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Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes: Over 30 Atkins Recipes For All Phases (Includes Atkins Induction Recipes) (Atkins Diet Cookbook) (Volume 2)

Introducing Volume 2 of the Bestselling "Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes" Series...The Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes is designed to help you jump right into losing weight using the Atkins Diet, right from the start.And why does the Atkins Diet work so well? Simply because it substitutes your carbohydrate intake with other tastier food, so your body has lower amounts of stored carbohydrates. And so instead of burning carbohydrates, your body will safely and naturally begin to burn the stored fat deposits to keep up with its own energy requirements... leading to significant weight loss and a healthier, trimmer body.Unlike other Atkins Diet books, Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes is the only guide designed for busy working professionals with families.Inside Volume 2 of the bestselling cookbook series, you'll find another set of complete step-by-step Atkins Diet Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner you can prepare under 30 minutes that even most children with picky taste buds will love. These recipes are complete with details like carbs and calories, so you can also track your calorie intake, if you like to.PLUS! Exclusive only to Volume 2: You'll also get the 5-Step Action Plan For Weight Loss With The Atkins Diet, so you can begin to lose weight easily and without any confusion.In just minutes from now, you will begin to lose weight, achieve the sexy body you've always dreamed of and feel great.Simply Download Your Copy of Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes Today And Turn Your Dream of Having The Ideal Body Into Reality -- Starting From Right Away!

Series: Atkins Diet Cookbook

Paperback: 56 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 15, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1500529346

ISBN-13: 978-1500529345

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Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes has been a great help in sticking to my diet. The fact that the recipes are quick and easy to cook, makes preparing healthy meals a convenient part of my daily habits. The recipes are quite tasty and I get to eat food that I actually like while still maintaining my weight.

All the Atkins Diet recipes in this book can be easily prepared and cooked in 30 minutes or less. This is a great time saver (even life saver) for me because I don't like spending hours in the kitchen. There is also a variety of recipes I can choose from which is great. And even though this is my first time trying out the Atkins Diet, it seems achievable to lose weight because of the 5-step action plan. This makes getting started so easy for me. Definitely a cookbook that is worth every penny!

Atkins Diet Recipes Book 2 is another good continuum from book 1. Another straightforward and easy to navigate book with great tips and recipes that are easy to make immediate adjustments from and have versatile usages. What is great about book 2 is the included re-reminder on the Atkins diet phases and weight loss. My fave is the Zucchini Chips With Parmesan Cheese recipe cause I frequently make chips with various vegetables. I would recommend this book and book 1 to anyone looking for some quick inspirations for an Atkins style meal (again, while not worrying too much about the small flaws)! P.S. Book 2 includes a bonus free for download.

I bought this book because I am fairly new to the Atkins Diet but I have such a hectic lifestyle that doesn’t allow for too much cooking time. I also wanted to show my husband that he should jump on the Atkins diet bandwagon because he could still have delicious meals and the foods that he loves. Ever since using this book for the recipes, I have officially converted him to the Atkins diet and we are going through each phase together now. It’s not that hard of a diet to do by yourself but it definitely helps if you have a significant other going through it with you. This book discusses proper portions, what you can and cannot eat during certain phases, and it even has suggestions for supplements that can boost what this book offers. Our biggest crutch in gaining weight was the size of our dinner portions. Now, we use these recipes to have a balanced meal after a long day. We are both feeling great and we have both started shedding some weight after just a couple weeks. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for Atkins Diet Recipes or just looking to have a positive change to the way they eat every day!

Decided to look up the Atkins diet the other day, and while I always heard about the fad diet I never knew what it was about to if it was for real. Turns out it's a low carb diet and it's safe and effective. I got this Atkins diet recipe book and there are a ton of great ideas without feeling guilty when eating. My favorite was the Atkins Cuisine Brownies. They were easy to make, VERY low carbs, low calories, decent protein. Love chocolate and it was great I could make a guilt free brownie!This book was easy to follow through. Recommended.

The much anticipation is over. Volume 2 is finally out! I recently purchased Volume 1 and I’ve been so ecstatic for Volume 2. And it is as amazing as Volume 1 – worth getting, as usual. The recipes are easy to understand and follow. Some of my personal favorites are the Zucchini Chips with Parmesan Cheese and Tangy Barbeque Chicken legs. Those are just so good. And there are so much amazing recipes in this volume. It is just really wonderful to eat yummy food while on a diet.

Dieting works best if you have a plan that you can stick to. You also need to have food that you want to eat. If you prepare food for the family, you want something they will eat as well. Volume 2 of the Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes gives you plenty of information if it is your first time on the Atkins Diet or just need a refresher. I can start some of the recipes with what I already have in my fridge and pantry (I'm making the grilled chicken with lettuce salad tomorrow instead of our traditional barbecue routine), while some of the baked items need specific ingredients such as the Atkins Baking Mix or sugar substitute. These recipes have a lot of flavor and are easy to prepare.

I have always had great success with the Atkins diet but always find myself uninspired after a couple of weeks due to eating the same basic meals because I am so worried that I am going to get it wrong if I venture in to adding something else. So I get bored and give up, but this book helped me to see that this doesn’t have to be the case and you really can enjoy a varied and tasty diet while on Atkins. This book has definitely inspired me to give the Atkins diet a proper go again. In particular I can’t wait to try the chicken in tomato jalapeno sauce and the chocolate chip cookies!!

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