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Why Your Child Is Hyperactive: The Bestselling Book On How ADHD Is Caused By Artificial Food Flavors And Colors

Contains detailed information by the doctor who first reported that hyperactivity in children is often caused by artificial food coloring and food flavoring. Includes the Feingold diet and how it should be applied.

Paperback: 228 pages

Publisher: Random House (February 12, 1985)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0394734262

ISBN-13: 978-0394734262

Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches

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My son was diagnosed with ADD/Autism at age nine and put on ritalin. The drug helped, but my son's pediatrician was planning to put him on stronger medication which had serious side effects. I wanted to try something different and happened to see Dr. Feingold on a television program. I decided we had nothing to lose and bought the book.The results were stunning! Not only was my son extremely cooperative about this diet because he felt better, but I watched as my son was transformed in a matter of weeks from an uncommunitive child into a child where the world was full of wonder. I cried the day he noticed trees in our yard -- he could not see them through the window from inside, he told me. And then there was the day he came inside in wonder because of the individual snowflakes he could see on his coat sleeve.When I asked him what snow looked like to him before that, he told me falling snow looked like sheets whipping on the line in the wind.I cried that day as well.My son discovered television -- he had not been able to concentrate on any programs before -- he began to have friends and to play and to get into mischief. Further, the doctor was amazed at the improvements when Jon was retested. When I told the doctor it wasn't the medication he prescribed for the change, but the Feingold diet, the pediatrician went out and bought a copy.I continue to tell people about this book and my son. It is easily understood and well written. Further, Dr. Feingold explains his research and findings. It was one of the best finds I ever read and highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for answers and solutions for their child's behavior and learning problems.

Dr. Feingold's book saved my sanity in 1985 through this book! My daughter who was absolutely unable to follow directions, or listen for more than one minute is just the beginning of descibing her challanging behavior before applying this book to her life! She was so hyperactive it meant a day of running around in circles, running up a wall, jumping off of furniture, absolutely "crazy" actions constantly. Our lives with her were sheer he--: trying to go out in public, attend religious events, visit friends/relatives, go to the park or groucery store meant an exhausting, unpleasant experience! I had taken her to a nutrionist, allergist, & psychiatrist to find an anwer and help. No specialist was able to help. I bought this book figuring that we were running out of hope; let's try it. I read this book and began following Dr. Feingold's methods exactly as he writes. Within four days my daughter's behavior changed into a normal functioning small child. My mother came to visit us on the fourth day of the Feingold Diet and was upset thinking that I had heavily medicated my daughter because her behavior was totally normal for a child her age!!!!! I explained what I did: exliminating all foods and starting fresh from scratch and slowly reintroducing foods. My daughter has NEVER been medicated for hyperactivity or any behavior disorder. We only fed her what was well tolerated. THIS BOOK IS A MIRACLE TO OUR LIVES!!!!!!! From 1985 to today has been a wonderful experience with my daughter!!!!!! She has been very successful in school (including college), sports, popular, and a pleasure to be around!!!!! This is the complete truth. I hope that other parents will take the time to get the book for the child who is "uncontrollabe, hyperactive, or unfocused" and follow it!

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