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Crochet For Beginners: Quick And Easy Way To Master Spectacular Crochet Stitches In 3 Days (Crochet Patterns)

Have you ever wanted to Learn how to Crochet?For many people, the process of learning how to crochet took hours and hours of sitting with someone who really understood the art. Crochet books were largely useless because it is difficult to teach a visual art through words—until now. Crochet for Beginners is full of color photos and diagrams that make it easy not only to learn beginning crocket stitches but really begin to put them into use, making more and more complicated projects, all the way up to crochet afghans.If you already know how to do basic crochet stitches and are looking for crocheting books that can help you take your projects to the next level, this book is also perfect for your needs. This books is very specific about not only how to start crocheting, but how to improve your skills with a range of techniques and crochet patterns that train you to make just about anything you want, quickly and easily. All you have to do is look at the pictures and diagrams and you will be able to make any of the 21 crochet patterns included in the book. This book teaches you to complete every single one of our patterns, even the most advanced ones, in less than three days.To speed up the process, the book also includes a full list of Glossary terms, to explain that crochet terminology that patterns and other crocheters use. There are even ten fast-track tips to get you crocheting fast and a FAQ to answer any questions you might have about crocheting, crochet stiches, what hooks to purchase, etc. You will be a master of crocheting in no time!Here are just some of the benefits provided by Crochet for Beginners:• Learn whether or not crocheting is harder than knitting• 21 different crochet projects, teaching you the skills to crochet just about anything• How to easily start crocheting and build your skills• How to join crochet pieces• And many more!Learning how to crochet is not a difficult or protracted process when you have the right tools. That is what Crochet for Beginners provides, a step-by-step, picture and diagram tutorial for simple and highly advanced projects. Scroll up and get your copy today!Check Out What Others Are Saying..."One thing I really love about the book is the abundance of clear, beautiful photos. They feature colorful crochet stitches done, has got to be one of my most favorite books. Why? Because you don't just read it cover to cover and walk away from it. It is useful, it is a resource, and I find myself referring to it time and time again. You see, I am a crocheter, but I don't crochet constantly so I forget stitches. A to Z Crochet is a great tool to remind me how to do a certain stitch. The pictures are helpful and show progressive steps. If there is more than one way to do something, you can bet it is explained.. I really appreciate these pics!I now have enough stitches to keep me crocheting into the next millennium. Easy instructions and great pictures...makes it hard to do anything other than crochet.For the price, this book is an absolutely incredible value. I expect to use this book as a reference for a long time to come."- Michelle Smith"I've always wanted to learn how to crochet, this book makes it so easy! The diagrams of the patterns were really helpful to me (it doesn't matter how many times someone explains something in words, I'm a visual learner!). Awesome guide, I can crochet now!Great book, It really does make it simple enough for anyone!"- Katy Johnson (USA)

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As someone who has struggled with learning to crochet for several years I highly recommend this book! After several failed attempts in my youth to learn from family members and after several bad experiences with ‘how to’ guides I had all but given up.Emma Brown breaks down the fine aspects of crochet stitches; from definitions and explanations to tips and tricks that only an experienced crocheter would know. (Such as the fact that lighter colors of yarn are easier to work with at first because it makes stitches easier to see.) I also really like the way the book is laid out. Each section is detailed, and when I followed instructions I was able to replicate the different types of crochet stitches in the illustrations. I’m a visual person, and I loved the linked tutorial videos which were scattered throughout each section. Each diagram and picture was a flawless representation of what the end product should look like, but since I am a novice I really appreciate being able to see a video in addition to the drawings.This book really is an all-inclusive resource for anyone who wants to learn to crochet. You’re taught everything from the different types of hooks and yarns available to how to read crotchet patterns, which is a beast in and of itself! I haven’t gotten to practice as much as I might have liked in the past few days, but I am confident that with Emma Brown’s guidance I will be working in the round, making pom poms, and texturing ridges in no time!As an added bonus, the book also includes patterns of varying difficulties and harder crochet stitch tutorials so that as I improve my skills I will have more room to grow. I won’t be tiring of this book anytime soon, which is an accomplishment for a ‘how to’ guide. I’ve learned more in the sessions with this book than I have with any other, and I’ve only been at it a few days.

This is such an awesome book on crochet!I learned crochet when I was probably ten, but I never learned how to do it properly- the result was that I had no idea how to follow a pattern, or even make my rows straight ( I made A LOT of misshaped scarves) In recent years I have tried to get back into crocheting off and on and have had a little bit of luck following along with youtube videos- but the videos are quite limited to, in my opinion, bland items.Right from the first few pages of this book, it had tons of information- I was expecting to learn about patterns, but it started off about the hook. I already knew the two ways you could hold it, and do use both- but I was interested to learn about inline hooks vs the not inline hooks. I'd had no idea that there were different styles of hook- that each give you a different product.I like the layout of the book, the separation of all the info into such detailed chapters makes it so much easier to navigate because there is just so much information. The illustrations of the items you could make were adorable, and pretty much made me want to make them all!The section on understanding crochet patterns and terminology was really helpful before the chapters with the patterns. I was quite impressed by the patterns chosen for the book- they all say beginner, but they don't look boring or plain. So that was a major plus for me. I think my first project is going to be the baby block sampler.This is a great book for anyone, but especially if you have little girls that you want to make adorable items for- the heart hat was one of my favorites!

I've been crocheting for a few years now, but I never really bothered to learn more than the absolute basics (like two stitches and where to buy yarn). I had no idea about a lot of the stuff—I mean, I've always used a generic aluminum hook, but now it's obvious that a Kollage Square Hook would be a much better match for me. So yeah, I'm glad I bought the book.It was really easy to read—the headings made it all nice and organized, and the important stuff wan in bold or italics. That was nice because when I went and grabbed some yarn and a needle to try it myself (I just couldn't resist, ha ha) I knew where to look right away. I got anoter crochet book at the same time as this one and everything was all cluttered and annoying and I couldn't learn anything, so kudos to the author of this book for writing something that actually makes sense. The pictures were really really cool, too—they made it really easy to mimic with my own hook.I ended up having a ton of fun trying out all the new stitches—something you can't always say with How To books, I guess, ha ha. I especially liked the treble crochet stitch. It took me like two tries to master and after that I was so hooked (pun intended). I'm so going to make myself a scarf now.

I remember clearly, when my late grandmother tried teaching me to crochet when I had no interest. Often through the years, I attempted the impossible, learning the basics, which was long forgotten. I have to share this with you as I actually learned to crochet with this easy to follow Emma Brown, Crochet for Beginners. She honestly focus on teaching complete novices how to crochet within days, but you will not get bored after mastering basic crochet stitches. The book format and clear illustrations guide in simplicity and you will not wonder how to make crochet stitches. I am one of those people who simply cannot follow instructions well, regardless of how well laid out. I managed very well as these instructions has the crochet stitches illustrated and for people like me linked video tutorials. I cannot believe that at three days ago even my scarves came out crooked, now I am ready to attack something like a hat or sock, which I could never understand anyone got right. I am ready to mimic even the most intricate crochet pattern because I CAN finally add crochet to my domestic skills.

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