BOOK!!! Seriously folks, this small tome has an enormous amount of highly useable information. While too short to be dispositive on a broad subject, it will impart to you much valuable insight, and you will love the concise descriptions along with the beautiful pictures. I give it an A+++. The author is a natural writer and very thorough in his approach. He will improve your thinking on the subject. It is a fast read and I learned a lot. Oh, did I mention? Buy this book, you won't be sorry.

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