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Cass Turnbull's Guide To Pruning, 2nd Edition: What, When, Where & How To Prune For A More Beautiful Garden

Nothing about pruning is obvious; in fact, most of it is downright counterintuitive, says expert Cass Turnbull. This second edition of her definitive illustrated guide adds 40 percent new material, with more coverage of different kinds of trees, shrubs, and ground covers and how to prune them for health and aesthetics. The book is organized around the most common types of plants found in Northwest gardens: evergreen and deciduous shrubs; bamboos and tea roses; rhododendrons, camellia and other tree-like shrubs; hedge plants like boxwood and heather; clematis, wisteria and all those vines; and detailed information on trees by species from dogwoods to weeping cherries. In her trademark witty style, Turnbull also addresses tools, landscape renovation, and design errors. Included too are her amusing Ten Commandments for gardeners, which feature such treasures as "Thou shalt not weed-whip the trunk of thy tree, nor bash it with thine mower, nor leave anything tied on thy tree or the branches of thy tree, as is done in the land of the philistines."

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Sasquatch Books; 2nd edition (December 20, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1570614687

ISBN-13: 978-1570614682

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MUCH better than the highly rated American Horticultural Society pruning guide, in my opinion. I bought them both at the same time. She doesn't cover the huge variety of species that other books try to, and the book is actually a collection of short treatises she wrote for a periodical publication, so there's a lot of repetition. But the repetition is all information that you really need to learn, so it's better to get it hammered in right. Instead of a big quick listing of facts, you'll get to know the personalities of various types of plants in depth, and know how to put that knowledge to use. I definitely don't look at people's yards the same way anymore, and I feel confident that I can take care of my own shrubs and small trees now. I also enjoyed her dorky sense of humor, compete with bad puns and comic illustrations.

Now in an updated second edition, Cass Turnbull's Guide To Pruning is a no-nonsense guide to pruning plants the right way, since the wrong way can lead to "water sprouts" (stringy, hairy twigs that grow straight up on a tree) or other eyesores and disasters. Professional gardener Cass Turnbull gives step-by-step instructions for pruning more than 160 species of trees, shrubs, ground covers, vines, and more. Over 150 b/w illustrations clarify the various techniques, and new highlights of the second edition include additional chapters on pruning ground covers and hedges, expanded coverage of mounding-habit, cane-growing, and tree-like shrubs, pruning tips organized by regions of America, new illustrations, and more. Cass Turnbull's Guide To Pruning is a superb supplementary reference and resource for gardeners, homeowners, and landscapers.

I discovered Cass Turnbull's original guide several years ago through on-line research - and was amused and excited to read about her work forming Plant Amnesty, an organization with a goal of protecting plants from mal-pruing into meatballs and other boring shapes.Her guide is structured to provide a general introduction to pruning techniques, then branching out to cover different classes of plants, finally focusing in detail on many common plants with specific guidelines for pruning. This has become my pruning bible.Suffice to say that this second edition is more of the same, more plants covered, more photos and how-to illustrations, and more humorous stories. Well worth your investment!Read it, refer to it, prune by it. And learn to respect your plants by pruning them naturally!

Cass Turnbull brings both her expertise and her fun spirit to this excellent book about pruning. It's a page turner, with lots of great information and insight. Turnbull's writing makes it enjoyable to read, unlike many boring gardening books. I'm glad I found it before attempting some major pruning this year.

I love this book! I have a hard time remembering what I am supposed to do in the garden and when, but Cass Turnbull makes it easy. She groups plants into types and explains how to prune each type. This makes it much easier to remember how to treat various trees and shrubs, although there is a nice index in case you forget or want to look up something specific. She has a very fun writing style and an easygoing approach that makes you feel like the plant police aren't looking over your shoulder. Highly recommended!

I bought this book (Kindle Edition) because I inherited a large property with many flowering shrubs and ornamental trees as well as a small orchard and was tired of looking up how to care for these on the internet. Cass Turnbull's guide covers so many different variety of shrubs, vines and fruit trees and is written in a down-to-earth no nonsense style that makes even a beginner hobby landscaper like myself feel they can handle the job of maintenance without butchering the plants or going insane. Her advice on pruning fruit trees has been immensely valuable to me. Homeowners will especially find this guide perfect in assisting them to maintain the landscaping around their homes.

As I said: This book answers all the questions we have about rampant shrubs. We live in a shadowy, forested place with sporadic sun in certain places. Everything from lilac and forsythia to viburnum and boxwood either thrives or struggles. We needed to know whether struggles are our fault or not, and the successes our doing or not; whether to give up or, if we press on, how to make things look "right." This is our book!

Cass is like a tree guru. There are so many things I didn't know about pruning or caring for trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. But my dad's been gone for years and his Mock Orange tree was in need of help. So I got this book and, not only learned to carefully care for the tree, but also put to rest many myths that I had previously THOUGHT were true about caring for vegetation. The tree is looking better already. Although I'm going slow, so it'll take a few years to get it just right. But NOW I understand what I'm doing and why. Great resource if you want to learn to do it right!

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