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My Life As A Diet: Understanding And Healing For Never-ending Dieters!

ARE YOU:overweight or obese?dissatisfied when you see yourself in a mirror?always dieting and cannot maintain your weight loss?unhappy and exhausted from your constant weight loss struggles?feeling alone in your war on weight? IF YOU ANSWERED, "YES" TO ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS,THEN YOU NEED... "MY LIFE AS A DIET"  FACT: The latest statistics show that 69% or two-thirds of the adults in the United States is either overweight or obese.FACT: Over one hundred million people in the United States diet each year, typically making four or five diet attempts during the year period.FACT: If you are overweight and constantly dieting, you are not alone! The book, My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters, is a gift of hope for all never-ending (yo-yo) dieters.  Maurice Horwitz shares his heartfelt understanding of the harsh realities of being fat and living with a diet mentality throughout his entire life.  Through his candid words you quickly realize that they are not alone, that someone truly understands and cares, and most importantly helps you to recognize that there is hope in the lonely world of being fat and never-ending dieting. In sharing his powerful, transformative healing plan you are given simple steps that will have you waking up with a smile, feeling a renewed passion for life, believing in yourself, and most importantly acknowledge that you are perfect no matter what you weigh.Ultimately this shift in your psyche will allow you to accomplish anything you desire, including permanent weight loss. Maurice inspires you to heal and to unlock and live their dreams and aspirations. Hope is here. You are not alone! 

Paperback: 134 pages

Publisher: Horwitz Publishing LLC; 1st edition (April 1, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1627470298

ISBN-13: 978-1627470292

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You do NOT have to be overweight to find this book relevant and useful. True, it chronicles the author’s honest and raw journey through obesity and the seemingly endless trials to try to transform his life, but the overarching message of self-love and acceptance is applicable and immediate no matter your circumstances. Your psyche needs this book!Horwitz understands and capitalizes on the fundamental power of affirmations (imprints of truth, as he refers to them) to change your life and facilitate lasting change. He presents the reader with practical and doable ways to incorporate these affirmations frequently and firmly into your daily routine so that they become friends and not hindrances; knowns rather than beliefs; fact and not fantasy.His message of self-acceptance and daring to be brave is clear, concise and relatable. He manages to turn the tables on preconceived notions about yo-yo dieting and helps the reader understand that this is a starting point for recognizing that in turning that concept around you can understand that you are not a quitter.I am a physician who works closely with a team bariatric surgeons to do the pulmonary and sleep apnea preoperative clearance consultations and postoperative care in the hospital for their patients. I follow them through their journey to ensure they are compliant with treatment for sleep apnea as well. I intend to recommend that all bariatric patients who cross my path read this book and do the exercises in it because I believe it is a practical and believable guide to changing your life and make change stick!Laurin Bellg, MD

The affirmations in this book were extremely powerful! I feel the affirmations can be applied to any personal demon, not just those of never ending dieters. I enjoyed the personal stories that prefaced each affirmation section. I know this book will be a great resource for the many struggling with self-esteem and never ending dieting. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and know you will too!

I am a lifelong dieter who gained weight as a child and could never get it or keep it off. My self-esteem was in tatters by the time I was an adult. Every aspect of my life seemed to revolve around dieting. I read encouraging books, attended weight loss seminars, saw professionals, ever in search of a means to make the encouragement I had heard from others stay with me, but somehow it never did. But I never gave up. When I discovered Mr. Horwitz' book, I expected nothing in particular. Instead, I received a gift like none other! I felt as if I was reading about a friend's struggle, so much like my own. After reading the book and opening myself to its positive message, I have new faith in my own ability to overcome the past and its self-defeating patterns. Thank you, Mr. Horwitz, for sharing your story and its complexities with us. I can say honestly that I have been changed for the better by having read it.

This book is amazing and a self-help work of genius. Mr. Horwitz is an extraordinary man who shares his very personal life struggle with obesity and related health issues (including cancer), and turns his miseries and life around by developing a healing plan for himself, leading him to a state of self-love and happiness. His book is the result of his realization that one of his life missions is to share his story and transforming healing plan with others who have struggled with obesity, yo-yo dieting, and poor self-esteem…and the result is a masterpiece!The words on the pages of this book are the pure heart and soul of the author. Horwitz writes with a brutally honest passion that reaches out touching your heart, making you quickly recognize that you are not alone, and that someone truly understands and cares about you, and your struggles. I shed tears in grasping this understanding for myself. I realized that I was holding a true friend in my hands.In sharing his healing plan, Horwitz' words hold your hand, envelope you with a hug, and guide you to a state of hope and happiness through the use of intensely personal and beautifully powerful affirmations. After years of feeling hopeless and like a failure, I feel that I have been brought out of the darkness of existence and into the light of the living. Though this book is written for those of us who are obese or overweight, this books' inspiration and plan will help anyone with obstacles in their life that they wish to overcome. I hope Mr. Horwitz and his book get the attention and recognition they deserve -- this book is truly incredible and can help so many suffering with a myriad of life struggles. It has changed my life…thank you Mr. Horwitz.

What a wonderful resource for life-long dieters. Whether you are morbidly obese or simply always trying to lose weight, this little gem will give you inspiration. It is uplifting and wise. Read the book!

So candid and positive, My life as a diet , is a true understanding of the dilemma of dieting. I have been a yo-yo dieter all my life and all the positive affirmations were wonderful and inspiring. Another person that truly understands "I will start the diet on Monday"

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