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Healing Without Hurting: Treating ADHD, Apraxia And Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally And Effectively Without Harmful Medications

Jennifer Kozek is a therapist who practices in Connecticut, and is also the mother of a son with Autism Spectrum disorders. After treating Evan bio-medically, along with other healing practices, Jennifer witnessed the kind of improvements that every parent of a similarly diagnosed child dreams of: Evan no longer grunts and screams, throws toys, hits others, or has mood swings. He no longer throws himself into fits of uncontrollable rage,  listens to his teachers & responds appropriately. He copes better with changes in routine & makes eye contact more often. He no longer enters into a trance-like state and the list goes on. Evan is now a happy, well-adjusted, 7 year-old.  It is the author's mission to reach  the millions of parents who struggle to find healthier and more natural ways to treat their children's nuanced disorders. Healing without Hurting, includes a full menu of natural treatment options, including:  A real world success story.  Specific points highlighted in boxes. Tips that highlight the main ideas of each chapter. Simple recipes and healthy alternatives.   Readers will learn how to:  Identify common labels of behaviors. Recognize the early warning signs that an autoimmune disorder is brewing. Identify the different medications; potential benefits and side-effects. Find the right doctors and practitioners. Identify food sensitivities and other autoimmune assaults. Test for nutritional deficiencies and causes for malabsorption. Heal the intestinal system. Strengthen the immune system. Look for and treat the other underlying issues, e.g. sleep problems. Shop for the best vitamin supplements on the market. Recognize food additives to avoid. Avoid toxins in their environment. Wash away toxins from the body. Incorporate other effective healing treatments and modalities. Have the healthiest pregnancy possible to reduce the risk of ADHD and autism. Instill healthy eating and other practices for their family. The Author would like to help shift current medical and society practices.

Hardcover: 403 pages

Publisher: Changing Lives Press (November 7, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0989452980

ISBN-13: 978-0989452984

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Order the book! I just spent an hour browsing through it. For those of us veterans to alternative protocols, some of it will be refresher, lots of info on gene mutations, neurotransmitters, biomed, oils, etc. For those who are new to alternative protocols it will be overwhelming but an important resource to have especially if you have not tackled your child's diet yet. Food sensitivities and allergies, gut health and gut/brain connection are all discussed in the book.

Inspirational and educational! Love the candid story Jennifer Kozek shares with her personal experience of battling ASD and the steps that drove her to find the root of the problem! Amazing amount of information from a variety of angles. I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for more answers - a proactive response to health issues that are being swept under the rub by mainstream medicine.

This book is amazing! Not only does it help give us information but it also steers us in the right direction. For us it helped me recommend certain test be done for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We just had our lab work done and guess what... I'm glad I did. We are now on the right path to helping our love bug. I can not say enough good things about this book and just how helpful it has been to me. I also find it comforting. If you are looking for something to do to help your child and not just accept things. This book is for you. It helped me have something to fight with. I needed knowledge and to know what to request/demand and I got it :) I'm so grateful that all of this knowledge was shared with us. I even got the book for my family members. It gave me hope :)Sara Houtman 11/2014

I purchased this book simply because I enjoy reading about tried and true ways to keep our bodies and our childrens' bodies as healthy as possible by eliminating the "bad". My son has apraxia and this book has amazing information about natural remedies that can help balance his system . Before reading this book, I did not realize how much our gut controls so many of our mental and health issues. This book is extremely interesting and enlightening for both adults with and without children. It is also extremely useful for parents with children who are on the spectrum, who have apraxia, ADD/ADHD as well as for those parents who just want to eliminate anything possibly harmful from their child's diet. It is written by a mom who has plenty of experience in the medical and therapist world and who has first hand experience dealing with a child who has these disorders. It is a success story both for mom and her child. It is worth the easy read.

This book is honest and informative about issues like ADHD and Autism. These children are experiencing many of the physical and emotional side effects from our toxic environment. I have always known that was true, now this book gave me some great ideas to try supplementing some of my sons deficient nutrients. This book is great if you do not know where to start with your child's issues. I had to struggle for years to discover this is all true and I wish this book could have been around back then. Since it is now available, please do yourself a favor and forget what everyone has told you about your child and forget all the labels and look at the symptoms and scientific evidence. You can help your child with this book. Once I realized my child's ADHD was due to lead and mercury exposure, I knew I needed to detox him and supplement. This book explains each vitamin and nutrient and what it is essential for. Loved it.

Great book! I like how the book is written like an informative story. In between speaking about her own experience treating her son she explains tests and treatment options in general for those suffering from ADHD, Autism and other conditions. From reading her blog and now the book I have been able to go to my pediatrician as an informed advocate for my son and his issues. At my last appointment he was very impressed with my questions and knowledge. So glad she wrote this book because it has helped me immensely with information on testing options and overall knowledge. Good read for those who don't want to medicate and are lost or for those that don't want to medicate and want to dig a little deeper with their child's treatment.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone seeking information on treating not only ADHD, Apraxia and Autism Spectrum disorders, but also for those who are dealing with any of the many and varied auto-immune disorders. The author has done an excellent job of providing comprehensive information covering all facets of concern, including seeking an appropriate diagnosis, information on medications, the various alternative treatments available, genetic vulnerability, the myriad factors that may contribute to the disorder and the many testing options available to help one adequately identify their unique treatment protocol. The author is to be highly commended for the amount of research and time she has invested in providing this much needed information. This book offers a gold mine of information, and the resources needed to pursue the various testing and treatment options presented. If you are looking for a safe, non-toxic treatment regimen for your health issues, then Healing Without Hurting is the book you will want to read.

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