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Intuitive Eating For Weight Release: Hypnosis/Meditation CD

Just as babies instinctively know when they are hungry and when they are full, we all have the capacity to return to the comfortable and natural state of knowing when it's time to eat and when it's time to stop. We were all born with this intuitive sense, but most of learn to ignore it or cover it up somewhere along the way. By Nationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor, Jennifer Polle, this CD will help you to recapture the ability to really listen to what your body wants and needs for food, as well as healthy movement. Relax, listen, and reprogram your subconscious to make this shift in a way that feels easy and self-empowering. While this CD process can stand alone, to better prepare your mind for these changes, listen to her "Clearing Emotional Blocks" Hypnosis/Meditation CD for a month before starting "Intuitive Eating for Weight Release". Note: All of Jennifer Polle's CDs are offered as an adjunct to appropriate medical and mental healthcare, and are in no way intended to replace it. Please consult a physician and/or mental health professional regarding any concerns you may have before using any of her CD processes.

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I am so happy to have discovered Jennifer Polle's work. I have been using the, "Intuitive Eating for Weight Release" CD for almost two months now and it has enhanced my experience on this healing path. What makes Jennifer's work stand out from the rest is her attention to detail. The words we use to describe our healing experience are potent and Jennifer is mindful of this fact. You will not find any diet mentality lingo on this CD. I greatly appreciate the integrity of her vision and will continue to work with her hypnosis sessions exclusively. I have found them not only effective, but relaxing and very supportive of where I am currently in my healing process. If you are looking for a conscious, ethical support tool in your weight release journey, look no further. You will be very pleased with the quality of Jennifer Polle's work.

I use Jennifer Polle's Intuitive Eating for Weight Release CD almost nightly. It is really helping me along with being an Intuitive Eater (& bonus, water drinker too). I like her voice, the positive words she uses & the dreamy soundtrack. It's very relaxing. At the beginning there are more than a few seconds of silence before the music begins... at first I thought there was a problem with my cd, but then I realized that it was probably designed that way because it gives me time to press play, climb under the covers, & get in a comfortable postition before it begins, so I don't miss the beginning of the track. I also like how I don't wake up at the end with the countdown, because the volume of her voice is a steady level throughout. I appreciate that those details were well thought out, to give us a quality product. This cd is worth every penny! Thank you Jennifer!yogibear :D

I have been listening to Jennifer's CD just about every night for the passed month and half. I started by listening the first couple of night to the clearing emotional blocks and now I mostly listen to this one and maybe 2 nights a week listen to the other one. They are both very good and reach down deep for pure healing.The way her words flow and connect making it very easy to listen to and the back ground music is soothing and very relaxing.I have been finding so much easier to hear my intuitive voices and my hunger/full signals are much stronger easy to pick up on. I have been more relaxed not just with my eating but in other areas in my life.Intuitive eating isn't just about your struggles with food but with getting down deep to the root of the struggles. Jennifer has a great way with words to help you feel comfortable and safe while listening.So if you are out to get a hypnosis CD this is the one!Thank you Jennifer for putting together such wonder full Cd's!Be well

Since I do really well with hypnosis and have decided to follow an intuitive eating path, I was seeking someone or some CDs based on the principles of Intuitive Eating, CD falls into that category. Like others have said, you will not find any negative talk in here at all nor will you find "diet" type talk. Jennifer's voice is soothing, the music works well with the script, and the content has helped me (along with the forum of the above-mentioned book and the book) to make wiser choices. *For me* hypnosis helps me to bolster my exercises on my journey. I appreciate Jennifer making this (and her other CDs) available to the mainstream. I have also purchased the Emotional Block and Anxiety CDs and will review them soon.

Something is missing from this CD...I think it would have been helpful if it were more about letting go of the drive to eat. I'm not sure, but I like Paul McKenna's CD much better.

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