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My Kitchen Cure: How I Cooked My Way Out Of Chronic Autoimmune Disease

My husband and I raised our glasses and said yes to adventure, moving ourselves and our two very young children to the Mexican jungle. After a year there, I became deathly ill, so we returned to our family farm and cattle ranch outside of Nashville, Tennessee, where I embarked on my greatest quest. I went from being a clueless kitchen woman, having lived on only processed foods, to becoming a REAL FOOD master cook.I then began healing my body, shifting our cattle ranch to grass fed and creating an organic bio-dynamic produce company in the process. What started out as a Mee thing became a We thing, as I launched community kitchens throughout the city of Nashville and now Malibu, inspiring people to return to a healthy farm-table lifestyle.This book is the story of my journey, the food facts I came to understand, and lots of healthy, healing recipes to share.An IntroductionEvery day I seem to learn more and more about food, cooking, and healing. When I first embarked on this grand cooking adventure, I thought it was only to heal my own body . . . to get well enough to live pain free and to be able to eat whatever I wanted. I had no idea that I would not only learn to heal my intestines but also unveil the great secret to healing and preventing disease. This secret is that our intestines and their wellness are the key to balancing our immune systems. Therefore, everyone would do well to embark on a REAL FOOD DIET that strengthens the digestive tract, balances healthy bacteria versus unhealthy bacteria, and produces healthy, whole, and long shadoobies daily.As I began to share with the world what I’d learned, the e-mails began to pour in from all over the country via my website, I found myself digging for answers for folks who were suffering from autoimmune diseases and cancer. I knew that if food could heal a hole in my intestines, then for certain it could help others get well from an array of different illnesses.What I found were tons of stories of food miracles. This hunt to understand our health and what makes us well expanded my own healing, and I found the “red thread” that connects all of us on the road to better health—REAL FOOD. I hope my journey inspires you to shift your relationship with life and know that you have a choice in what you eat and how you feel.Mee McCormick believes that when we are armed with information and education, we can choose who we become. And this starts with the food we choose to eat. She knows firsthand how true this is and has made it her business to share and educate others on the healing power of foods. My Kitchen Cure opens with a chronicle of her struggles and eventual victory over the hereditary autoimmune dysfunction that had evolved into a life-threatening health crisis without any effective treatments or cures from traditional medicine.This book is Mee’s story, but My Kitchen Cure is also chockfull of her tireless research and health-restoring strategies. It is a complete how to guide to living a Real Food Life, and using the healing properties of foods to regain control over your health and your life. Having traveled down the Real Food healing path, Mee shows you the way—step by step, meal by meal, and recipe by recipe. My Kitchen Cure is a book about overcoming chronic autoimmune disease, preventing cancer, and transcending a hereditary setup for a life of illness and a diminished existence.My Kitchen Cure is about foods for healing, cooking for cures, and eating your way to wellness. And, finally, My Kitchen Cure is a book about recovering strength, regaining balance, reclaiming empowerment, and restoring vitality.

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I get lost is all of her life drama, still working on the book, trying to find the things that would apply to a eating program that would work for me. Many of the reciepes would require online purchases for ingredients as I live in a small town with no whole food stores and am on a lower income. Someone with an autoimmune problem would need help to implement this eating plan as there is a lot of time involved in preperation. The more I read it discouraged me as I know I cannot apply all the eating idea's due to fatigue and having many of the ingredients unavailable.

This collaboration puts together all the information that we all need to set a course for a better food life. The recipes are easy and the book explains the ingredients that aren't considered main stream. To be able to tell her journey and show me how to change my path at the same time is very important. I've been cooking from her recipes for over a year now and am thankful for this book as it has changed my whole families relationship with food. This book can be the change you've been looking for!

I'm too early into all this to tell, yet. I have spent 2 months on SCD diet, but have never intended to stay off all grains permanently. It makes since to eliminate basically everything but the easiest to digest foods for a few days, then reintroduce new easiest to digest foods one at a time, slowly, to figure out what foods are causing dis-ease. But I knew I would give " the illegal" a try when I stabilized. I don't want to take supplements (vitamins) let alone keep taking expensive prescription meds, so I appreciate having Mee's guideline for natural and healthy foods. I have to travel out of our little town to shop, since we don't have a whole food store or a trader joes. But, I've done it with high hopes that I can tolerate these foods.

This book is my go to guide for healthy, easy to prepare food using ingredients in their purest form! The recipes featured don't use any processed foods! I guarantee if you cook food from this book even half the time, you'll feel better inside and out. Mee takes her cooking above and beyond, as she shares breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert recipes! Each recipe is meant to HEAL your body. You'll feel better and look better. Tonight, I made the raw "sloppy joe's" using my food processor and the chocolate avocado mouse for dessert. The raw recipes, though requiring a food processor, are EXTREMELY healthy & FAST to prepare, as there is no cooking time!I've also made the blueberry lavender smoothie throughout a big move I took on. It kept me calm and feeling well! Don't be intimidated by the ingredients. In a relatively short amount of time, I've found it is EASY to know my way around the ingredient list with a bit of practice. Many of the recipes use the same ingredients, so you can keep your cupboard stocked and only pick up produce each week. So simple!I like how Mee includes a story of how she got to where she is at. I always wondered that, and now she's filled in some of the gaps. This book is an inspiration to me to cook better food, heal my body, heal my life and I am constantly sharing this with friends and family. What we put into our bodies is sooo important to me, once I learned what is healthy!I have not cooked a bad recipe in this book, and I do not plan on it. Everything cooked from this book is healthy AND delicious -- two sweet combinations!!

I love this cookbook. It's actually not just a cook book it's Mee's story. It about her struggle and research with food. My boyfriend had been sick for a really long time and doctors couldn't find what was wrong with him. He was feeling so defeated and void of energy and was in digestive hell. I bought this book for myself because I have hashomoto's disease and my medication was tearing all my symptoms. However I found myself reading exerts of the book to my boyfriend because Mee's symptoms sounded so much like his. We decided to follow the advice of the cookbook and within a month his symptoms subsided and we both had less joint pain, better digestion and a lot more energy. There are a lot of the recipes that have become staples in out lives and it really isn't a lot of work. I find that I prepare my food for the week in advance on Sunday so I have them on hand for the week. But there are recipes in there that also u can do the night before. Mee's book changed our lives. We are going out and enjoying our selves, each other and our friends again. I would recommend this book to anyone with an autoimmune disease or anyone who is void of energy. Not everything tastes great. But u feel so good that it's worth the sacrifice.

This amazing book is just what you need to transform your kitchen and your understanding of food. Mee's story is inspiring and her knowledge of food is impressive as she demystifies every aspect of the baffling world of nutrition and health food shopping. She is a natural storyteller and teacher and a fierce researcher. The recipes I've tried are delicious--everything from Mango-Lime Vinaigrette to Bok Choy and Portabella Mushrooms to Grass Grazed Burgers. I can't wait to try more. This book isn't just for people recovering from illness, it is the story of food told by someone who knows what she's talking about. My Kitchen Cure answers every question you can have about healthy eating that does not sacrifice flavor. It's a must have.

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