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2006 International Plumbing Code -(International Plumbing Code)

The 2006 International Plumbing Codeaddresses the design and installation of plumbing systems through requirements that emphasize performance. Provisions are provided for fixtures, piping, fittings, and devices, as well as design and installation methods for water supply, sanitary drainage, and storm drainage. The code provides comprehensive minimum regulations for plumbing facilities using prescriptive- and performance-related provisions. The objectives of the code provide for the acceptance of new and innovative products, materials, and systems.

Ring-bound: 150 pages

Publisher: ICC (distributed by Cengage Learning); 1 edition (March 8, 2006)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1580012582

ISBN-13: 978-1580012584

Product Dimensions: 1.8 x 10.8 x 11.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds

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This "international plumbing code," is a poor substitute for your state or local municipality's plumbing code.Most states have created their own version of plumbing code with many, major municipalities adding restrictions at local levels.In a perfect world, "the" plumbing code would rigorously define a system of best practices - this "International," and most state's plumbing codes reflect insurance company interests in establishing a safe and reasonably, low level of liability.The "code" is written by attorney's in cooperation with plumbers, builders, supplier's of materials and various, other, self interest groups.It is vague, possesses no visual representations, poorly indexed, unreferenced and in many cases a hinderance to the adoption of new materials and design.It makes more sense to purchase a copy of your state or local municipality's plumbing code. In most cases, the local codes are available to everyone and are inexpensive. Periodic updates are usually available for a modest fee. The sad part is that most local codes also explain very little and are poor substitutes for books oriented towards plumbing system, design or repairs.Over the years I have witnessed countless, unworkable "do it yourself" implementations. In fact - many professionally plumbed, jobs also prove to be less than perfect. If you are planning a slab addition - do yourself a favor - and spend a few bucks on a mechanical engineer who will be more than happy to school you on the do's and don'ts. I admit that it looks simple - but don't be fooled. Plumbing is a hell of a lot more difficult than it may seem.Because there is no popular movement to make the code "more accessible -" we are stuck with it.It is what it is!

The editors or compiler's commentary is helpful. Some is a direct reiteration of the code text, which appears obvious. Overall, since I have only read specific sections, I can only speak about understanding sanitary drainage a bit better.

with 148, the book didn't really go into detail into why some of the codes were wrote certain ways. I've read many other code book and they offer explanation into why its a certain way. This book doesn't make the code relatable so its going to feel cold to read, just bare details.

Interesting the similarities between the last Virginia Plumbing Code and the first International Plumbing code, eh? It's not coincidence.It appears that the "International Code Council"... located in Virginia, no less... had a stroke of brilliance. They produced a gem of a name for their book- the "International" Plumbing Code. What? They using these codes in Mexico? Ecuador? France?A good name sells anything. This book is a ridiculous reduction of plumbing codes, stuffed into a few pages. It's obvious very few contemporary issues are addressed. Unfortunately, bureaucrats aren't plumbers... which is why several states have adopted it as their new gospel on plumbing, and the International Code Council's dreams are becoming reailty. I've had multiple discussions with individuals "just so excited that someone finally took up the task to umbrella "all" the plumbing codes into one national code... so we can all be on the same page now... like the National Electrical Code!"Absolutely hysterical

It's gripping from cover to cover and definitely a must read... If you like reading technical manuals for fun this is the reading material for you...

Lots of illustrations and very helpful explanations! The commentary is written in a way that makes the code much more comprehensible.

This book shipped on time and as exactly as described. Not much more I can say about this book than what has already been said.

The book came on time and was in outstanding codition! I will weork with this company again!!

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