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Scattered Minds A New Look At The Origins And Healing Of Attention Deficit Disorder


Publisher: Vintage Canada; 1st edition (1999)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0676971458

ISBN-13: 978-0676971453

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1.3 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (10 customer reviews)

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Being both a doctor and having ADHD I found this book both informative and insightful. The concepts of both nature and nurture are seemlessly interwoven to provide an excellent perspective on causality as well as direction for treatment.Having a past personal interest in child psychology lent me familiarity to many of the concepts the author brought forth in his book. If his ideas seem 'cooked up' you are mistaken. The author is quoting cornerstone teachings of well known developmental psychologists.One must realize that research into ADHD is still evolving. Whether or not causality can be determined in each specific case, it does not detract from the author's direction in treatment (whether through family therapy, psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy). More specifically, ADHD may in fact arise in 'functional families' but the requirement for ongoing support/'unconditional positive regard' remains pivotal.But one should realize this is not a 'How to Book' nor a brief synopsis. With all that aside...... an eloquent book which made me laugh, cry and take heart.Important to note: 'Scattered' and 'Scattered Minds' are both the same book just published in US vs Canada

At last some real insight into addiction and ADD/ADHD! Doctor Mate is spot-on in hisobservations and remedies, which do not include widespread and expensive pharmacology.Rather, he cites stress, especially pre-natal and infant for the widespread handicapsof our children. Mothers (and fathers) who must rush back to work leave children withoutnurture necessary to complete brain development, a serious problem in America.Children are left to learn from TV and other children. ADHD is not a disease, Mate stresses.It is a mental (and physical) handicap which once was (and still is in European andprimitive cultures where 'work' is not a precondition for survival) overcome by'learned behavior'/socializing/bonding within the family.This book, and Dr. Mate's newer work, "Realm of Hungry Ghosts", is required reading/discussion for anyone contemplating creating a family. Mate's own childhood as aconcentration camp survivor, and a career treating drug addicts, as well as the manyscientific studies he cites, make him a clarion voice in this 'medical' crisis.Dr. Mate is a fine writer for laymen and an outstanding speaker. Well done, Doc! Highlyrecommended.

Excellent holistic approach to a very complex issue. Dr Mate does an excellent job of emphasizing the emotional complications of ADD and how to insure that they are included in any treatment plan. A must read.

Gabor Mate has it exactly right The opposite of scattered is attached. The opposite of asleep is awake.This book reminds us that our love, kindness, compassion, reliability and dependability are solutions of utmost importance to restoring happiness and vitality to children.There is no need to blame anyone for causes of conditions we may not yet fully understand. (Sadly, in 50's and 60's, faulty mothering' was supposed to be the prime cause of schizophrenia.)Nate simply advises solutions.Eleanor Cowan, author of A History of a Pedophile's Wife: Memoir of a Canadian Teacher and Writer

Having worked with add children and have one of my own this book made a whole lot of sense. The roles the parents play in their children contracting add was the most fascinating of all for me. My thought was that it was inherited or runs in the family. All in all it was easy to read and understand. Dr. Mate also suffered from ADD which made all the information more believable.

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