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The McDougall Program: 12 Days To Dynamic Health (Plume)

In this ground-breaking book, Dr. John McDougall, bestselling author and creator of the nationally renowned diet and exercise program at the St. Helena Hospital in Deer Park, California, introduces his remarkable twelve-day plan. Building on the idea that the traditional meat-rich American diet is hazardous to our health, Dr. McDougall has developed a medically sound, low-fat, starch-based diet that not only facilitates weight loss but also reverses serious illness, without drugs, and provides a broad range of dramatic and lasting health benefits. Step-by-step, he takes you through his revolutionary new program, providing:    • Over 130 easy-to-prepare recipes    • Delicious day-by-day menus    • Suggestions for healthful dining out Plus a comprehensive listing of health problems from arthritis to ulcer disease, comparing the traditional, often drastic medical approach and The McDougall Program's nutritionally based alternative. As featured in the book and movie Forks and Knives, John A McDougall delivers a powerful and effective food regiment. 

Series: Plume

Paperback: 448 pages

Publisher: Plume (August 1, 1991)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0452266394

ISBN-13: 978-0452266391

Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 0.9 x 9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (119 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #38,404 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #60 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Diets & Weight Loss > Low Fat #60 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Diets & Weight Loss > Vegetarian #83 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Diets & Weight Loss > Low Carb

This will be a short review. Simply put, this book laid the foundation seven years ago for my vegetarianism. I have found few if any sources in academic libraries to dispute McDougall's views on diet and health. I was 23 when I began using this book as the basis for my diet and recipes. Today, in 2000, I enjoy these recipes regularly (I do add some salt back, and take a cue from Andrew Weil's "Spontaneous Healing" with regard to olive oil) and review this information from time to time to gauge my progress. While so many of my contemporaries are swelling like ticks from their childhood diets, my one adult decision to become vegetarian has resulted in a slim body, constant comments from my friends about my youthful appearance, and a cleaner planet due to all the cows and pigs and chickens I did not consume. I cannot say that this book changed my life; my decision to change gave the consequence of searching for such a book. I believe anyone with the will to become a new person will find much inspiration and practical advice in "The McDougall Program." I'm ordering it for my mom today.

Last year I met Dr. Ruth Heidrich, an extraordinary athlete, author and breast cancer survivor on a week long cruise I went on to the Caribbean. She was a speaker for this special "vegetarian cruise" and was part of the reason I signed on. Long before the cruise I had read about her battle with the disease and had even corresponded with her about some health issues that she was very helpful with. Meeting her in the flesh was life changing. She is 70 years old, a pillar of health with a magnetic presence. Her words changed everything for me and introduced me to the world of Dr. John McDougall, the person she gives credit to for saving her life over twenty years ago from the cancer. After the cruise I bought this book, a set of pots and pans and began cooking the recipes from the book (much to the delight of my fiance!) A few short weeks later my cholesteral was down to 144 from 236. Ever since I have enthusiastically passed out several copies to friends and acquaintances with various health issues and have witnessed dramatic, life-altering results. Huge weight losses, drops in cholesteral, meds being discontinued (blood pressure, etc.). McDougall has taught me to take charge of my own health. My personal physician told me not to worry about my previous high cholesteral - something I found ironic with the long history of health problems on both sides of my family. With this book I was able to help myself and I continue to help others everytime I pass it on. This is a must read! Buy several copies to have on hand for your loved ones.

I bought the book and started the eating program on 1 April 1999. I found the recipes, shopping guide and principles set forth in the book to be just what I needed to change my terrible eating habits. I stuck strictly to the program for 60 days and went from 183 pounds to 165 and never felt like I was actually on a diet. In fact, I'm still following the program, using recipes from the two Support volumes written by Mrs. McDougall. I never would have been able to adhere to this program if it weren't for the nutritious and filling meals layed out in the book. My wife also follows the program and we both feel better than we have in years. I am anxious to order and try the two latest recipe books I hear are on the shelves now. Frankly, I was intimidated by the idea of giving up meat, coffee and processed foods; but I am now a true believer in this program and cannot see myself returning to the unhealthy eating style I practiced before I came upon the McDougall program. This book lays it all out for you and explains how to simplify your shopping and meal planning. My two-month old copy is becoming dogeared from daily use. It was the best investment I have made in a long time.

I have to admit that I was unsure and a bit afraid to start this program. I did not think I would be able to follow it. I am so glad I gave it a try. I can't think of anything that has been BETTER for me. I feel SOOO much better I have lost 26 lbs so far and my energy is great. My husband even loves the food and his cholesterol has dropped considerably. Thank you Dr. Mcdougall !!! You are the BEST !!!UPDATE: I am down 36 lbs now and still going strong.

This is an excellent book, well-written, concise and with humor for anyone who wants to improve their health through diet. It provides a brief history of the "hows and whys" of Dr. McDougall's journey towards a vegan diet. The history is followed by a "how to get started plan", a 12 day suggested meal plan, easy to make and tasty recipes and lists of products by name brands that fit the diet. Finally, Dr. McDougall has included a general index as well as a recipe index which makes it easy to look up specific problems or recipes for favorite foods. This book is written in plain and simple English, but is thoroughly documented with pages and pages of scientific references. All in all, I would highly recommend this book, with the caveat that once you get on this diet, you will feel so great, you will not be able to (nor want to) go back to your old eating habits.

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