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Guide To Owning A Bengal Cat

Bengals are affectionate, alert cats with exquisite coats. This book will explain how to care for your Bengal, including feeding, grooming, health, and seleting. You'll also learn about the history and breed standard.

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You need to buy this book regardless if you already own a Bengal, or are planning on purchasing one. The author Jean Mill of Millwood Bengals studied genetics at the University level and was the founder of the Bengal breed.The negative reviews that are on about this book are obviously from uneducated and or envious people. Jean Mill created and developed the Bengal breed to give today's modern society an absolutely unique domestic cat that retains the appearance and luxuriously soft feel of a leopard's coat. This text will take you on an interesting journey through pictures and prose on how Jean Mill evolved the Asian jungles Leopard cat into a Bengal cat.Moreover, the joy that you will receive from basking your eyes with the beauty along with the sensual softness, and interacting with the gentle personality and extreme intelligence of a Millwood Bengal absolutely has no peers...

As a breeder I must recommend offline reading to many enthusiasts and prospective owners of Bengals. Jean's book does not misinform readers but also does little to offer up real detailed information that readers are looking for. Gene Ducote's book at and Dan Rice's book here at offer the expansive details that Bengal lovers truly desire. This book is primarily a photo op for breeders. I'm not jealous or hurt; I'm calling it like it is a pictorial of Bengals from fine breeders. Yet the web has plenty of Bengal photos to choose from already. You can even get video at Only buy this book if you must own every Bengal book in print.I won't leave my name because there is plenty of animosity among breeders regardless of constructive criticism such as this.

I expected a better book from the woman who created and promoted this wonderful breed! It is a very basic book more appropriate for someone considering a Bengal as a pet rather than for someone who already owns one. Very superficial coverage of the topics covered in this book. Most of the pictures in this book were provided from the same people over and over so there was not a lot of variety. 2 different photos actually show cats with a leash AROUND the neck of the cat which is very dangerous. Further, many of the cats pictured in the book were not very close to the breed standard and could therefore be misleading if a potential buyer where to use these pictures as a guideline for buying. Many of the photos don't do this breed justice. One cat, for example, was featured both on the cover and on the title page, and had the dirtiest ears! This is no testament to proper cat care and who was the editor anyway! The only thing that I did really like about this book was the "foto-glaze" that coated all the pictures making them look realistic and rich. Overall, I'm sorry to say, I would not recommend this book to anyone.

This book was somewhat disappointing. Since it was written by the founder of the breed, I expected so much more. Many of the cats pictured in this book are outdated. The book does not give good examples of how far the breed has progressed. While 99.9% of the text information was accurate, informative, and very helpful, there was one false statement that really stuck with me. Ms. Mill claims that bengals are prone to parasites more than other breeds. This is medically impossible. Cats of any breed (including mixed breeds) can get internal parasites based on environmental factors such as how well the owner cleans the litter boxes, the geographical area, the diligence with which the owner seeks treatment, etc.. Bengals are no more "prone" to parasites than any other breed.

This book wowed me!I had read some negative reviews about it before but decided to order it anyways.I don't know what those people were talking about because this book IS amazing!First off it has high quality color photographs on every page!Second off,the author is and has been a Bengal owner and breeder for years and really knows first hand what she is talking about.She tells you the basics along with what she has learned.VERY imformative on the Bengal breed!My book of choice.

This book is geared for the beginner Bengal owner. Jean gives an overview of the breed and what to expect of a Bengal. Color photos depict various stages the kittens' coats go through- something I haven't seen in any other book, which is good to refer to as your kitten goes through the "fuzzies" and you begin to feel that he'll never have a nice coat. Photos of Bengals in various situations walking on leash and with children give an excellent pictorial view of the wonderful nature of the cat. A must for any new Bengal owner.

The book is worth purchasing for the stunning photography itself. There are some tips and helpful information, but I've found more detailed information from breeders websites. Books on Bengals are not available as yet in Australia, so not sure how this compares to others, but I doubt breeders nor people wishing to show their cat would learn more than what they already know from this book. Recommended to the pet buyer who wants some basic info on habits, care, growth stages and beautiful photos of a range of Bengal coat patterns.

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