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The ADD & ADHD Answer Book: Professional Answers To 275 Of The Top Questions Parents Ask

--What can I do to help my child now?--What are the symptoms of ADD? --What questions will the doctor ask me about my child? --Do children with AD/HD qualify for special education? --Should I medicate my child?ADD and ADHD are estimated to affect at least 3 to 7 percent of school-age children and the amount of information available on the subject can be overwhelming, confusing and oftentimes, conflicting. The ADD & ADHD Answer Book is a reassuring, authoritative reference for you and your family, providing sound advice and immediate answers to your most pressing questions. The book also includes questionnaires and checklists to help you get the most out of your child's evaluation.Written in an easy-to-read question and answer format, The ADD & ADHD Answer Book helps you understand your child's illness and develop a plan to help them succeed.

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.; 1st edition (September 1, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 140220549X

ISBN-13: 978-1402205491

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Overall this is a very good book.Pros:Love the format since I have ADHD too it made it easy for me to read.VERY helpful suggestions - my favorite is the point system which I have started to use with my 2 boys and noticed IMMEDIATE and AMAZING results from (although I modified it a bit)All in all some very good suggestions.Cons:The author takes a very NON medication stance.If this was the first book I read on ADHD after my sons were diagnosed I would have been very hesitant to allow the medications my doctor suggested.I liked that the author reminded parents that medication is not a magic cure-all and I think it is very important that every parent understands this but I feel like she drastically underscores the importance and role that proper medication does play in treating your child's ADHD.For one she makes illogical arguments like the fact that the medications are only effective as long as they are taken.....well aren't 90% of the meds on the market that way? And behavior therapy similarly is only effective for as long as the methods are used consistently.She says that other parents and doctors will pressure you with disimiliar metaphors like "you wouldn't keep your diabetic off insulin would you?" and states how different that is from ADHD bc no child is stimulant deficient or will die without stimulant medications whereas diabetic children will die without insulin.There are two problems with this argument - first of all the most obvious is that there IS a brain deficiency in children with ADHD - the neurostransmitters do not work the way they are supposed to and fail to regulate dopamine and norepinephrine (sp?) which these stimulants are thought to help assist.

My 5-yr-old was diagnosed with ADHD 2 months into Kindergarten & since then, I've been reading several books to help with his behavior issues and mostly how to deal with the school. Child is supersmart but have to guide him in behaving. Each book I've read had good points but the topics are divided into chapters with lots of scenarios where you pick up the good points. I have to admit that I got bored reading pages & pages before finding what I needed, to the point that I avoid reading the old books again though I know I should read again as a refresher.I just borrowed this book from the library yesterday & immediately ordered my own copy last night. Heck, I'm even considering also buying the Kindle version so I can have it with me wherever I go. I wish I had read this book first before the other because the tips I've found in the other books are all condensed here, without all the other background stories concealing it. I was thinking of writing the good points I obtained from the other books into a notebook but no need as this book has compiled them for me.Realize that this book may not work for everyone. My child is a textbook hyperactive child with behavior issues (not academic) and everything I've read in the social & school chapters so far really apply to him; I felt that the author has directly observed my child.I like how each question is answered directly with only a few paragraphs - keeps it short and easy to understand. And I love that there are exact scenarios & instructions on how to handle it.The appendix of the book contains sample charts, must-have lists, and 504 accomodations list which I find extremely helpful.I read another review that did not like the book's stance on medication.

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