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Tom Dokken's Retriever Training

Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in America and Tom Dokken is the most respected name in the retriever training field. Using proven tips, readers can field train their dog in just minutes a day and bring new levels of fun and excitement to the hunt. Dogs will love the challenge and owners will marvel at the quick results.

Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: Krause Publications (July 14, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 089689858X

ISBN-13: 978-0896898585

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (86 customer reviews)

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This book contained many good insights and information for the budding and experienced retriever trainer. I would recommend it to anyone who trains retrievers. it is written in a manner that is easy to read and also enjoyable.

I bought this book and its a great read for the beginner or experienced trainer of retrievers. Its positive and tells you how to handle the dog and to be in sync with your dog while doing it.The easy to navigate age and level stamps are great so you dont get too far ahead of yourself or you can reference something easy when you need to.I had a breed specific question about my dog, so I wrote and e-mail to the author and they called me and talked about it! SERIOUSLY!!!! What book have you ever read that the author will call and give you extra pointers and help???!!! Hats off to Tom and the trainers at Dokken's Kennels in minnesota. Thats was way above and beyond! I wont ever forget that. All my dog training gear is going to be made by Dokken's!

TOM DOKKEN'S RETRIEVER TRAINING is for dog owners and any owning a retriever, offering a strong guide to flushing game, retrieving birds, and more. It provides tested methods for teaching a hunting dog and supplies step-by-step color training photos throughout in this outstanding survey any dog owner needs.

I can't say enough about this book.I own and have read a number of books on bird-dog training. And yet this is the one I keep going back to reference.I have a lab that I wanted to train for both waterfowl AND upland birds (knowing, that I would likely be using her more for upland birds than waterfowl.) This book does a phenomenal job of training simultaneously for both jobs.Candidly, I had my dog out in the field after completing just a few chapters worth of training drills. And although my friends RAVE about my dog, I haven't even finished all the training outlined in the book! (Yes, I've finished reading it, but not training my dog through everything.... I have a ridiculously busy schedule.)Whenever I have friends that want their Labs to do what mine does, I get them this book.

Tom Dokken covers all aspects of training retrievers in a complete, concise, and clear manner. I think Tom excels at explaining the methods, reasons, and potential problems for each training stage. I'm getting a Springer Spaniel pup in a couple months, and I plan on using most of Tom's methods. I won't cover all the waterfowl training because I mostly upland hunt for pheasant, grouse, and partridge. I'm also not going to initially force-fetch train because the other related Springers that I've already hunted with have typically been soft mouthed and very natural retrievers. If hard-mouth or retrieving issues do develop later, I will have to go back and do that though.Even if you don't plan to hunt your dog, if you've ever seen a dog well-trained on the Place command, I think you'd agree it is absolutely one of the most useful all-around commands to teach your dog. Tom really covers this well. Although I plan to send my pup back to the breeder/trainer for several weeks prior to it's first hunting season a year from now, I should be able to already have my pup well-schooled in basic obedience, place command, and retrieving prior to that so I can maximize that training time. I'd also recommend getting Tom's training videos so you can see his methods in actual practice. I'm still working through those videos myself.

I bought this book in preparation for bringing a puppy home. I have read several other general purpose training books as well as retriever training books and I find Dokken's book to be excellent.The organization of the book is such that you can quickly refer to any section you find pertinent for your dog's training level or age. There are also numerous pictures showing exactly how to execute each training routine.Whether you are looking to train your dog to be a world class retriever or just a steady hunting buddy, you will find this book very helpful.

A clear and concise training method. The pics are helpful, the words are written so everyone can understand and have fun training their dog to be their amazing hunting partner. I have trusted Tom's way of training and even after my dog is already doing well in the field, I still refer to this book as a guide or a go-to for quick questions or scenarios we encounter. Highly recommend.

Very well written and very clear. The first half is focused on basic obediance training whether you plan to ever hunt or not. The rest is focused on retrieving in a hunting enviroment, some of which is also good for fun retrieving. You will need lots of open space to work on advanced retrieving skills as well as access to birds and guns. Pistol, 410, 20 and 12 guage. Pigeons, Chucker, Hen Pheasants and Rooster Pheasants, dead and alive.

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