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Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack

A 12-week tried and tested hypnosis program based on an approach to weight management that Victoria Wizell successfully used during one-on-one hypnosis sessions with clients. Victoria usually recommends a 10-session weight management program for her private weight-loss clients and the cost of that package is $750.00, to experience Victoria personally. While the one-on-one sessions are individualized, if you have the motivation and desire to succeed at your weight loss goals, you now have all the tools you need in this 12-week program. A simple and easy to follow model for using hypnosis to find and resolve your core issues that are responsible for keeping the weight on your body!

Audio CD

Publisher: Multimedia Meditations (May 2002)

ISBN-10: 0967917654

ISBN-13: 978-0967917658

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.3 x 0.9 inches

Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces

Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (4 customer reviews)

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you desire."Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack is a worthy addition I think for most anyone's library. Below are pros and cons to the system in my opinion for those considering purchasing.PROS: There is no doubt that Victoria Wizell is a Master Hypnotherapist. She presents herself professionally and her voice is very pleasant to listen to. You will likely feel instantly you have that weight loss buddy you've always wanted right by your side. Her hypnosis techniques/visualizations are so extremely pleasurable and vivid for me that I'd give her technique five stars. I can tell you that most of these cds work as I would find myself, after listening to "Hunger Scale," asking myself, just as she had told me to, "What do I really want?" and questioning whether I was really hungry. This is great because I think most people today eat on the run and don't always check to see if they are really hungry. Food is always available so it is a great habit to get into waiting until you are hungry but not starving before you eat. Also, I must thank Ms. Wizell because when I first started this program it was difficult for me to lay still and relax and clear my mind of things I needed to do and just focus on my time. I have become a more relaxed, focused and balanced person listening to her guided relaxation/beautiful and powerful visualization techniques to entering hypnotic trance.CONS: I feel that for me, the system is too long. Twelve thirty-minute sessions that I listen to for one entire week each? What if I'd spent that amount of time exercising? Would I have had better results? I have wondered that. I did complete, as directed, the entire system, listening to each cd for one week and am now, for over four weeks relistening to the ones I feel I need some extra help on.

Even though you know what to eat, know you should exercise and know you should incorporate other healthy habits in your day to day life, the mental game of weight loss is often the most difficult.This is where hypnosis can be very beneficial. By speaking to your subconscious mind you can make weight loss much easier. You can learn to WANT to eat right. WANT to exercise. WANT to drink more water etc. Instead of fighting desires for processed foods and to swill soda or to retire in front of the TV, you can easily learn to desire healthier choices. To this end master hypnotist Victoria Wizell has created the "Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack".The "Ultimate Weight Loss Power Pack" is a 7 CD set, that comes packaged in a tidy, compact 7 and 1/2" by 2" case. The CD's walk you through 12 weeks of change. You will learn how to hypnotize yourself using several different techniques including progressive relaxation and my favorite, stepping down the stairs into a sea of clouds. At the beginning of the program Victoria will help you set goals. Then each week you will learn how to accomplish these goals by overcoming the internal programming that has been holding you back and by learning new habits.One week your focus may be learning to detect physical versus pschological hunger. Other sessions include turning up your metabolism, healthy eating, exercising, reshaping your body, drinking water and more. My favorite session was "accessing the cause". After completing this CD, I was surprised to find a far greater understanding of why I had put on extra pounds to begin with - the reason was not what I had always thought it was!When you have completed the CD's Victoria has included a maintenance session.

I would like to give this invaluable product "five stars", but I have some reservation on the issue of changing cellular metabolism through subconscious power. I am also doubtful of the first reviewer's claim of losing 15 pounds, halfway through the program. That sounds like an exaggeration. I also agree with most of the second reviewer's comments, particularly, that the voice on the seven CD's is restful, peaceful, and beautiful. This is a bona fide proof that the author of the CD's has benefited from her own art in mastering her speech's ability, in consistent and appealing manner. I might add to his list of minor baubles, the pronunciation of the words, "exercise" and "extra", as "ekshersize" and "ekshtra".I first listened to the seven tapes while driving, just to explore their content. I then listened to them during the fasting month for Muslims, while on brutal 16 hours a day of fasting regime, for a whole month. I am now convinced that I can give up on all radio and TV talks and live in that colorful, calm, and peaceful world, which Ms. Wizell describes in her 7-CD's. Indeed, it is hard to put them down. I can relate to her approach, of toggling on and off, few switches in the subconscious mind as a way of changing habits. Her described rituals of suppressing physical stresses, in order to access our hidden mental powers, are as old as the beginning of the human race.If you are skeptical of holistic professionals, rest in peace. Ms. Wisell flatly eliminates the myth about hypnotherapy. She will not con you into a brain surgery or invade your inner secrets under the disguise of a magical power.

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