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The Feingold Cookbook For Hyperactive Children

Explains the problems of dietary management, brings the scientific evidence up-to-date and provides a list of forbidden foods. Includes recipes and menus for additive and salicylate-free meals for the entire family.

Paperback: 327 pages

Publisher: Random House (March 12, 1979)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0394736648

ISBN-13: 978-0394736648

Product Dimensions: 1 x 5.8 x 8.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces

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In the late '70s, an earlier version of this book changed my two-year old daughters life forever. I believe that then the title phrase was "hypoactive" instead of "hyperactive". I had an adorable, sweet, little girl that would suddenly go into uncontrollable rages. A neighbor happened to be watching the Phil Donahue show and told me about the cookbook that was discussed on the show that day. I bought it on Tuesday and by Saturday I had a new child. I explained to her that certain things were poison to her and that sugar would make her have what we called a "sugar fit". She, at age 2 1/2, became a helper in the process and would refuse any candy, etc. that was offered to her. She's now age 30, and still is careful about intake, staying aware of how foods affect her. She has never, ever had another "sugar fit". I'm looking for the book again for my son's little boy - age 2 1/2 - who has the same symptoms.

My son was diagnosed last year through his elementary school with ADHD and they pushed medication however I was not about to go that route until I had dissolved every other possible alternative. I purchased the Feingold Diet cookbook and surprisingly the recipies are delicious! I was skeptical at first because my son is 6 years old and I was afraid he would put up an argument to eat these foods but to my surprise we all have liked the recipes we have tried. We have only been on the diet for about 4 weeks in which we have seen some changes in behavior (I think the first couple weeks he was rebelling about having to be on a "special diet" plus when he visits his dad everyother weekend, he has gotten food not approved on the diet which sets us back a couple days). Also to our surprise, my husband has experienced positive changes in his energy level and overall general health. You are what you eat!

About 30 years ago I put my son on this diet. Within a week I had people asking what I had done because he was like a different child. I had given my book away many many years ago. I ordered this copy for a friend.

If you are going to go on the Feingold diet, I would absolutely recommend this book. There are so many foods you avoid to make this diet work - this book has recipes that will help you get started. After you have gotten comfortable with what's okay and what's not, then you can branch out and use other recipe books or find recipes in other places that will work, but this book helps in those first difficult weeks on Feingold. And ultimately, if salicylates is a problem for you or your child, then having a resource full of things that you CAN eat is invaluable.

A must for anyone who has hyperactive children with ADD or ADD. I suggest the book called WHY CAN'T MY CHILD BEHAVE also. I was in theFEINGOLD PROGRAM and this really makes a difference in child behavior

This book is out of print, however if you have a child who is hyper or you have an ADD problem, you should consider The Feingold Diet/Cookbook. The theory is that artificial colors and flavors cause an allergic reaction resulting in behaviour such as lack of sustained attention/coffee nerves/easily distracted but a diet of natural ingredients allows your body to function evenly. No meds! Try it.

The Feingold Cookbook is a good one but the information about the Feingold Program is out of date. For more up to date info about the diet one should read Why Won't My Child Behave? by Jane Hersey, National Director of the Feingold Association, support group.

I cook almost all my family's meals from scratch and we con't eat a lot of processed food, so I found a lot of the receipes were familiar to me already. It's a good starting point for someone who wants to jump into cooking their family's meals from scratch. The copy I received was well-worn, so I thought the price was definitely too much for a used book.

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