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The Cat Whisperer: The Secret Of How To Talk To Your Cat

Britain's leading veterinary journalist and cat expert shares her advice and experience with cat owners on both sides of the Atlantic, as she describes how to bond with a pet feline. Claire Bessant begins by explaining how cats function as cats, describing their likes, their dislikes, and their instinctive behavior. Armed with this knowledge, cat owners facing behavior problems can determine why a problem exists and decide how to solve it. A most fascinating topic that Claire Bessant explores in detail is her method of entering a cat's world through its senses—sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste, and that indefinable feline sixth sense. Readers will also find information on cat vocal and body language, feline traits determined by genetics, ways of measuring feline intelligence, training techniques, and much more. The book's final 50-page chapter is an A-to-Z compendium of cat behavior problems and their solutions. This must-read volume for cat lovers includes an eight-page insert of beautiful full-color photos.

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series; 1 edition (May 1, 2002)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0764121650

ISBN-13: 978-0764121654

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.1 x 0.4 inches

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Claire Bessant, a British expert on cats, tells us that the intelligence of cats ranks up there with dolphins and primates. I agree. If a cat resides in your home, you learn quickly that communication with the cat is a two-way street. You communicate with the cat via words that the cat quickly picks up, and the cat communicates with you by sound and body language that sometimes takes a poor human considerable time to understand. That is why we need a book such as this one by Claire Bessant. Usually, while you are trying unsuccessfully to train the cat, that calculating cat is busily training you for maximum cat security and comfort. Bessant explains the basis for cat behavior and shows how body language aids vocal sounds in telling you what the cat wants to tell you. Her background information goes a long way toward helping you communicate with and understand a highly intelligent creature. I found this well-written book to be informative and entertaining.

I just brought home my first cat in 20 years, and find this book an excellent primer in getting to know this little creature & appreciate it as a friend. The book is identical to her other book titled "How to Talk to Your Cat", so no need to buy both. The book is not written in an 'owner manual' style, but rather as a long essay where the author dispenses her sage advice. All the author is doing in this book is tying together modern theory to explain what a cat is, & why it does what it does, so we can better appreciate it & have more fruitful interactions with it. Some people may prefer a more systematic & technical approach; it is all personal preference. But I agree, the title is very misleading & a slick marketing ploy.

This is one of those books that sounded a lot better in concept than it actually turned out to be... The Cat Whisperer: The Secret of How to Talk to Your Cat by Claire Bessant. It's not that there wasn't anything of value here. It's just that expectations were set a bit too high when I checked it out from the library...Contents:A Different World; Cat Talk; Living With Your Cat; Exploring The Relationship; Cat Characters; Intelligence and Training; A to Z of Problems and SolutionsIf you already have a cat that you're getting along with, there's little in here that will rock your world. The author covers the history of cats, the basics of how they communicate, the indications you can observe on how they might be feeling, and general tips and tricks on living with your feline companion. As with all situations where you're on the outside looking in, it's completely impossible to tell exactly how accurate some of the "your cat is thinking this" advice is. But overall, her observations seem to be reasonable.I think where I had the most problem was with the title and the expectation it set. Any title with "whisperer" in it denotes some special ability to communicate with an animal that generally defies a deep bond. Add "The Secret Of How To Talk To Your Cat" as a subtitle, and I start expecting the ability to carry on conversations. I really didn't find that here. Outside of picking up on feline body language, I didn't think there was anything "secret" to be had here.Since it's a short book, it's an OK read if you haven't spent any time thinking about how your cat may think. But don't think you're going to become the next Cesar Millan and launch your own Cat Whisperer series on TV. It's not going to happen with this book.Disclosure:Obtained From: LibraryPayment: Borrowed

I've read dozens of cat books in the last few years, and frankly I just thought this one was a waste of money. There is no new info here, no new point of view, nothing that isn't available in a dozen other cat books, and better written at that. Someone who picked up "Cats For Dummies" would get more plentiful, useful information.

Author a veterinarian and cat lover! Another great book, for a great price at ! Bought for another cat lover on my Christmas list. Very informative book about cats.Highly recommended for cat lovers!

I'm a professional cat person --a Lost Cat Finder actually-- so I've studied cat behavior in detail. It's my job to know how cats think and what they'll do and how they hide when lost. Someone recommended this book to me (Jackson Galaxy maybe?) and it was hard to find. The title made me think, "Ugh, another self-proclaimed Cat Whisperer" and the cute photo kind of put me off, but DANG I am so glad I got this book.Ms Bessant has taught be about 23 aspects about cats even I did not know, and a few I want to add to MY book ("How to Find a Lost Cat"). I was so impressed right from the first chapter, that I started pink bookmarking the points I either did not know or want to add to my book. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how many tags there are. Almost all my reading now is for my cat detective work, so I want to know everything there is to know to help get lost cats found. Amazing how knowing which cat's posture in a fight signifies aggressor (not what you'd think) for example.So glad I bought and read this book--it's made me even better at my job.Hats off to you, Claire Bessant! I wish I could find you online to personally thank you.

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