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Making And Mastering Wood Planes

The latest edition of this highly regarded instructional manual. See the great reader reviews posted for the previous editions. With this book and a weekend of your time you can make a plane and learn to use it effectively. You'll also discover a wealth of general woodworking tips and acquire a solid grounding in many fundamentals of fine woodworking. Now in its third printing, "Making and Mastering Wood Planes" by master craftsman David Finck is the definitive book in the field and a classic introduction to the art of fine woodworking. Reviews: ". . . the best book available on making and using Krenov-style wooden planes. Finck's advice on construction and planing techniques is a woodworking education in itself. He also provides excellent insights and instructions on tools, power-tool techniques, jigs and the theories underlying the process of planemaking. A clearly written and far-ranging treatise." -- Ellis Walentine Webmaster & Host, WoodCentral "Essential reading for anyone with an interest in handplanes. I wore out my first copy." -- Christopher Schwarz, Editor, "Popular Woodworking" and "Woodworking Magazine."

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Hickory Ridge Press; Revised Edition edition (2009)

ISBN-10: 061527353X

ISBN-13: 978-0615273532

Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 7.9 x 0.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (36 customer reviews)

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This would be the first book that I would recommend to somebody who was interested in hand woodworking tools.A tremendous book, buy it even if you just want to use a plane not build one. I have numerous planes that I have bought and some that my father had made. I thought I knew what I was doing before I got this book. In a couple of nights I had all my planes tuned up properly and sharpened correctly and the difference was astounding. The ability to teach using text and pictures is rare, David Finck has it in spades. This book is filled with information on using the tools to build a plane as well as how to build the plane itself. I join with the other reviewers, I can not recommend this book to highly.

I've read a lot of woodworking books, but next to Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking, this is the most practical primer for furniture building. The author covers almost every necessary skill from rip sawing to making router templates. His coverage of grinding, honing, planing and shaping may be more thoroughly covered in other books, but this is a welcome addition to a book about the oft-overlooked wood plane.Of course, what this book excels at is describing how to build a Krenov-style wooden plane which may be nearer a tool used by Romans 2000 years ago than our modern electric planes, but it finishes wood with unsurpassed efficiency and exactitude.The only two minor omissions are a Janka hardness listing of appropriate plane-making woods and a mention of Hock Tools as a plane iron option, in addition to the author's own firm. In fact, Hock sells a Krenov-style plane kit for those who are too busy or lazy to complete a first one unassisted.

I purchased this book directly from the Author, so my copy came signed.I am really amazed by this clearly written book. In less than 200 pages, with a modest list of tools, Finck details the process of wooden plane design and construction. He also covers the use and care of all the associated tools that go into the building, sharpening, and use of the planes. So many woodworking techniques and topics are covered that the text would make a great introduction and reference to wood working, while encouraging readers to make their own tools.Topics included are: Selecting, preparing, and properly marking stock, tuning up a bandsaw, grinding/sharpening of irons and chisels, making your own marking knives and plane hammers, clamping and glue-ups, workbench use, pinch dogs and shooting boards, scraper sharpening and use, and planing techniques for stock preparation and edge joining. The list goes on and on.I couldn't recommend it more.

I was very happy to see that this book is back in print! I have had a copy for a few years now, and am continually amazed at how much information it includes. It truly is a treasure, andone of the best books on planes and planemaking-indeed one of the best books about woodworking that I've everseen. David shares his consummate skill in woodworking, obvious care and attention to detail with the reader throughout. He is a great writer, and literally helps the reader with every step of making a plane. The author even includes how to quickly and effectively tune the power and hand tools used in plane making to ensure that the finished product will be an instrument capable of superlative results. He then proceeds to coach the reader in how to achieve these results while using the plane. I can't recommend the book highly enough; it is one of the greatest woodworking books available today. From sharpening, shop tips, blademaking, wood technology, to the making and improving of many shop tools, jigs and more, this book is a complete course in the creating and mastering of one(and several other) of the most important woodworking tools in the shop. You will absolutely become a better woodworker if you read this book- the author truly is a master!

I used to be a frustrated woodworker because I didn't have the room for a shop full of power tools. I took evening shop courses at the local community college where I could work for a small tuition fee. We shared the shop with students who were studying fine furniture building. Guess what I learned? Big plywood boxes are usually built using power tools, but the products of fine woodworking, including furniture and musical instruments are built with hand tools. You can be happier and do better work in a small shop using hand tools. Perhaps the the most important signature tool in your toolbox is your handplane. This book will teach you everything you need to know to build a better tool than you can buy. You can build planes for any special purpose. This book will change the way you think about woodworking.

This is a well written and detailed book on making hand planes. Not only does the author explain the process of making a wooden plane, but he also explains how to get standard shop tools to perform their best so each plane comes out the best that it can possibly be. It is important to know things like setting up tools because if the tool does not make an accurate cut, the resulting plane will not be accurate either. The author assumes you know nothing, and guides you through each and every step in the process leaving nothing out. An excellent book, and it will surely make a plane lover out of anyone.I had avoided hand planes for many years, and unfortunately it was in error. After having made a few wooden planes, and learning how to adjust them and use them, my opinion on the use of hand planes has completely reversed. Not only are hand planes easy to learn and use, many times they are faster and more efficient at removing a little material here and there than hauling out a power tool or sanding forever to accomplish the same thing. I think I really had to make one myself in order to get myself to use it, and now that I have, the experience has been well worth the small effort up front. My new wooden planes work better than the several old metal planes that have been sitting around the shop forever, and this is primarily because after making the wooden planes I tuned them to work the best that they could. The author explains all of these steps, and there is nothing better than a handmade plane that is perfectly tuned to remove material so thin you can read through it.

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