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Bonsai (101 Essential Tips)

Breaks down key information on cultivating bonsai into 101 easy-to-grasp tips and gives quick answers to all your questions.

Series: 101 Essential Tips

Paperback: 72 pages

Publisher: DK; 1st edition (September 8, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0789496879

ISBN-13: 978-0789496874

Product Dimensions: 4.9 x 0.2 x 6.9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (557 customer reviews)

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Before I picked up this simple little Tome, I knew absolutely nothing about bonsai. I was studying eastern cultures and thought to myself, "Hey, I'm bored. I'll bet that this could be an interesting side diversion." I did a quick search on , and decided this book looked the most concise. It is very reasonably priced, who can't spare a meager $5 to decide if a new activity interests you? The book is very clear and has many helpful full color pictures. I believe that all topics essential to Bonsai are covered: potting, trimming, shaping, wiring, feeding, watering. It even explains the basics of more advanced bonsai techniques: growing the roots onto rock, intricate hanging patterns. A complete list of equipment if provided for the `real' bonsai gardener, but I made due with tools that I had lying around the house. After 15 minutes with the book, you've probably absorbed the majority of the information, and you can get started. I think the total cost to get me started was something like: $5 Book, $4 Juniper, $3 Pot. So I'm out $12.00 and a few hours of time before I decide if I enjoy this hobby or not. My cheap little bonsai is six months old now, and it looks just as nice as any picture I can find in the book. So unless you are planning on making bonsai your life's work, 101 Essential Tips is probably the only book you will ever need.

I am just starting out in this hobby. I went to the bookstore and looked at many books before picking this one out. Most were priced at twenty dollars or more and I just didn't want to spend that much for something I was just getting into. I checked out several books from the library and read them, including another larger book by the same author. After reading them, I looked through this one and felt that most of the really important info in the larger books was in this one as well with less words and pictures. I am really happy with this book. The photos are clear and informative, and the information is just what I need to get started. Sometimes when starting out, it is better not to get too bogged down in details or you will never dive in. I think this book is just the thing to get a beginner started without making the whole bonsai thing seem out of reach and demanding. Eventually, I can see I will want a guide with more info on individual plants and their care, but this will get me started, and at a great price.

If you like Bonsai, or received one as a gift, this is the book to get. Filled with 101 (literally) facts and tips, it is concise, streamlined and offers excellent pictures.All critical areas are covered in the book: potting, trimming, shaping, wiring, feeding, watering (the most important perhaps!). If you want to take a crack at an advanced level of Bonsai care, it even guides and discusses growing the roots onto rock, and hanging patterns. There's also a few great tips that clears up the confusion about what sort of tools you *really* need.This is a MUST to add to your Bonsai book collection.

This very affordable, essential reference for beginners covers all the basics of bonsai cultivation in a broad range of topics, without ever turning too technical for the reader. The well-organized, thoroughly indexed and concise information is presented in handy tips, easy-to-remember answers to frequently asked questions, and step-by-step expert advice with detailed explanations that include topics like:*Starting a bonsai*Design principles*Bonsai styles and displays according to the seasons*Useful tools*How to create a bonsai step-by-step*Caring for and propagating bonsai*Bonsai species and arrangementsThe key information and direct-to-the-point explanations contained in this handbook are accompanied with more than 250 full-color photos and illustrations, which perfectly depict the points being made and make this volume visually enjoyable. And with a binding perfectly suited for constant browsing and repeated check-ups, you are sure to come back to it again and again.The one thing missing from this volume is a glossary for common terms, but overall, the nuggets of helpful information presented here are a great value for their price. This is a must-buy for beginners and would-be bonsai hobbyists who want a simple and easy to follow guide with instructions that can be instantly absorbed.--Reviewed by M. E. Volmar

I think this is a good summary of a great deal of info on bonsai, but not enough for someone really learning, more of a pocket guide (perhaps a good gift for someone who MIGHT like bonsai). It is a condensed version (very condensed) of Tomlinson's excellent book "Complete book of Bonsai". I suggest you buy a more complete book first, then get this if you need one for a backpack (say on expedition to collect trees for your bonsai). This small version will help you remember what you have already read in detail. Also, before you buy anything, don't miss Amy Liang's "The Living Art of Bonsai: Principles & Techniques of Cultivation & Propagation" which has the most beautiful full color full page photos, and perhaps the most in depth knowledge I have seen yet on Bonsai. Truly a gorgeous book, worth having for the artistic side alone, for a coffee table. Happy pruning X% :)

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