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Opium For The Masses: Harvesting Nature's Best Pain Medication

"Contrary to general belief, there is no federal law against growing P. somniferum."—Martha Stewart Living"Regarded as 'God's own medicine,' preparations of opium were as common in the Victorian medicine cabinet as aspirin is in ours. As late as 1915, pamphlets issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture were still mentioning opium poppies as a good cash crop for northern farmers. Well into this century, Russian, Greek, and Arab immigrants in America have used poppy-head tea as a mild sedative and a remedy for headaches, muscle pain, cough, and diarrhea. During the Civil War, gardeners in the South were encouraged to plant opium for the war effort, in order to ensure a supply of painkillers for the Confederate Army. What Hogshire has done is to excavate this vernacular knowledge and then publish it to the world—in how-to form, with recipes."— Michael PollanFirst published fifteen years ago, Opium for the Masses instantly became a national phenomenon. Michael Pollan wrote a lengthy feature ("Opium, made easy") about Jim Hogshire in Harper’s Magazine, amazed that the common plant, P. somniferum, or opium poppies, which grows wild in many states and is available at crafts and hobby stores and nurseries, could also be made into a drinkable tea that acts in a way similar to codeine or Vicodin.With Opium for the Masses as their guide, Americans can learn how to supplement their own medicine chest with natural and legal pain medicine, without costly and difficult trips to the doctor and pharmacy.

Paperback: 172 pages

Publisher: Feral House; Not Stated edition (October 1, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1932595465

ISBN-13: 978-1932595468

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Its sort of a catch 22. The title caught my attention and I am into natural medicine options. Pain relief is something that is regulated and we average citizens only access to those things is through an expensive medical industry that that nobody can afford unless they have health insurance and often medications are also expensive and over priced.This book has a lot of history regarding creating natural pain methods that have been used prior to your rights and freedoms being legislated away that human beings have enjoyed since before recorded history.We have to keep in mind all the laws and regulations are very "new" on the historic time line. The fact is more and more average people are finding themselves without access to health care at a cost that is reasonable or affordable. Information like this could be valuable to anyone who practices natural medicine.Like anything, the information in this book could be abused and after reading this book and understanding this type of natural medicine and its history, how people get addicted and why - has empowered me to be a better patient and that knowledge ensures that I can fact check my treatment outlines and prescriptions properly so I don't end up needing more treatment because of some doctor not fully understanding the medications being utilized and their long term effects.I feel like I have reclaimed what use to be common knowledge for all human beings to have. I'm not into "drugs" or drug abuse, though anyone who is would (laugh), this would be a must have for their book shelf.This book sits next to other books like "Plant Medicine" and similar titles.

I found this book to be an excellent resource and read! I purchased the 'kindle' version and highly recomend it to anyone intersted in poppies and the different products derived from this genuine panacea. On this subject, it is likely, the only book an opium enthusiast needs. A 'must have' part of ones personal library!

Depending upon what you're expecting, this is a good book. This is not a chemistry book so if you're looking for detailed explanations of how to turn raw opium into it's more refined alkaloids, look elsewhere. The book does explain how to milk the the opium from the bulb and other ways to extract it. If you're an info and history buff, as I am, you'll enjoy it. Lots on the historical uses and users. Some of the pasts users may surprise you, many will not. Fairly short, very easy to read.

I bought this book because some friends and I were joking about opium and I decided I wanted to learn more about it. While I don't think I will ever produce opium for recreational or medicinal use, the book has renewed my interest in poppies as a colourful, beautiful flower that come in a huge variety of forms.The book is informative on the nature of opium and poppy products and many of the important opiate alkaloids found within. The book goes on to describe other products of poppies, morphine to heroin for instance, but this was of less interest to me. My main concern was actually the flower and its direct products, rather than products of its products and etc.I wish it was more detailed on the actual plant biology aspect, outside of opiates, but I understand that Hogshire is not a botanist and is not as interested in such things as the details of the roots or the poppy seed capsule's exact design. So I cannot blame him for not going in depth.I do however appreciate the brief history given of poppies, opium, and the United States' take on the flowers. This I thought was a pleasant, and interesting, addition to the book.

An excellent book that examines historical uses, changes in attitudes over the past 100 year, legal issues, pharmacological "advances", cultivation, and preparation for use. Well done and thorough.

This book has a fascinating, even forbidden tone to it. It is amazing that a plant which grows from a tiny seed and produces such a valuable product is veiled in mystery and deliberate mis-information. This book is a fairly easy read, unless you are concerned with the later chapters which include technical and chemical details. It has valuable information for both the general reader and the person looking for specific knowledge. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the topic, whether for simple knowledge or specific tips.

Great book with the history of the use. I more or less look at this sort of stuff in case SHTF. I like to know I have some sort of back up in case there are no doctors. Super easy read and worth learning about for yourself.

I had heard about this book, and it was all THAT and more! It's a shame that those "in charge" can keep a population from the truth, & for some, a very important irreplaceable medicine. They deny & stigmatize those in dire need of this medicine. A medicine grown naturally, in the wild, basically a gift from the heavens. A plant that can be easily cultivated and ease the suffering of so many. It's sad because of a few, the masses are denied. The "few" that they would have you believe are "the few" addicts or abusers, & they can be helped with the 'illness' of opioid addiction, and even helped out with whatever the root cause of it. It's the TRUE FEW, the FEW that will reap billions from keeping this medicine, this plant, illegal & making into some evil causing horrible thing to have.** "Users" of this medicine, plant, are weak, addicts, criminals & only by the wave of a Physician's Magical pen on their magical paper- is it ok, "sort of" for the suffering.** "Owners" or "Overseer's" of this medicine, (plants, or cultivated farms) are Billionaires, Politicians, or Military. They have they're own Magic Doctors, but they wield the pen based on profit, not suffering. Advertising ( for them) is now Propaganda & Misinformation. Perhaps if enough people were enlightened, not misinformed; people that are suffering may have a chance for a quality of life worth living. And just perhaps, they could actually afford this "expensive from Dealers/Doctors", yet "free & wild" growing plant to improve their own lives, not just improve the bank accounts & the power of politicians -the FEW in charge of nature's miracle

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