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Learn To Program With Minecraft Plugins: Create Flaming Cows In Java Using CanaryMod

The first edition of this book used the Bukkit modding server and library, which was taken down due to a legal dispute in September 2014. This new edition has been completely revised to replace Bukkit with the CanaryMod library.The bestselling, kid-tested book for Minecraft is now updated for CanaryMod! Write your own Minecraft plugins and watch your code come to life with flaming cows, flying creepers, teleportation, and interactivity. Add your own features to the Minecraft game by developing Java code that "plugs in" to the server. You'll manipulate and control elements in the 3D graphical game environment without having to write tons of code or learn huge frameworks. No previous programming experience necessary.Expand your Minecraft experience! You'll learn how to write Java code and build plugins for your own Minecraft servers using the popular Java programming language. This new edition has been completely revised to use the freely-available CanaryMod library.You'll create plugins that can change blocks from air to stone, or spawn cows and creepers. You'll write plugins that react to game events, and even schedule tasks that will run later in the game. Readers from age 9 to 99 will learn how to use variables and functions to build plugins that fling players into the sky, create flying creepers, and of course, shoot flaming cows.Along the way you'll learn real programming using Java, from classes, objects, and data structures (including arrays and hashes) to exception handling and threads. You'll even learn how to back up your code (and go back in time!) using Git, and run your own server at home or in the cloud. A progress bar shows you how far you've come in each chapter, and by the end of the book you'll be able to design and code your own plugins.Put your gaming to good use, and learn real programming skills today.What You Need:A modern PC running the Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux operating systems. The book explains how to download Java, the CanaryMod server and API, and all the tools you'll need.

Age Range: 9 and up

Paperback: 285 pages

Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf; 2 edition (November 8, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1941222943

ISBN-13: 978-1941222942

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.6 x 9.2 inches

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As I've been dragging this book about online and in real life and everyone who has seen/heard that I was reading it, EVERYONE, has the same question. How young can the user be? And it's a good question, and probably the one you have.The Answer, of course, isn't straight forward as kids differ, but as a mom I'd say that this book cannot be used by your average kid under 12 years of age UNLESS they have adult help. The reason I say this is because one of the first problems you're going to run across is whether your computer is going to be fast enough to run this software. The oldish HP I had in mind to host the server wasn't. So I'm waiting for parts from so I can upgrade it with a new harddrive, more memory, and a new processor. (And fan.)The other thing that might stymie kids is the language in the book. It's not highfalutin or anything but you do get sentences like:"To write programs in Java, you need something to writewith: some way of editing Java text files. While youcould use a bare-bones text editor like Notepad or TextEdit,that's a really painful way to do it."If your 8 year-old can read a book at this level and digest the information, you are probably good to go. Otherwise you are going to have to assist.With my own child who has the uneven --sometimes brilliant, sometime knucklehead-- mindset of a tween, I don't believe he has the 'big picture' to compose a program. He can however copy and paste the code that the author gives, but I'm not sure this is what I want.~NOTES-- There is a support forum, and a place where you can download all the source code from this book. I looked at the support forum and pretty much didn't see a community.

My 13-year-old has been playing Minecraft for years and got into computer programming last summer with a few simple programming camps. So I thought this book would be perfect for him, so that he's not just playing games but truly creating something.It took some time to get him started on it. I initially just handed it to him and said, "Go." I wanted to see whether he could do this on his own, to get a good test of how usable this book is for kids (for you, dear shoppers!). After asking him several times about his progress and getting "I can't set up the server" as a response, I sent my husband after him. Turns out you need to install BusyBox if you're running Windows, which took just a few minutes to set up. My son likes to just try to jump into things without fully reading the directions. Sigh. (You also need to install the Java programming language if you don't already have it.) The step-by-step process was described in detail, so I suspect my son was making excuses! I would recommend that you walk through the initial steps with your child to get them started. Once my husband did that, my son was off and running.The author says this book is intended for those with little to no programming experience, but I think if a child has never been exposed to command prompts or system set-ups, s/he'd have a harder time getting into it. I did some basic programming as a kid and am not into it enough to sit with my son to work through this, so make sure someone who has an interest is the one to do so with your child. Otherwise only the most motivated of kids will do this entirely independently. We have an administrator password on the computer to keep the kids from downloading files that could have viruses, so I do still periodically have to step in and allow access.

I bought this book by accident, not realizing that this is for CanaryMod, rather than Bukkit. I went ahead and ordered the first addition, so now I have both books. I didn't look very long, but the little I did look, this book is almost identical to what it teaches in the first book, aside from bukkit related stuff. So I'll leave my review I wrote for the first edition using bukkit.EDIT: If you're wondering which version to get, I suggest Bukkit. Since Bukkit is the more popular server/library, it is likely to contain a better toolbox/library, and will be more beneficial for production if you ever start releasing your plugins. How many users use CanaryMod servers vs Bukkit servers? The Answer is that Bukkit is by far the winning competitor.---------------------------------------------------------Before I get into this review, I want to make it clear that I am coming from a background in programming, I hold a degree and have over 2 years of Java experience.With Java being one of my favorite programming languages, and minecraft being one of my favorite games (Plus I already host my own bukkit server), I thought it would be fun to do some kind of modding for Minecraft. I have the skill, I just didn't know where to begin. This book, along with some tips on the internet, I was introduced to how to access the bukkit library and begin applying my java knowledge in an awesome way.I was able to go through this book grabbing the examples and rebuilding them into something more complex. For exampleThe "buildahouse" sample plugin. Right off the bat, looking at the method parameters, I seen there was "String[] args", this excited me, I know what this is and how to apply it.

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