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ADHD: A Mental Disorder Or A Mental Advantage (2nd Edition) (ADHD Children, ADHD Adults, ADHD Parenting, ADD, Hyperactivity, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mental Disorders)

The 2nd Edition Has Been Released!Let's see what some readers had to say..."With cases of being inattentive, restless, impulsive, and many other rough traits this condition might turn you into, there is still hope that you could be a person of use rather than a destruction to society. This book is a hit! " -Teddy O."There’s hope and support here for ADHD sufferers and their loved ones." -Rhonda B."This book has so much great information about symptoms, behaviors, treatments, and even how to parent a child with ADHD that I believe this is an excellent resource for anyone dealing with this situation in their life." -AmyADHD Can Also Be An ADVANTAGE?!Do you really know what ADHD is?What if I told you ADHD doesn't have to be characterized as a disorder?What if I told you ADHD can actually be used to one's advantage?The topic of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) has been thrown around a lot recently. Unfortunately, it usually has a negative connotation attached to it. If one is already diagnosed with ADHD, why not use it to one's benefit?Time to open up your eyes to a new perspective!Free BONUS At The End Of The Book That Will Completely Change Your Perspective On ADHD!This book has valuable information that will educate you on the topic of ADHD!Understanding what ADHD is all about The different types of treatments for ADHDThe negatives and positives (yes, positives) of ADHDAnd much, much more!The TRUTH Lies In One Click! Stop thinking, take ACTION and Buy This Book!

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I never felt like the diagnosis of ADHD described my child very well. It seems like his problems with every day functioning and social interaction were just to exhausting and extreme. I never knew if I should be strict and firm or show him extra patience and more compassion, but one thing was for sure, nothing seemed to make it better or help me understand him any better-until I read this book. This book really gives you a framework for how to look at your child and better understand why ADHD can be so all-consuming and affect so many areas of you and your child's life. I would highly recommend this book for anyone struggling to understand ADHD better and help their child with ADHD. If you feel like things are so bad that you might be losing your relationship with your child this book WILL help. It's also a great everything you need to know guide even if your experience with ADHD isn't as severe as mine has been.

I am actually curious about this ADHD that’s why i bought this book aside from it is free to download. This is actually an informative reference for all parents. Medication is an important part of ADHD treatment. Many types of drugs can be used to control symptoms of the disorder. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a neurobehavioral disorder characterized by a combination of inattentiveness, distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Some simply cannot concentrate; others become disruptive, defiant and have trouble getting along with parents, peers, or teachers. What i like in this book is that it explained very well all about ADHD. If you have a family or you know someone who has a child who suffered this kind of disorder this book is perfect to read.

ADHD Can Also Be An ADVANTAGE?!This is what caught my attention when I was browsing over the internet about ADHD. I never thought that it can be an advantage, so I need to know how and why. I'm working in a center that specializes in helping children with ADHD and this book will prove very helpful for us. It is in this book that I get to learn more about this condition--its history, the treatments that can be done, the negative things as well as the positive ones (which is a total revelation for me too), and so much more. Chapter 4 has been educational for me too. Grabbing this book has been a fruitful one for me.

Somebody from work told me I have ADHD and I decided to get this book....Wow did it blow my mind! I always thought only kids had ADHD, but adults can also have it too!What I really love about this book is they go into detail on what triggers ADHD and what you can do to 'treat' it with natural treatments.What I didn't like it is the prescription medicines that has terrible side effects, that is why it's great they put the natural treatments in the book just in case you don't like the side effects.Also I was reading the book, I really do have the characteristics of someone with an ADHD, kinda made me feel bad but towards the end I am very glad to have it. That is because greats like Thomas Edison had ADHD and positive traits of ADHD outweighs the negative ones!Grab this book if you want to feel better about your ADHD!

The book is composed to explain in the ADHD (consideration shortfall hyperactivity issue) condition as a mental Disorder, in spite of the fact that the general public imagines it in the negative just, The writer require some serious energy to demonstrate the positive advantages we can have the same state of ADHD. The book will help any guardian or relative with a child having a related indication and investigate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. ADHD, its causes, its social ramifications, and medicines both manufactured and common. At that point it additionally shows how the sufferers can advantage and grasp from their ADHD. The book does not just educate, it changes the brains of each peruser on how they see about this subject.

This book is wonderful for parents to read with their child who is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. My daughter loves it because it is something she can read by herself and understand about ADD, I think it's an invaluable tool for a parent because it helps me understand about ADD as well. The book has great worksheets throughout that are very helpful for parents to evaluate and see how their children feel and assess themselves. I think this is a great book, especially if you would like to read along with your child or if you have an independent reader who loves to learn.

First of all, I'd like to commend Patrick for an awesome book cover. It matches really well with the title and the content of the book. It's well-thought, simple and very telling. As for the content, after reading the entire book, I've come to realize that ADHD is both a mental disorder and a mental advantage and that the only reason why it's a mental disorder is because the people doesn't acknowledge it as mental advantage yet. We, people, have no idea of the capabilities of the people with ADHD and if you don't, you MUST read this book. It gives a better understanding of the disorder as well as of the person having it.

As a father of 3 kids, this book is pretty much an eye opener for me. It’s a given fact that ADHD also affects children and I want to understand more about this disorder. Much or the parents now have no significant knowledge about ADHD thus making it for both the kids and parents to adjust. I personally love reading this as the details are astonishing and very accurate. For some parents who have no idea what ADHD is, they tend to blame the child for “misbehaving”. This book will surely a stepping stone for parents to want to know more about ADHD.

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