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The Composting Toilet System Book: A Practical Guide To Choosing, Planning And Maintaining Composting Toilet Systems, A Water-Saving, Pollution-Preven

From systems for cottages to year-round systems with micro-flush toilets and graywater gardens, the wide range of ecological recycling toilet options are featured in The Composting Toilet System Book. More than 40 systems—including those you can buy and those you can build—are featured. Composting toilet systems and other ecological wastewater management methods are increasingly installed in both seasonal and year-round homes, as municipalities require systems that won't pollute the environment and drinking water. This book details why—and how to choose, install and maintain them. You'll also find profiles of owner-operators worldwide, regulatory information for every state, compatible toilet stools (waterless, micro-flush, foam- and vacuum-flush and urine-diverting), a chapter on graywater systems, information about health risks and handling, and sources for many off-the-shelf and DIY designs. [IMPORTANT NOTE: This book is written to be regulator friendly to make getting local permits for a system easier.] If you are seeking to install a system that meets state codes or if you are simply seeking to make your own system, this book is for you. Stop polluting and start recycling and saving water today!

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: Ecowaters Books (May 2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0966678303

ISBN-13: 978-0966678307

Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches

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After reading a couple of books about composting toilets and graywater systems that were either suspiciously poetic or a little too humorous, I was happy to find this book.As someone who needs a variety of systems for a variety of high-use sites, I was glad to find a book that deals with this topic in technically and responsibly (in terms of public health). I showed this book to my local health agent, and he was far more amenable to permiting an "experimental system" afterwards, saving me a lot of money.Also, after experimenting with various systems over the years, I am aware that some systems still described in books and magazines just don't work well. The authors of this book have apparently had the same experience, and I appreciate their researching this so completely.

Del Porto's book is the definitive composting toilet book at this time. There is nothing even close. His book covers all aspects of composting toilet systems and touches on graywater issues as well. He treats the composting toilet as part of the home system. If a person is seriously interested in installing/having a composting toilet, this book can save him/her all of the mistakes people usually make. He even (carefully) explodes some of the advertising myths that the purveyors of composting toilets would have us believe. The book covers ready-made systems as well as home built sytems. As trite as this sounds, the book truly is a must for someone considering intstalling composting toilet.

I would venture that the authors have forgotten more about toilets than most of the rest of us will ever know. There is no possible toilet configuration that does not receive at least cursory discussion. I only have 2 complaints about the book, both of them minor. First there were a couple of systems that I felt were described incompletely and critiqued a bit unfairly. Second, much of the book seemed to be a compilation of other writings without a lot of editing. Consequently there is significant repetition, and a presentation of information that is sometimes slightly disorganized and confusing.I definitely think that the book is worth reading.

This book was well worth the wait. Whether you want to buy a system, or build one, if it's not covered in this book, then chances are it doesn't exist. It covers wet and dry toilets, self-contained composters and also cental units. What I like about this book is that it discusses the pros and cons of each type of design in a very straight forward manner. The authors did a very nice job on this book. If you ever plan on, or are even thinking about a compost toilet system, buy this one now. I leave my copy on my coffee table for guests, it always stirs up a conversation. No sh_t....

The Composting Toilet System Book is an impressive, comprehensive, reader friendly, and practical guide to choosing, planning and maintaining composting toilet systems for those seeking an alternative to traditional sewer and septic tank systems. David Del Porto and Carol Steinfeld collaborate to explain the technologies, sources, applications, graywater issues, and regulations relevant to a composting toilet system for the home, whether manufactured or site-built. Highly recommended.

The authors are brainiacs and scientists, so the book will even provide you with the chemical composition of poop and pee. It's an amazing compendium of info on the subject, probably the last word. However, I felt that in describing every type of system, they seemed not to provide me with what I wanted most, which was to learn which would be the best, easiest, cheapest system. Of course I realize different people have different spaces, needs, and climate so there is not one size fits all. There is also something that I don't hear many people talking about, which is the proper excreting position of squatting. An advance toilet for modern folks would be worked out for squatting. Yet not only are all the toilets shown in this book traditional with regular Western toilet seats, but most of them are toilet seats placed over bulky boxes (the Sun Mar design is the worst) that causes ones legs to have to splay forward like a toddler sitting on an overstuffed chair. Excellent book! I just wanted some more definitive final solutions.

It is a little dated but we were shopping for a composting toilet and found this book to be very helpful in doing our research. The section reviewing the commercially produced toilets was very helpful.

A must read for anyone looking to dump the flush! Lots of handy insites plus many "overseas" illistrations that "kind of" apply. Not for the faint of character (or stomach). We are looking towards a composting toilet system SOON.

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