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The Cancer Prevention Diet, Revised And Updated Edition: The Macrobiotic Approach To Preventing And Relieving Cancer

Since its original publication a quarter-century ago, The Cancer Prevention Diet has been one of the most popular guides to the prevention and relief of society's most feared disease. Drawing on the most up-to-date cancer research, Michio Kushi and Alex Jack present a dietary program that can be implemented safely and simply at home, at a fraction of the cost of usual meals and medical care. This completely revised and updated twentyfifth anniversary edition includes: • Broader dietary guidelines and new recipes • New research on the twenty most frequent types of cancer • New ways to combine macrobiotics with chemotherapy, radiation, and more • The latest statistics, studies, and treatments • The role of positive emotions in the healing process.

Paperback: 608 pages

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; -25th Anniversary, Revised, Updated ed. edition (August 18, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0312561067

ISBN-13: 978-0312561062

Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 1.1 x 9.3 inches

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I have 20 yrs natural healing from breast cancer, and along with the Canadian herbal teas to cleanse my blood of toxins, I used the Macrobiotic Way to good health. I completely changed my diet, tastes for certain food, and lifestyle I had Michio's chapter a day to update my personal Macrobiotic path. I felt the best ever in my life when I was strictly macrobiotic. Twenty years ago, it was difficult to do. ...Easier now, as more people are convinced that "Food IS our medicine!" First said by Socrates, and a profound backbone to Macrobiotic teachings. Micho DID go to Washington to be honored by Congress for the changes he and his family have brought to the USA. And the Smithsonian has opened a wing dedicated to this.first book, and it became like a bible, telling me what to do for every kind of cancer imaginable. I sought the help of a macrobiotic counselr, Lino Stanchich, and at one point went to MA to be seen by Michio Kushi. After a long time, I dared to lend out my first book by Michio, the predessor to this one. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to who I loaned it, and it has never come home to me. Perhaps it is "fortunately" it has not, because that prompted me to order Michio's new book. His fascinating, explicit recounting of all the progress cancer healing has undergone is fascinating. He still gives advice for different cancers. This is a great book, although I'd like to see my earlier one for the sake of my notes in it. I try to read a a chapter a day to renew my personal Macrobiotic path. Mr. Kushi was honored by USA Congress for the clarity he has brought to Americans. The Smithsonian opened a wing on this topic.

Once you realise how simple it is to change your eating habits, it will spur you on to finding out more about how diet affects our health. This book contains all the information you'll ever require to decipher between what's good for you, and what will actually make you sick; what bad food habits are, and how to change towards a healthy lifestyle and a new life to be led with hope, vision, and time on your side.

This is a must read for anyone that has cancer! A great resource full of helpful information that has really helped my family. My mother with leukemia has improved after implementing some of the advice in this book.

Personally, I think if you are interested in living a long and healthy life you will want to, at least, consider what Kushi has to say. An easy test to see if macrobiotics is right for you, spend a week at the Kushi Institute in Beckett, MA than judge. Hey, what's one week and a few dollars to see if you can live a longer healthier life? It will be the best investment you ever make! You're worth it so go for it! :)

I did not use this book. I got it for my son-in-law (who had cancer) and daughter. She told me she found it helpful. He, by the way, saw a 75 percent reduction in cancer after 4 chemo treatments (He had Hodgkin's lymphoma). He was told this was way above average in healing and time. We all have attributed his success to his diet, which he strictly watched, and also used this book in implementing.

Loved the original book and it helped so many people. This updated version is very nice and I am sure will do much good. Would recommend it to anyone who is dealing with cancer or concerned about it, or just wants better health.

Macrobiotics is the way to live!Healed from lupus type rash, allergies.And preventing any return of cancer!Fibromyalgia symptoms gone!I'm Blessed!!!!!!!

I don't have cancer nor am I at risk but this book opened my eyes to all kinds of good info. I have been on a health kick lately and have been really interested in preserving the heart and brain with proper diet and exercise but somehow overlooked cancer and thought for years I was on the road to good health. Well, after reading this cancer prevention book it turns out that I have been eating very poorly; but not anymore. As I don't find it necessary at this time (and hopefully never) to follow a strict macrobiotic diet, there is an abundance of good ideas for healthy eating and hopefully by reading this, I have actually prevented the occurrence of cancers in my body (knock on wood). By following these dietary and heath guidelines, you also have the ability to "kill two birds with one stone": What is good for cancer prevention is also great for the heart and brain.

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