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60 Ways To Lower Your Blood Sugar: Simple Steps To Reduce The Carbs, Shed The Weight, And Feel Great Now!

It’s projected that in 50 years, one American in three will be diabetic. Many today are well on their way to becoming a sad statistic in the war on obesity, high blood sugar, and the related diseases―including diabetes―that can result from a diet that’s seriously out of whack. In his previous bestselling book, Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar, Dennis Pollock shared his personal experience with this deadly epidemic―including his success at lowering his runaway blood sugar to acceptable levels.Now Dennis offers readers the next step in the battle: 60 practical ways to manage their blood sugar without resorting to a bland unsatisfying diet of turnips and tuna fish. In this step by step, change by change plan, readers will learn how to:reduce their intake of carbsexercise more effectively shed excess weightA must-have book for readers serious about regaining their health while also lowering their weight and increasing their energy.

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers; 1 edition (October 1, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0736952586

ISBN-13: 978-0736952583

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"60 Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar" is a good introduction to eating skills for diabetics or prediabetics. First off, understand that Dennis Pollock is a diabetic survivor and has learned most of this on his own. As always if you are diabetic or think you might be, see your doctor first and find good medical guidance. I am not diabetic and have normal blood sugar; however for years I was overweight and had family history of concern. I started exercising and really watching what I eat; now my blood sugar levels have been reduced (they were previously in the high normal range) and I am feeling great. I try to learn new things about nutrition and healthy eating, and picked this book up as it was well-reviewed and seemed to have a lot of insight.The book is not perfect, but Pollock does have some great ideas about dealing with carbs and blood sugar management. Some people may decry his endorsement of modest amounts of artificial sweeteners (in diet soda, etc.) but he does advise using them in moderation, and he makes a very good argument that if you are diabetic or trending in that direction and the alternative is sugar, that the solution may be worse than the cure he proposes. I have generally weaned myself off of sweeteners and when I do use them tend to use monk fruit, but read Pollock's book and decide for yourself. One of my critiques of the book is the forced "60 ways" organizational structure of the book. This results in a large number of very short chapters, many of which are highly repetitive seemingly only to get the number of ways to reduce your blood sugar up to 60. It was a contrivance for the sake of the title that the book didn't really need.

I purchased this book for my elderly diabetic mother, figuring that the reportedly straightforward style and short chapter format (see other reviews) would be a good fit for her limited tolerance for learning about her disease. Upon purchase, I previewed it before giving it to her, and I'm glad I did.What I wasn't banking on was the religious tone of the book. It begins with the foreword, written by an MD. Given that the author, Pollock, appears to lack formal medical or other relevant academic credentials (no MD, PhD, MA, nor MPH), what I'm really looking for in a foreword written by an MD is something to the effect of either, "the author is my patient, and I've seen him make tremendous strides implementing his own plan," or preferably, "the author is no doctor, but his suggestions are founded upon current scientific research." What I read instead stopped me cold: "As I would tell my patients, all the food God made is good" (p. 7). Uh-oh.What I quickly discovered is that 1) author Dennis Pollock is an evangelist who hasn't tabled that particular vocation in order to write this seemingly unrelated book, and 2) of course the book is religious, it's published by Harvest House, a publisher of religious books. Shame on me for buying based solely on previous reviews and not vetting the publisher nor reading the author profile.So while some of the chapters hold helpful advice, especially for beginners, one also comes across passages like this (from the chapter titled, "Two or Three Witnesses"):"One of the Bible's principles says, 'By the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established.' Anything God seems to feel is worth saying, He says it more than once.

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