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Raising Girls With ADHD: Secrets For Parenting Healthy, Happy Daughters

Although an increasing number of girls are diagnosed with ADHD every year, most of the focus of parent and teacher interventions has been on boys, leaving girls with ADHD frustrated and prone to acting out. Written by two professionals who have "been there and done that" with their own children with ADHD, Raising Girls with ADHD provides expert information to empower parents to make decisions about identification, treatment options, behavioral strategies, personal/social adjustment, educational impact, and many other issues from preschool through high school. These girls' struggles with socialization and peer acceptance, executive functioning skills like memory and organization, and emotional well-being and self-confidence are discussed with a goal of maximizing strengths and providing supports for weaknesses. Complete self-reflection surveys and action steps for parents and girls alike are included to create a dynamic action plan for your daughter's success in school and beyond.

Paperback: 296 pages

Publisher: Prufrock Press (February 15, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1618211463

ISBN-13: 978-1618211460

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I really, really did not like this book. I was looking for parenting solutions and felt like I got a lecture. As a woman with ADHD raising a daughter with ADHD I felt like it was all gloom and doom. A lot of it rang true for me, but I felt like their message was, "get your kid on meds and prepare for the worst because your kid's probably going to be a hot mess and loser" I just sat through a webcast with the same gloom and doom. To say that there can be poor outcomes in girls with ADHD is fine. It's true. I had a tough time. BUT I graduated from college, then graduate school (with straight A's I might add), and had a very successful career. What I wanted was some information on how to make my daughters's life better because I know from my own experience that the world is not kind to girls with ADHD and parenting us is not easy. We end up with scars. I wanted to hear that there IS a way to ease the difficulty. This book does not offer that.Occasionally I even got the impression the authors felt that people with ADHD should not be parents, period. And that we are especially bad parents for kids with ADHD. Nice. Way to make me feel like a competent parent. Thank GOD my husband doesn't have ADHD, maybe one of us will do a good job.

I expected more... this is all just info we all patient...HEARD IT!!! I want real info... ideas on how to find her to to to build a healthy nondependent relationship with her.

As a marriage and family therapist I know the challenges girls and their families have in overcoming ADHD/ ADD. The authors, James Forgan and Mary Anne Rickey have provided a key resource to both the parents and the counselor. The information is presented by developmental milestone so it is easy to apply to each individual child's situation. The book provides parents and their daughter their next steps in addressing challenges at home and at school in a practical and informational manner. It is one of the first resources I reach for when meeting with parents who want to help their daughters!

I love this book and recommend it all the time to friends. My older son was diagnosed with ADHD so when I was told my daughter had it too I was a bit skeptical as she didn't seem at all like my son. After reading this book I totally get it, how girls are different. Its easy to read through and chapters are grouped by age which is nice so I can go back and read the sections that pertain to the age we are going through. Overall its just nice to know why my daughter struggles, why we struggle to help her, and what we can continue to do to try and support her as she matures into a teenager and eventually an adult.

Not done yet, that's why I didn't give 5 stars. We are a couple years into this diagnoses with my dtr, so have been through most of the process. This book is helping me confirm we are going down the right path with our daughter. It's a breath if fresh air and offers me encouragement, because it's been so difficult for us. My daughter is so wonderful and a complete handful, this book helps me focus on the positive, with ADD that can be difficult... Thank you!

This book was just what I needed to help reassure me I’m parenting my daughter in the best way I can to help her reach her full potential. It’s full of strategies that I’ve found helpful including the importance of how to build her self-esteem and how to deal with co-occurring issues facing my daughter.

Being a retired family counselor, I treated many boys diagnosed with ADHD each year and attempted family therapy around the family's frustration of many issues concerning their boy. In my many years of counseling, I saw not one girl, and was it because much of the research and support has been for boys? Were girls not having this disorder, or were they being overlooked? Hopefully, times have changed and answers are now for both sexes.The authors, James Forgan and Mary Anne Rickey have presented expert information in their book "Raising Girls with ADHD" to empower parents in helping their daughters. Issues such as treatment options, behavioral strategies, personal and social adjustment, educational impact and most importantly, diagnosis, are discussed from preschool through high school ages. Included are surveys and action steps for bothh parents and girls to establish a successful plan for school and further along in their life.I recommend this as a professional who worked with families and as a parent wanting all children to develop in the best way possible. No sex should be left behind, and this book will help so many to become their best.

Easy to understand book for the parent and child. It has given us both insight. Very few books address ADD in girls (which looks different) and so it was reaffirming to my 13 year old daughter that other girls also have ADD.

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