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Bright Kids Who Can't Keep Up: Help Your Child Overcome Slow Processing Speed And Succeed In A Fast-Paced World

Do you find yourself constantly asking your child to "pick up the pace"? Does he or she seem to take longer than others to get stuff done--whether completing homework, responding when spoken to, or getting dressed and ready in the morning? Drs. Ellen Braaten and Brian Willoughby have worked with thousands of kids and teens who struggle with an area of cognitive functioning called "processing speed," and who are often mislabeled as lazy or unmotivated. Filled with vivid stories and examples, this crucial resource demystifies processing speed and shows how to help kids (ages 5 to 18) catch up in this key area of development. Helpful practical tools can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. Learn how to obtain needed support at school, what to expect from a professional evaluation, and how you can make daily routines more efficient--while promoting your child's social and emotional well-being.

Paperback: 207 pages

Publisher: The Guilford Press; 1 edition (July 18, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1609184726

ISBN-13: 978-1609184728

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Quick and easy read that provides a good introduction to processing speed deficits. I did not realize all of the different aspects of life that slow processing speed can impact, particularly social interaction! There are some good basic strategies for helping kids with slow processing speed both at school and at home. This helped me realize that I most likely have many of the same challenges my son does, and I went through life misunderstanding myself and being misunderstood.Given the title, I was disappointed that it did not address higher IQ kids who have "average" processing speed, but a huge discrepancy compared to their other scores...though average, the slower processing speed still presents many of the problems mentioned in the book, but it's difficult to know how to advocate when others feel that average is perfectly fine. I wish I understood the science behind why this discrepancy is significant even though the bottom number looks okay on paper.

Being that this is a book about kids with slow-processing speed (right here!), how on God's green earth is there not an audiobook for this? As I've heard the author herself mention audiobooks and text-to-speech tools numerous times as one of the "treatments" for individuals who suffer from such problems.I would've grabbed the Kindle version and loaded it up in Voice Dream (an app that's quadrupled the amount I read), but thanks to 's DRM stuff, that's easier said than done.I want to read this book so bad! But I need to have it in a format that people like me (the high verbal ability, slow-processing speed people the book touches on) can digest and enjoy.Audible, get with it and do what you were made to do! Or Ellen, better yet, open up GarageBand, flip to page one, hit record, and start reading. Purty please! Do it for we, the processing disabled! =)*Four stars in my head, five stars in real life with an audiobook.

As a psychologist and mother of a child with slow processing speed, this book is one of the best resources I've come across. It gives clear information and suggestions about how to cope with slow processing speed in the home, at school, among friends, and for the child emotionally. We used it as a platform to educate ourselves, our child, and the school. I would highly recommend this book for both parens and clinicians who would like to understand or help someone diagnosed with slow processing speed better, whether that is in combination with another diagnosis such as ADHD or a Learning Disability, or not.

This is a great book if you have a child with slow processing speed. The descriptions of child and family are spot on. I wish there were a little more discussion of how to get an IEP and what to put in it, but what's there is very good.

Like another reviewer, this book was the elusive key to my child's academic and some personal issues. She does carry other diagnoses, such as anxiety and OCD, but this was the missing "what" as to why medication and strategies weren't working. I just hope I can get her psychiatrist on board now. This book jumped off the library shelf at me when I wasn't even looking for a book. Thank you authors. Thank you God. Now I bought it because I will reread it and reread it and may buy more copies to give to her doctors to educate them as her neuropsychologist that tested her and found her processing speed to be 70 despite her superior intelligence said it was just a motivation thing. I would love to be able to ask these authors or someone else knowledgeable more questions so I can better help my daughter succeed, accept, and feel better about herself.

We have struggled with figuring out why our perceptive child just could not do tasks in a reasonable amount of time. But this helped us figure out what we had to accept and let go of and what we could change to help him succeed.

Great read for parents or teachers that work with / have children / students with slow processing speeds. It is written in easy to follow terms that make sense and are useful. I am a teacher who work with these types of students daily and found it helpful.

My child was diagnosed with a slow processing speed 3-4 years ago. This book was a great resource in helping me further understand his challenges in school, family life, and socially. I read this book before his IEP at school so I would be prepared to not only understand all the terminology at the meeting ;but so I could ask for appropriate ways to help my son succeed at school. It was very easy to read, not written as a doctors reference but for busy parents. Chaspters are divided nicely and major points outlined. Great advice too. I am very happy I found this book.

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