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Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet For Beginners - The Most Effective Guide For Rapid Weight Loss (Diet For Weight Loss, Diabetes Diet, Anti Inflammatory Diet)

Lose Weight and Feel More Energetic on the Ketogenic Diet!SPECIAL OFFER: OVER 50% DISCOUNTDOWNLOAD TODAY FOR ONLY $2.99!(regularly priced at $5.99)What can the Ketogenic Diet do for you?When you download Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: The Most Effective Guide for Rapid Weight Loss, you’ll learn what the Ketogenic Diet is and how it can benefit you. Get ready to reduce your blood pressure, relieve heartburn, soothe joint pain, and even stop pre-diabetic conditions!Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!What foods are you allowed to eat on the Ketogenic Diet?Ketogenic Diet for Beginners teaches you to eat lots of fats, moderate amounts of protein, and very few carbohydrates – and still enjoy every meal!You can enjoy the high-protein, low-carb foods you love while gaining the many benefits of the Ketogenic Diet!You’ll also discover which vegetables to eat, and which ones to avoid. Remember – some vegetables are high in carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice, beans and peas. Instead, try cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, and other green veggies!BONUS - When you download Ketogenic Diet for Beginners, you’ll also get TWO FREE PREVIEWS: Wheat Belly Diet and Anti-Inflammatory Diet!How does the Ketogenic Diet work? Why is it so effective?You’ll learn the science behind the Ketogenic Diet, such as how to get your liver to start converting fat into fatty acids and “ketone bodies”. More ketones in your bloodstream won’t just help you lose weight – they can also reduce your chances of epileptic seizures!Remember - You don’t need a Kindle device to read this book – Just download a FREE Kindle reader for your smartphone, tablet, or computer!Order Your Copy of Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Right Away!And save over 50% off the regular price.No questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee.Go to the top of the page and click the button on the right to order now for a limited time discount of only $2.99!You’ll be so glad you did!Tags: Diet Cookbook, Lose Weight Fast, Low Carb Diet, Ketogenic Food List, Low Carb Variants, Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet

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This book is a great short and simple guide to the ketogenic diet (of course, you should consult your doctor before doing any kind of diet like this). The author does a great job at explaining what exactly a ketogenic diet is, what you can eat, and what foods you should avoid. He also describes in detail the health benefits of sticking to the diet, including that the ketogenic diet should boost your body’s ability to burn fat by helping you eat healthy fats and proteins. The book also includes information on how to lose weight using the ketogenic diet and variants of the diet. The most useful information, however, is the list of foods to eat and what to avoid.

This is a very thorough beginner's guide on the ketogenic diet. I especially loved the section that discussed common cravings and what they actually mean. For instance, when your body craves chocolate, it's actually craving magnesium; instead of reaching for a candy bar you can satisfy the craving with nuts. I was hoping that the book included some recipes, but if you're just looking for an explanation of the keto diet, then this book will do it.

This book on ketogenic diet was very comprehensive. I about 1 hour I learned everything I needed to know about ketogenic diets. I have been in this diet for 2 days and I feel great! No brain fog, I have more energy and I think I am losing a bit of fat as well. Will have to wait a month to see results with fat loos.Anyways, ketogenic diet is very good. Just make sure to buy this book and consult with your doctor before you try this very effective diet. Maybe a ketogenic diet recipe book would be a good idea for the author to publish.

Ketogenic Diet by David Dolore is a indeed a great book to read. His book is a readers a must have tool guide in rapid weight loss. Not only does his powerful packed book give readers ways to rapidly loose their weight but also gives many other health benefits. Some of these include the follwoing: reducing blood pressure, releives heartburn, stops pre-diabetic condictions and also redduces eplieptic seizures. These are all amazing benefits not for just one particular person but all. It doesn't matter what one's goal is beyond losing the weight fast because everyone can use this book to help them stay healthy and prevent many health issues. Also, David Dolore teaches how to eat right. What protiens, fats, and carbs to eats as well as which veggies to consume and which to avoid. I loved how easy to read the book was set up and all of the different food guidelines to follow as well. I have read several of David Dolore's books and I highly recommend reading this one and all of his others! Ketogenic Diet can make gifts for those you care about as well as for helping you get healthy and stay that way. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

This is an incredibly easy read. The author explains the diet in an easy to comprehend way. While there is nothing in here that you can't find on google, not all of us have the time to do the research. While I don't doubt the validity of the facts (much of it aligns with what I've been told by friends on the diet), there are a bunch of grammatical mistakes (not just typos, but the wrong tense or left out words) in this book that lead me to question whether or not this book was put through any kind of proper review prior to publication. Assuming all the facts are accurate despite the poor editing, this is definitely a good book for beginners to the diet.

My take on the book, Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet For Beginners - The Most Effective Guide For Rapid Weight Loss (Diet For Weight Loss, Diabetes Diet, Anti Inflammatory Diet). I have been trying to lose weight for many years. After having my first child in 2008 and my second in 2009 and another in 2013, I have been up and down on the scale, in clothes, just my weight has been everywhere. I have tried many of different diets before. ALL haven’t worked. This whole ketogenic diet seems to me that it might have the answers I have been looking. For but only time will tell. I have enjoyed this book very much. Absolutely worth .99 cents. Thank You.

The ketogenic diet was first explored in 1970. I guess, it was named as Atkins diet. This book takes the concept a step further. It is an introductory book that talks about the 4 phases of Atkins diet as well as the application of this diet plan.

This is a guide on how to implement the Ketogenic Diet for people who might want to try it. It gives information on what food is included in the diet and other variations you may implement in your daily life. Some text may get a wee bit technical, but you can skim through that part if you are not so interested in it.A quick and easy read and is quite worth the cost of the book. Like anything diet or health oriented, best to consult your doctor if you are to pursue this diet in your daily routine.

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