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Taste Of Macau: Portuguese Cuisine On The China Coast

Over 450 years ago, the Portuguese landed in what was to be the first European colony in Asia, Macau, bringing their culture and their cuisine. This lavishly illustrated cookbook is the first to introduce to the English-speaking world one of the oldest "fusion" cuisines in Asia. It includes 62 recipes, most of which are straight from the source--old family recipe collections or the files of influential Macanese chefs. This book comes at an important time--just after the handover in 1999 of Macau from Portuguese to Chinese rule--a time when most of the Portuguese community is leaving Macau and authentic Macanese culture and way of life seems doomed to rapidly disappear. Thus, this book is much more than a cookbook--it is a project to preserve and share, for the first time, a very important aspect of the Macanese world. The author has spent almost ten years collecting and testing these heritage recipes, getting in touch with the Macanese diaspora, and asking them to reflect back and write about food in Macau. Taste of Macau can be used as a complete reference guide to Macanese cuisine, as it includes information on ingredients and where to buy them, stories and information about the few remaining restaurants in Macau, and a fascinating discussion on the relationship between food and culture through literary excerpts and personal testimonies from important figures in the Macanese community. Complete with dozens of lush color photographs.

Paperback: 118 pages

Publisher: Hippocrene Books (January 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0781810221

ISBN-13: 978-0781810227

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For more thing on Macau, visit my website : My Olive Tree ([...])Annabel Jackson's Taste of Macau (Portuguese Cuisine on the China Coast) is an exceptional good cookbook and history lesson for those interested in the heritage of Macanese foods. The book does very well to integrate both culinary and cultural history for the reader. And also it contains secret, interesting and closely guarded Macanese recipes!This book also attempt to preserve and share, for the first time, a very import aspect of the Macanese world. The author has spent almost 10 years collecting and testing these heritages recipes, getting in touch with the Macanese diaspora, and asking them to reflect back and write about food in Macau.There's even a poem on secret family recipes & 6 interviews with Macanese and their memory of childhood & foods.Recipes:a) Soups & Starters:13 types of dishes including Almondegas (Minced Pork Patties), Pasteis de Bacalhau (Salted Cod Cakes), Rissois (Shrimp Rissoles) etcb) Fish & Seafood:12 types of dishes including Bacalhau a Penha (Salt Cod in Penha Hill style), Gambas a Macau (King Prawns with Chilli & Garlic), Lulas Rechedas (Stuffed Squid) etcc) Meat:19 types of dishes including Capela (Meat Loaf), Pato Tamarinho (Tamarind Duck), Vaca Estufada I (Rich Beef Stew), etcd) Vegetables:5 types of dishes including Amargoso Lorcha (BitterGourd in Coconut Milk) , Sambal de Bringella (Eggplant Sambal) etce) Rice & Noodles4 type of dishes including Arroz Carregado (Pressed Rice), Lacassa (Noodles in Shrimp Broth)f) Desserts9 type of dishes including Bagi (Glutinous Rice Cake), Bolo Menino (Nut Cake), Pudim de Sagu (Sago Pudding) etc

The book arrived ontime. This is a great book for those who appreciate Macau cooking or who are up for trying some new recipes, especially seafood recipes. It is difficult to locate Macau recipes so I am glad that this book is readily available in the US. Some of the recipes are familiar to me and some I do not recall ever having. Macau dishes are more on the portuguese side with a bit of influence from indian, thailand, chinese, or some other ethnicity. It contains the history of macau, interviews with various people and over 60 recipes. I haven't tried the recipes yet but I am sure I can adjust the ingredients to my preference if necessary.

This book is very hard to get, in fact I had to get it through an interlibrary loan because I didn't feel like spending a fortune on an reseller's copy. But it is an invaluable resource on Macanese cooking, since English-language books on this cuisine are so hard to find.This is a basic cookbook, with basic recipes and instructions. It is not for a beginning cook, but for someone who knows kitchen basics and is anxious to try out some authentic Macanese recipes. Of course, there is nothing to stop even a beginning cook from trying out these recipes, maybe using some common sense and easily available online cooking tips as a guide. For example, I didn't know how to roll samosas, and the diagram in the book was not helpful enough for me. So I went online, and watched a youtube video on rolling samosas. And my Macanese samosas came out fantastic.I also made the cod casserole with potatoes and tomatoes (it was really good), and the chicken curry (it was good, but had a little too much tamarind for my taste. I would recommend adding less). Overall I am happy with the results of the few recipes I've tried so far, and plan to try more.This book is also fascinating because it contains color photos of the dishes, and some biographical background on Macanese families and lifestyle.The instructions may not be very comprehensive, but I gave this book four stars because the dishes I tried tasted good and authentic.

What an original idea for a cookbook! Being from a Portuguese background and having been raised on traditional Portuguese cuisine, I am always on the look out for new Portuguese cookbooks to help keep the memory of my cultural background alive and well...and I was surprised, but excited when I came accross this title on the website and had to buy it. I was not dissapointed. Colorfull, Informative and full of interesting (yet Im sure very tasty) recipies combining some traditional portuguese cuisine with an Asian twist. I cant wait to try them all. Obrigado .com!!!!

This is very much a specialty book (and thus will not have a appeal to a very wide audience outside serious foodies) and I am glad I bought it for that reason alone. There are not a lot of recipes I am likely to try, I must say, and many of the pictures are very poor indeed, but there are, in truth, not a lot of other books dealing with the obscure of Chinese-Portuguese food. It is, then, fairly unique in thus regard and I like having this in my collection as a reference.

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