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Puppy Training Guide 4th Edition: The Ultimate Handbook To Train Your Puppy In Obedience, Crate Training And Potty Training (Training Manual, Puppy Development, ... Training, Tracking, Retrieving, Biting)

PUPPY TRAINING GUIDE ***4th EDITION: The Ultimate Handbook To Train Your Puppy In Obedience, Crate Training And Potty TrainingFREE BONUS VIDEO INSIDE PLUS INSIDE GET ANOTHER FREE BONUS RIGHT AFTER THE CONCLUSION!JUST RELEASED 4th EDITION!You’re about to discover the fundamentals of obedience training, crate training and potty training. There are outlined pointers that will introduce you to the very essence of training your puppy. In addition, the guidelines that you will find within this book will enable you to have full control over your puppy through proper commands. This will also teach you how to properly motivate your puppy in times of accidents and discouragement.In this book, only the most efficient, effective, and stress-free strategies are given in order to give the reader the best value for his money. As such, it is only fitting that only the major issues and problems that may arise as a result of obedience, crate, and potty training are thoroughly discussed.By consistently practicing the strategies outlined in this book, I am very confident that you will be able to properly train your puppy without putting it into unnecessary stress and suffering.Remember that a well-trained puppy is a well-behaved pet – one that will create a better relationship between the puppy and the owner. A better relationship between the pet and the owner makes a happy household. Puppy Training Details:The Fundamentals of Puppy TrainingPuppy Obedience TrainingCrate TrainingPotty Training your PuppyManaging Your Puppy's BehaviorPuppy SocializationPuppy VaccinationsFour Training Exercises For Puppy CommandsHome Exercises For Your PuppyMaterial Added To Existing ChaptersHome Exercises For Your PuppyThe Ultimate Guide to Teaching Tricks to PuppiesHow to Show Love and Affection to Your PuppyMuch, much more!Download your copy today!Tags:Lie down, Sit, Not to jump, Teaching fetch, Exercise, Digging, Dog Whisperer, Dog Problems, Transform your Dog, Pack Leadership, Cognitive Development, Psychology of Dogs, Canine, Potty Training, Obedience training, crate training, puppy training, dog training, body language, voice tones, temper tantrums, mental leash control, prey puppy, pack puppy, fight puppy, flight puppy, Pets animal & care, trick training, dog dancing, dog therapy, dog sports, under control, mistakes, identity, retrieving, hunting, tracking, obedient, leash, stay, Animal care & pets, dogs, training, training manual, dog owners, physical fitness, dog walkers, doggy day care, breeds, care & health, dog tricks, 90 min (44-64 pages), 45 min (22-32 pages), chewing, teething, barking, nipping, playing, biting, vaccinating, over vaccinating, vaccinations, housebreaking, puppy development, healthy dog, perfect dog, nutrition, mans best friend, craft, hobbies & home, veterinarian, doggy treats, breed, training session, teething stage, correction stage, proofing stage, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, training in the household, simple dog training, better behaved puppy, reference guide, Cesar Milan

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My puppy snowy was not obedient when we got her. Me and my girlfriend had lot of problem in training her. We have read many books watched videos and tried many training tips. This book was incredible. Well written and it walked me also through the psychological aspects. Now Snowy is doing better each day. Very thankful to James. I would like to ask you to write more books on training. You won a life time reader here.

I have a chocolate lab, he was 6 weeks old when I brought him home. He`s a great dog but anyone who knows anything about puppy`s (and labs) knows that the first year can be extremely trying. This book really helped me get the fundamentals down and give me a sense of structure when I was training my dog. The crate training chapter was a life saver. Highly recommend for anyone who`s considering or has a puppy.

A hidden gem! I'm a big believer of puppy training to have the perfect dog, so I'm always looking for new information on the subject. And I must admit this book blew my mind! It's a really nice compilation of advice and ideas on how to train you puppy. I can assure this is the best guide I ever read about puppy training. I get a puppy for my birthday this year and this guide save my life! So much needed advice is inside this book. Everything I need to know about the new member of my family and how to treat him is here. Highly recommended!

Puppies can be very difficult to train if you are unsure of the proper steps. This book will provide easy to follow steps for training any puppy. Many people have told me that training a puppy is similar to raising a child, and I’ve come to agree with them. Puppies have their own personalities and that can come out in training but remaining patient and consistent will grant you a well behaved dog in the end. I will be referring back to the book when I get my next puppy and will recommend this book to anyone with a puppy.

Even though I don't have a puppy yet, this book was still helpful for when I do get a puppy. As a teenager, it was very easy to understand the steps. It was very practical, he didn't say, 'Oh, you have to buy all these expensive things' in order to do any of this training. I would recommend this book to people who need help with house training or crate training their puppy.

It is a short and good foundation puppy training guide. The first half of the book is very useful, giving you information on the importance of different voices for commands, encouragement/awarding, etc. But after the basics of sit, come, crate training, it isn't as helpful. It doesn't address issues like barking, jumping, leaving household cats alone, clicker training, etc. It is mostly helpful in getting you started. Another thing that bothered me is that it also tends to be unrealistic about how pets think. It put a lot of emphasis on your dogs feelings as if they are a person, I got a very anthropomorphic vibe from the author. I love my dog and I do think dogs have feelings, but I think it's a bit ridiculous to constantly talk about hurting your dogs feelings if you raise your voice too much, etc. Or how if you become angry at your puppy, they can sense it and their feelings will be very hurt b/c they are emotionally sensitive. Anyone who has watched any training videos, seen dog behavior correction shows, or read various training books know that that can be the heart of a lot of behavior problems. Because the owner puts too many human feelings to their pets. Animals have feelings but they aren't necessarily the same as us. . Overall, it's cheap and is a nice initial intro to training.

This book is a combination of both coercion/negative reinforcement and pack mentality methods combined with positive reinforcement methods. These methods are kind of incompatible in most of the ways that he claims to use them. For example he recommends growling at your puppy or grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and shaking him. Well that is incompatible with positive reinforcement such as treats and clicker training and will for sure confuse the dog. Its one thing to talk about your dogs understanding of life as a pack mentality but quite another to take it to the level of growling at your puppy. We are not dogs so we can't do the exact same behavior as a mother dog and expect the same result. If someone wants to implement that type of method, I recommend they buy any of Cesar Milan's books rather than using this authors rough handling of puppies. If you want to use clicker training or positive reinforcement then use Karen Prior's books. But it's not going to make sense to the dog to mix these theories of dog behavior. So that's what I though of the first part of the book which I think the author wrote about dominance theory because of so many Cesar Milan enthusiasts even though I seriously doubt he's ever read a book by Milan.Throughout the rest of the book it has interesting tidbits of information but is still not completely written the way a source book would have been written. I really think the author skimmed a few dog training books and then threw this book together without having much experience with dogs.

I remember as an 11 yr old child, my dad took me to the pound and let me pick out a puppy. It was just barely old enough to be away from its mother. Dad tried to get me to train it and teach it a few simple commands, but "sit" was the only one that ever stuck. I got discouraged and quit trying to train it. That dog never would do anything I told it to do. Luckily it was an outside dog. I am looking for another dog right now, and I saw this book and wanted to go ahead and get it so I would be ready to train a new dog. I found everything that I was looking for and more! This book is full of simple steps that I believe will really work, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is getting or just got a new puppy.

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