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Emergency Sandbag Shelter And Eco-Village: Manual-How To Build Your Own With Superadobe/Earthbags

Emergency Sandbag Shelter is a must-have manual for every home, as an emergency guide. Now for the first time this book is made available to people around the world by its inventor, award-winning architect Nader Khalili (1932-2008), whose specialty was skyscrapers and who dedicated his life to teaching others how to build shelter for humanity. This book, with over 700 photos and illustrations, shows how to use sandbags and barbed wire, the materials of war, for peaceful purposes as the new invention known as Superadobe or earth-bag, which can shelter millions of people around the globe as a temporary as well as permanent housing solution. This affordable, self-help, sustainable, and disaster resistant structural system is a spin off from Khalili's presentation to NASA for habitat on the moon and Mars, which successfully passed rigorous tests for strict California earthquake building codes. This book along with a small library of films and kits can guide anyone to learn and teach how to build a home or community.

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: Cal Earth Press; 1St Edition edition (June 28, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1889625051

ISBN-13: 978-1889625058

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.8 x 11 inches

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

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This is a "Must Have" book even if you do not end up living in one of these Earth Structures. Yes there are a few other books on the subject and even some good web sites you can find on google. But this is the original book on the subject and one which you must read in order to understand where this building technique and style comes from.You could actually build this on the moon as NASA has agreed is possible. This not a review of the amazing architect Khalili, as that is for others to do. This is instead simply to state that the wealth of pictures, descriptions of already built homes in this continuous earthbag system also called "flexible form rammed earth" makes this the "Bible" of building with this system, first introduced many thousands of years ago in the Persian Empire so successfully.It is absolutely a game changer for those who do not want to participate in the current paradigm of expensive tightly ruled system of codes (which these homes do pass), rules of jurisdiction that do not take into consideration non mortgaged DIY and sustainable structured homes, and the out of control world that this brings about. And that statement is by a Real Estate Developer and Broker who understands THAT world all too well.Want to completely change the world no matter what the world becomes? Look into building one of these homes, get out of the mortgaged rat race, learn to breath again, and start living a more sustainable lifestyle that this home will lead you into. I have and do not regret any part of it. Together we can actually build ourselves out of the reality we have created before we knew what we were doing. Buy this book and start that process. And check out the CalEarth Institute which is doing that...

This is a good book to show you how to build these small sandbag domes, and the sizes shown would be good for emergency or temporary shelter (like maybe a camp out situation), but the domes can be built bigger, and I'm not too sure how available the tubes for the dirt will be *after* an emergency. That being said, he does show some intriging shapes that could be added on to bigger dome homes of this type. I think it would have added so much more value to the book if the pictures had been in color.

This book should be required reading for anyone interested in building sustainable and eco-friendly and all-but-indestructible dwellings. Nader Khalili was an exceptional architect who also originated the CalEarth ceramic fired living spaces which are documnted in another of his excellent books, CalEarth.For Homesteaders, this type of construction could be used for your home (Or an add-on to it), your springhouse, your root cellar, storm shelter, barn, animal shelter, or storage building for those who are so inclined.Far less expensive than conventional building construction methods, this method could be used to build your own shelter on your own property, mostly from materials already present onsite, at minimal cost.BTW don't be fooled by the cover, this method can also be used to construct a normal urban-looking home that would fit well into any neighborhood.I would like to see this used to construct homes for the vast numbers of homeless folks who are forced to roam the streets unsheltered, and I would also like to see it used in Haiti, Nepal or anywhere else where there has been an environmental or economic disaster which has cost people their homes and livelihoods.A marvelous book by a great and creative Visionary.

Great book about a very different style of building. It empowers people to build a stable, comfortable, very safe home.Whether after a disaster, or simply because you wish to build your own home; this book will give you the basic skills to do just that.Well done Nader Khalili!!

This is an excellent step-by-step guide and found it very informative. I would highly recommend this book to individuals interested in constructing any of these units.

Very practical reference book. Technical info is easy to follow and would be the only book you need to organise a project.

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