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DIY Prepper's Projects: A One-Project-a-Week Guide To Help You Prepare For An Emergency (SHTF & Survival Guide)

Being prepared isn’t about being scared or paranoid—it’s about safety. It’s about having the ability to protect your family and being able to weather any storm, no matter how tough. In today’s modern age, people expect clean food on shelves and drinkable water from taps. But that hasn’t always been the case, and it won’t always be the case. Civil unrest or natural disaster could bring your city or state’s infrastructure crashing down around your eyes. When there’s no food and the water stops flowing, when your lights flicker out, will you be prepared?This book is a six-month project guide for preparing your home. It’s a great resource for beginner’s unsure of how to start preparing their home, as well offering direction to more advanced prepper’s who don’t know where to go from their current position.This guide is also a fun, DIY book—if you like tinkering or making things, we’ve got 24 ideas for you to try out whether you believe in being prepared or not. From bio-filters to distilleries, gravity fed irrigation systems to hand pumps made from scratch—this book sets out one project a week, four projects a month, for a total of 24 across a period of six months.Each chapter correlates to a month and has some common theme—water management, gardening, free (or cheap) energy, wilderness survival, and home construction are just some of the themes covered in this book.We’ve also taken the time to interconnect projects when we can so that you’re not left with twenty-four separate projects but rather several large-scale project built piece by piece.You’ll see what we mean a few months in.So don’t worry. For preparation or fun, these DIY projects will help you save resources, lower energy bills, and give you the hands-on experience in tinkering that we all love.Inside You Will Learn:• How to collect, store, filter, and treat rainwater• Composting and gardening projects for your home• The best ways to harness the sun to your advantage—for free!• Wilderness survival for the worst of emergencies• Techniques to build stone tools by hand!• Home construction techniques to prepare for civil unrest and disaster• How to make a hand pump with common hardware• Ways to light up your home when there’s no power• How to cool your food without a fridge• And Much MoreSo relax and get ready. We’ve got 24 fun, practical, and useful projects for you to use over the next six months. It’s going to be great!

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The idea of prepping and equipping yourself with the knowledge to survive a disaster has grown in popularity over the past few years. Volatile natural disasters, terrorism, and escalating violence have caused many people to reevaluate how prepared they are in the event of a disaster. Unfortunately, surviving and preparing yourself to survive a disaster is no easy task. It can take years of practice and preparation to fully prepare yourself to survive any disaster. We look to change this trend with this book and give you enough knowledge to put together a basic survival plan. The idea has steadily gained popularity over the last few years but a lot of people are still hesitant to take action. One of the main barriers to adoption is the mistaken belief that it requires lavish resources. The truth is that preparations can start without spending a great deal of cash. Most of the tasks involve the acquisition of useful skills rather than materials. As such, they can be accomplished as long as you are willing to exert the necessary effort.

I'm new to the whole preparedness movement and as such I'm always seeking new ideas. This book contained a lot of information. Some of it is more useful than others but that will vary from person to person. I recommend getting this and reviewing the information contained therein.

Solar cookers? Maybe in the desert but good luck in having a consistent way to cook any place else. A fan blowing over water filled with ice as an air conditioner replacement? If I can get ice then either I have electricity and can run the regular A/C unit or it is winter and I can just open the door to get cool. Hydroponics with no power and no access to replacement growing medium?

Way too general, way too short, and not a very serious attempt at providing prepping help/instructions. Definitely not worth the short time it takes to read the entire pamphlet. 80 pages? I don't think so.

I was looking for ways to minimize resources and energy consumption to live a sustainable life and save money. This book has pretty impressive ideas to save and purify rain water, making use of solar power, self irrigation, compost bin etc. The images makes it easier to understand. Building a ceramic heater to keep warm during winter seemed very cool. Hope to take up as much projects as I can. I liked it.

Pretty comprehensive little emergency guide and manual. I like that some of the projects are good for becoming self-sustaining in general such as the water, hydroponics and gardening sections. Presented as 24 one week projects to be completed in a 6 month time frame, the Projects are fairly straight forward in directions and easy to comprehend for the most part. A few diagrams would have been a great help for better comprehension in the construction of most items, in my opinion. I would most likely sketch out everything first... Project photos shown do not illustrate any finished product except for water tank... Some little known, good tips in the Survivalist sections and is a nice little reference guide. There were few typos and grammatically it was easy to read. A good place to start with some sound, everyday, common sense advice.*** I have received this book free in exchange for an honest review***

This e-book is okay to give you ideas for prepping. However it is really basic and the projects are only described without actually showing you how to do them. Still, it does have some good ideas. For the price, if you are just getting into prepping for disasters, it will get you started in the right direction.I paid full price from

This book has a lot of ideas but not enough pictures and instructions for those who are lesshandy. It is always a good idea to be ready for emergencies even if it is only a power outage.You never know when you may need to have emergency rations and water. A good beginner'sguide to prepping with some unrealistic projects for the average person.Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.

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