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Anti-Inflammatory Diet: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Eliminate Body Pain And Restore Your Overall Health By Eating Foods Designed For You (Anti-Inflammatory ... Pain Free, Anti-Inflammatory Recipies)

Discover How To Eliminate Body Pain and Restore Your Overall Health By Eating Foods Designed For YouThe stressful lifestyle of the modern today not only robs us of our chance of living a happy and fulfilled life, but it also makes us take a poor care of ourselves and leave the door open for the diseases to swoop in. Have you ever wondered about why the majority of us are so out of condition? Neglecting our needs as human beings results with nothing more, but our own defeat. How many times have you said to yourself “I am sure it is fine” when you faced some health-concerning issue? Can you really be sure that that sharp pain you just felt is nothing but a false alarm? Of course you can’t. Then, what should you do? Should you just accept the fact that your busy daily schedules have made you a bundle of nerves, and go on popping pills just to ease the pain and carry on with your activities? Well, yes, if you aim for a life shorter by many years. But since many of us dream of a healthy retirement let me just stop you right there and ask you one thing “What are you waiting for?”. It is time to seek guidance and pull your health problems by the root – the inflammation.And since every condition is mainly treated with an ANTIdote (see how I’ve put an accent on this powerful prefix), the only way you can eradicate inflammation is by welcoming an ANTI-inflammatory diet. Still not convinced? Well, go on and read this book to see what an untreated inflammation can result in, why you should choose the anti-inflammatory diet, what you should eat and what belongs in the trash can, and many more reasons that will finally open your eyes. After all, you know how they say ‘an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure’.Here Is The Overview Of The Lessons You Will LearnWhat Causes Inflammation?How To Recognize It?Health Concerning RisksThe Top 12 TriggersThe Importance of Anti-Inflammatory DietThe Shopping ListAnti-Inflammatory Diet PlanAnd Much More..Take charge and get rid of those body pain!

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This is an excellent guide to healthy eating for healthier living and longer life. It is not a weight loss formula, but provides practical advice that can solve many health problems. It is based on the premise that many health problems result from inflammation caused by how most of us live these days. The inflammation has multiple negative consequences that can be reversed with an anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to stress and to the toxins present in the food we eat and the environment we live in. The resulting inflammation may cause autoimmune diseases, premature aging, hypertension, chronic pain, allergies, and other symptoms. It also increases the risk of serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The author contends that unhealthy foods are the primary culprit, identifies a dozen top inflammation triggers (for example, sugar, trans fats, MSG, meat, alcohol), and offers a shopping list of healthy foods that will not cause inflammation (for example, dark leafy greens, tea, extra-virgin olive oil, blueberries, fatty fish). The book also includes several detailed recipes for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Good thing that I bought this book because it gave me very useful information regarding anti-inflammatory diet.I didn't know that I am doing it wrong for such a long time, peeling fruits and vegetables. I thought I need to do it until I read this book. Nutrients are actually found in the peel. This is such a very informative books about help.I like the bonus recipes in here.

The best and reliable way to fight inflammation is to do it naturally. One way you can do that is by making some changes in your lifestyle. Diet is one of the factors why an individual suffers from inflammation. The book points out some of the leading cause of inflammation such as sugar, MSG, Alcohol, fat, and others. The book also offers a list of foods that can help you prevent inflammation. It also has a list of recipes you can follow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This book is definitely worth the read to enrich your knowledge on how to combat inflammation through your diet.

I believe this book is perfect for me. I get stressed a lot in work and I tend to eat unhealthy meals like fast foods or junk foods. After reading this guide book I felt the need to change my diet and eat more healthy. the recipes seems good and easy to prepare. I would definitely try this.

This is a must read for anyone wishing to be healthy. Never knew that food can cause so much damage. I just knew that it was about not eating too much sugar and too much fat but its more than that. Who would have thought that you can take a close look at anti inflammatory diet and protect your health. I will certainly be heading to the new information and choosing food that is anti inflammatory in nature.

This book is great as a beginners guide on anti-inflammatory diet. The book covers adequate information on inflammation itself. It provides readers such as me an insight of what causes inflammation, especially the 12 triggers, health concerns and identifying it. The good thing that this book has is laying down a 7-days diet plan; steps are easy to follow.

This is an impressive resource, Douglas has clearly highlighted the causes of this annoyingly painful condition and like most body issue, it originates from what you put in your mouth. While it may not be obvious to some our diet is the main factor in keeping us either healthy or unwell. In this helpful resource specific foods are highlighted that have anti inflammatory properties. Recipes are also included, I have made a handful and all of them have tasted amazing and it makes me feel good because I know I'm being healthy.

This is an excellent guide and offers a well of information on a crucial subject: DIET. What we put into our bodies will affect how we feel. Inflammation caused by eating foods you don't handle well can be detrimental. On the positive side you can choose to eat things that do the opposite! I'm happy to see a book that deals with this subject in a well written manner and also offers the reader many different alternatives. If you don't like one food there are so many others you can try! Eat healthy to stay healthy.

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