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Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food With Stories From The Village

Top Three Ukrainian Cookbook & Cultural Book of 2015 Click on "Look Inside" at top of book. In a rollicking, entertaining read, Baba's Kitchen will lead you into the complex soul of Eastern Europe's Indigenous people. Ukrainian-Canadian Raisa Marika Stohyn spent decades collecting outrageous stories and 190 Eastern European recipes from survivors of Soviet and Nazi terror, including her family. Raisa's narrator, Baba,is a composite of these invincible souls. Ukraine has been continuously inhabited by civilized, immensely inventive people for 44,000 years. For excerpts, video/audio clips and more, visit: Ukrainians: first tamed horses, invented pants (for riding!), the bow and arrow, built homes from mammoth bone & pyramids older than Egypt's, & created Europe's first democratic constitution. Shamanic practices that sparked the original werewolf and legends (the latter documented by Greek physician Hippocrates) combine with recipes & customs reaching back to the Neolithic era. _____________ Compared to erotic games in the village bath & shoplifting live turkeys in your bloomers, immigrant life is beyond boring. So Baba (Grandma) is brewing up Old Country customs in her kitchen. She'll teach you to make delicious Ukrainian dishes (plus simple folk remedies) the traditional & The Lazy Way, sabotage frenemies with garlic, & utter chilling Slavic curses such as, "May you be kicked by a duck!" Between tales of magical encounters with Nature spirits & steaming bowls of borshch is the true confession of the author's elderly neighbour: she murdered her abusive husband. Imagine a mouth watering Honey Onion Sauce that recalls competing with cave bears and wild bees, and the seductive magic of preparing sweet delights for the Apple Harvest Blessing. 190 traditional Ukrainian recipes, taught step by step as if grandma were at your side. In black & white text: Borshch, including Vegetarian Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls) Varenyky (Perogies) Honey Cake Stewed Fruit Traditional Holiday recipes for Easter & Christmas Kolach: Circle of Life Bread *Warning: 18+ Restricted* Wicked acts with honey and raspberries, pirates, cowboys, Kozaks, bald men, bad boys and mounted police officers. Be prepared for fish net, scuba divers, body painting, eye rolling & squealing. You'll laugh, you'll scream. By the time Baba is through, you'll wet someone else's pants! _____________________________________ "Unique, funny, compelling & totally original. Baba is an amazing woman."~Jill McCaw, McCaw Media "I enjoy reading the stories as well as learning authentic Ukrainian dishes to cook for my family. I will be sharing these recipes with my daughters and teaching them how to cook too! A lovely book with something for everyone, you feel like Baba is turning the pages with you!"~Mattie Romanyshyn, Belfield, South Dakota "Hilarious book - made me laugh so much. Great Ukrainian recipes which reminded me of my Mum's cooking. Love the book."~Luba Ryder "I found many recipes that I had been searching for since my time in the Carpathians in 2010. The one I looked for the most was a mushroom soup that to my pleasant surprise was here. I have cooked for friends and family since I recieved the book and 4 people have loved it so much they have ordered copies of their own. The humor is Ukranian and part of what made me fall in love with Ukraine since my first visit there."~Roberto Marquez, New Mexico

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (February 12, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1494919087

ISBN-13: 978-1494919085

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I picked up this book because of the reviews and let me tell you that I am so glad that I did. Baba is one cool, and very funny grandma who I would love to spend the day with cooking lol!Can't say that I have cooked any of her recipies YET, but I sure will try to soon.Baba kept me rolling on the floor with laughter until my sides hurt and I really think that everyone should give this comedic cookbook (who would have thought that they would see those two words together lol...comedic cookbook lol) a try...believe me, you will be glad that you did :-)P.S. - Your tummy just may thank you for it as well lol

I don't know where to begin.This is not well written or easy to use as a cookbook.The recipes are written in a very awkward format, as a poorly articulated narrative.I suppose the author meant to be clever.....but it comes off uncomfortably ignorant.If the author wanted to tell a story , then it should have been written as a story with recipes ( in recipe format) inserted throughout.As it turns out, this is a muddle of difficult to tolerate stories and impossible to follow recipes.

Just finished reading this e-book and have to say I am very happy that I bought it. It was quite funny and the recipes were pretty darned good too. I do admit that sometimes the recipes are a bit difficult to follow, but eventually I figured them out. I used to have a Ukrainian baba (we called her Babcia, may her memory be eternal) and reading this book made me think of her. I will be recommending this to Ukie friends.

This is a cookbook and good "story" all rolled into one. It reads the way my grandmother and her sister's talked, so of course I enjoyed it. If you want an A-B-C, step by step Ukrainian cookbook without the conversational "flavor" this one has, Baba's Kitchen may not be for you. That said, if you don't mind your Baba standing over your shoulder telling you how to make these recipes correctly, while filling your head with entertaining and sometimes unrelated conversational anecdotes (all of them worth hearing, btw) along the way, this cookbook is worth having. Unlike every other Ukrainian cookbook I looked through, it has all of the recipes I was looking for, plus a little history and grandmotherly Ukrainian wisdom peppered in along the way. I like that!

I'm halfway through this book and I love it! I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes. But more than anything else, I love Baba's voice. It feels like she's right there in the kitchen with me, and boy, I'd better smarten up :-)

I loved this. It's not a cook book and it's not (really) and advice book, it's something unique, funny, compelling and totally original. And as a bonus there are recipes thrown in. Baba is an amazing woman and anyone who doesn't appreciate her words of wisdom is obviously missing something vital from their soul.Have fun with Baba, and maybe learn to cook as well.

I wanted this book for a long time! I enjoy reading the stories as well as learning authentic Ukrainian dishes to cook for my family. I will be sharing these recipes with my daughters and teaching them how to cook too! A lovely book with something for everyone, you feel like Baba is turning the pages with you!

When I ordered this book, I was honestly looking for a cookbook. We recently spent over two months in Ukraine adopting two children. Now that we are home, my 14 year old daughter and I like to cook together.I had no idea how incredibly funny this book would be. After reading the first chapter on how to make borsch, I could not put the book down! I was crying, I was laughing so hard during some of her cooking advice, and I am pretty sure I snorted a few times too. Baba's voice is so true to life. It sounds very similar to how my children speak while they are learning English. In the midst of giving cooking advice in a hilarious and sometimes irreverent manner, the author also gives history lessons about the country that won over my heart recently and gave me two beautiful additions to my family. It's a country that takes great pride in their natural, flavorful food. If you can't get to Ukraine to try the cuisine for yourself, this is the next best thing!Last Saturday I stained my new copy of this book with beet juice making Baba's recipe for Borscht. The soup took all day to make, and while it was cooking to perfection, I had time to read the story of a woman who murdered her no-good husband with sugar and Baba's opinion of women who wear thongs. Priceless! When the Borscht was finally ready to eat, my Ukrainian children claim it was the best they had ever eaten. Thanks, Baba! I couldn't have pulled that off without you!

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