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Self-education For Web Developers: What To Begin With And Where To Move To Learn How To Develop WEB Applications

This book is for those who have always dreamed of designing Web Applications but didn’t know what to begin with. It is for those who have lost their enthusiasm for learning somewhere between launching Linux and setting up RVM. It is for those who are thinking about trying a new field but not sure if they have enough time. The book may also be useful for those who believe that programming is difficult and that one needs college education to be a programmer.Once, when I was studying at school, I decided that I want to develop web applications. When I started on that path, I was unaware of the whole new chaotic world waiting for me. This world offered me an endless array of technologies, each of which seemed like an island in itself that was interrelated with other islands in a weird way.I spent months picking up pieces of the information about front-end and back-end, on how the data from a database gets into a website, and how the website itself gets into the Internet; why you can’t use HTML only, and why Ruby is a good choice, and PHP is a bad one.I was desperate for a guidebook that would explain in simple terms where to start and which way to go, which technologies and terms I should study first, and which of them I might use later.And now, with over 6 years of experience of working with numerous companies, including online language learning market leader and top mobile ads company and knowing from my own experience how difficult the entry-level job market is, I feel it would be very unfair of me not to share my ideas on how to eventually become a web developer.That’s how the book called “Self-education for web developers” was created. This is a guide that will help everyone who choses the same path as me not to lose their enthusiasm and follow the right directions.What’s inside?We will go all the way from choosing a code editor to creating a complete web application living on the server. You will learn everything you need to know, why and in which order.18 chapters and each of them is dedicated to an essential topic that is an absolute must-learn for any web developer including UNIX SYSTEMS, GIT, HTML/CSS, WEB-INSPECTOR, FRONT-END FRAMEWORKS, JAVASCRIPT, RUBY, GEMS & BUNDLER, RVM &RBENV, RAILS, TESTING, POSTGRESQL, DEPLOYMENT...61 resource including some of the best online courses, articles, books, interactive manuals that will help you to master the technology in the shortest time.1 step-by-step plan that will help you to develop your first web application and find your first job in web development.4 bonus chapters that will give you further guidelines in your self-training.Regular updates! The guide-book gets even better with time!

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Publisher: Kirill Shirinkin; 2015_10_ver_5 edition (October 25, 2015)

Publication Date: October 25, 2015

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As a senior web developer working for an international company that began as a small startup, I sometimes get asked (typically by people who know just a bit of programming): how do you become a web developer?There are two ways. The long way is to study four years of computer science and then do a few internships. The short way is to sit down with a computer, get started and apply for a practical job as soon as possible. For learning web development the short way, all resources are out there on the internet. But you need to find them. K. Shirinkin's book can help you do exactly that.The very short reference is a guide into the world of web development when you don't know where to get started. It covers the most important practical topics in a web developer's work (e.g. editors, Unix, Git, CSS, HTML, JS, Ruby as backend) each in a chapter of just two or three pages. Each chapter summarizes one topic and contains pointers to free online resources such as tutorials or references. You can then use these resources to actually learn the topics in depth. The author's choice is to focus on a Ruby-on-Rails stack. The book is a very quick read and ensures you cover the most important domains of web development. The writing is easy and does not require technical knowledge.The descriptions and references outline some of the most important practical basics of web development. These basics do not change as quickly as many trends in the field. Therefore, it seems worth reading to me (even if the days of RVM may be numbered). If you read it and study the referenced material, I believe this book may very well help you to educate your self to become a web developer.

A brief and clear introduction to web development. A great guide for the do-it-yourself learner. It's chock-full of wisdom from an experienced programmer and links to online resources that go into depth on each of the topics covered.I was planning on giving this book four stars as I at first thought that the book didn't dive as deeply into some of the topics as I wanted - like Testing for example. Then, as I struggled when testing out two projects in different versions of Rails I came back to the book and paid more attention to the rvm/rbenv section. The solution was there all along and I had just not read it carefully enough! It's not a book with many words that shows you how to do things over and over again until you understand. It's a book of few words that goes straight to the point. I just needed to pay attention more closely.Also, the links at the end of every section point to some of the best online free resources I've seen to dive deeper into that topic.Only thing I would change is, perhaps, that the big cover images in each section don't look so great on my Kindle.

Kirill provides a great framework for any buding developer.vHe uses the very popular and highly demanded Ruby language, and Ruby on Rails framework as the foundation for learning this skill set. His outline for self-education is solid. You wont go wrong following this guide.

This book does a great job of addressing a huge problem for beginners who want to develop web skills.It provides an overview of the essential tools, what they are, why they are important and then references resources where you can learn to use them.In learning what one needs to know, the problem is not finding resources...1,000 times more information than anyone can ever consume is all over the web. The problem is knowing which tools are relevant and why. This book explains exactly that. And then provides a thoughtful set of references in each area that the reader can explore.While it assumes the beginner has no technical knowledge, it does assume the reader is comfortable following the resource links to their area of interest and installing open source code as instructed at the various sites.It is NOT a step-by-step tutorial/handbook of how to build a website or to develop back-end applications or how to run Linux.It IS a outline or map of what you need, why you need it and thoughtful referrals to the relevant opensource (i.e. free) resources.I agree with the author that in most cases giant tutorial books are not an effective way to learn, plus there are hundreds of such books already written. It is much more effective and meaningful to get an overview sense of the components and then try to solve/create something of personal interest.I wish I had found this book when I was first would have saved me literally hundreds of dollars and lots of wasted shelf-space.

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