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New Choices In Natural Healing For Dogs & Cats

Over 1,000 at-home remedies for your pet's problems.Herbs * Acupressure * Massage * Homeopathy * Flower essences * Natural diets * Healing energyFinally, a vet-approved, authoritative guide to homeopathy, supplements, and hundreds of other new choices for keeping dogs and cats healthy! Strengthen joints and repair cartilage with this all-natural enzyme (page 114).Push the "aspirin" point for instant pain relief (page 135).Stop behavior problems like barking with a flower essence (page 150).Herbs that fortify immunity and can help prevent cancer (page 178).Eliminate swelling with this powerful nutrient (page 233).A one-week plan to get rid of fleas-- without harmful chemicals (page 263). Discover for yourself how the country's top holistic veterinarians treat their pets without using drugs...and how you can do it, too!

Paperback: 480 pages

Publisher: Rodale Books; 3rd,Reprint edition (July 13, 2001)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1579544614

ISBN-13: 978-1579544614

Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 9.1 x 1 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (36 customer reviews)

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Similar in format to Martin Zucker's "Veterinarians Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs/Cats," this book is a worthwhile choice for anyone wanting to take greater responsibility for their animal's health. Those who have been into natural rearing for a while will not find much new information here, but I recommend it highly to anyone just beginning to get interested in holistic health care for animals. The book is divided into three parts. Part one explains the difference between holistic and allopathic health care and explains what to expect when consulting a holistic veterinarian. Part two provides a brief overview of a variety of natural therapies including acupressure, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, massage and therapeutic touch, flower remedies, herbs, and homeopathy. There's also a chapter on nutrition and while natural homeprepared diets are recommended, not enough details are provided to enable the pet owner to formulate a balanced homemade diet. What's unusual for a holistic pet care book is that the controversial but very important issue of vaccinations is barely mentioned at all. Part three, the main section of the book, is an A-Z guide to over 100 canine and feline ailments from acne and aggression to worms and wounds. Each entry briefly describes the signs/symptoms of the ailment, the cause, and the possible solutions. Don't expect in-depth treatment plans here (for instance, the book doesn't even mention that alternative heartworm treatments exist); just simple, natural home remedies. Alternative medicine success stories can be found throughout the text and there's also an alternative healing resource guide in the back.

Amy Shojai's new book, "New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats," (Rodale Press)...has already helped our two shepherds cope with some troublesome health problems. Every time I try to put it back on the pet care section of book case, out it comes again - ready to answer some new problem. If you haven't read it, please take a look at the book. It's arranged beautifully and it gives lots of options for every problem so if one solution isn't right or isn't comfortable for you, there are other options to try to help your pet yourself. At the start of each entry in the section on how to handle various problems, she explains what a conventional vet would do and why -- that's a big help because you can decide, before you go to the vet, whether you're willing to go along with a procedure like that. If cortisone, for example, would be recommended by a conventional vet and you don't want your kitty to have cortisone unless there's no other choice, you can look here to see what else you could try instead. And, best of all, Amy also tells you when it's time to take you pet to the vet. (No more wondering and worrying -- is this normal? should I call the doctor? or give it a little more time? is this a serious symptom or just a minor blip?) I can't recommend this book too highly. Hope you all don't mind my jumping up on the "Yay, Amy!" soapbox, but this is one gem that really deserves cheers.-- Peggy Noonan, a magazine health and science writer who lives in Colorado

I am in the process of learning about holistic health care for my 2 lhasa apsos and have recently purchased a few books on the subject. I started one book and set it aside to finish later. I picked up "New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats" and couldn't put it down until I was finished! I was so impressed with the layout of such a large amount of information. This book is chock-full of great information and it is presented in a terrific format giving the read first the "The Signs" of the condition, then "The Cause" and the "The Solutions". The solutions can be numerous with the author offering different suggestions and not seeming to be biased towards any one particular holistic remedy. Directions are very clear, concise, and easily understood. Some choices mentioned are natural diet (which seems to be the first and obvious step towards better health care for an animal), natural supplements, herbal remedies, vitamins, aroma-therapy, magnet therapy, accupressure with diagrams shown, and of course, recommendations to call your vet to assist in dosage. Although you feel there is alot to learn, the information is broken down so well, it is easy to retain alot of what you read in the first go around with this book. I am sure I will be picking it up time and time again while working to get my dogs in the best possible health. Also included are some behavior problems. I guarantee you will learn some new and valuable information!

Yesterday I picked up "New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats" and I have to say that is the best pet care book I have ever read! And I have bought over 35 pet books in the past year. I was up until 2:00 a.m. last night reading your book, it is exceptional and I will recommend it to many of my friends and the vets in my area and I plan on purchasing additional copies as gifts.

This is a must-have for any pet-owner who wants to help their pet and save a bit on vet bills. It's very helpful and it's incredibly easy to find what you need. It's a great beginner's book and excellent for pet owners to keep on hand to aid them with alleviating/curing minor ailments in their pets. It's not meant to "fix" every single issue with your pet, nor should it be used as such, but it's an excellent book for any pet owner. It's also not meant for those who are more "advanced" and knowledgeable. I highly recommend it and think it is a good addition to the library.

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