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Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook: Over 100 Gluten-Free Recipes To Help You Shine From Within

Why eat crap food when you don’t have to? Better yet, why eat healthy food that doesn’t taste good? There’s no need to do that ever again with Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook.New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Kitchen and creator of the popular website PaleOMG, Juli is a well-known Paleo cook who creates meals that are sure to please the whole family. And this cookbook is her best one yet! Absolutely no one will complain when you serve them delicious dishes like Breakfast Tacos, Buffalo Chicken Casserole, Slow Cooker Short Rib Tostadas, Pistachio Rosemary Lamb Chops, and Layered Flourless Chocolate Cake. For most people, the Paleo or “caveman” diet seems unrealistic. “You expect me not to eat cake anymore?” was Juli’s first reaction. (There may have been a few curse words thrown in there, too.) For Juli, that just wasn’t going to work. We all understand that cavemen didn’t eat cake back in the day, but we’re here in the future, and we can create Paleo-friendly cakes. So Juli ventured out to put a new spin on eating like a caveman. After two weeks of eating Paleo, she knew she was in it for the long haul. She has been eating Paleo for five years now, and she consistently gives her readers Paleo recipes that bring back childhood meal memories or just bring back the foods they love the most. There’s no need to be a true, pretentious caveman if you don’t have to be! We see you using Instagram over there, you modern caveman, you. Paleo is about so much more than just food. To Juli, Paleo is what gave her the freedom to feel healthy, energetic, and enthusiastic about life. And that’s exactly what she is trying to bring to you in this cookbook. She hopes not only to help you revamp your kitchen and excite your taste buds, but also to help you feel confident with the new lifestyle you’ve taken on.

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing; 1 edition (August 18, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1628600772

ISBN-13: 978-1628600773

Product Dimensions: 8 x 0.7 x 10 inches

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Buy it. I can't recommend this book (or her first book, OMG, That's Paleo?) enough. First and foremost, I'm totally anti-clutter so a cookbook doesn't make it onto my bookshelf unless I've vetted it through the library first (thanks Prospector!). That said, this was the ONLY cookbook I didn't vett prior to buying. In fact, Juli's paleo cooking prowess wooed me into pre-ordering via . Booyah! Zero regrets. Just sayin'.Lemme preface this review with this "warning:" If you're gonna get your undies in a bundle over an occasional expletive, then you may wanna stop right here and look for another cookbook. Like The Joy of Cooking. It's pretty straight and narrow and I can't imagine it offending anyone. But I may drop a swear word/swear word censored with asterisks and you'll also see them in Juli's cookbook.We all good? K. Moving on then.Not gonna lie. The first recipe I tried was the basil, mint, and cuke g&t (pg 267). In my defense, although I received the book on August 18, I didn't have time to even look at the book until August 29th, which fell on a Saturday, so yeahhhh, I wanted a cocktail. And it was phenom. PHENOM.My husband and I ADORED the chicken carbonara casserole (pg. 94). The greatest thing is that there's no coconut milk in it!!!!!! I'm not anti-coconut milk by any means, but SO many paleo sauces use this as the base and frankly, I get sick of it. Furthermore, the buffalo chicken casserole (pg. 80) is also outta this world. If you're questioning whether to try a paleo cookbook and/or this cookbook in particular, have you taken a gander at The Perfect Pizza (pg. 136)? Get! Outta! Town! I'll readily admit, it's no substitute for LaPorte pizza, but it's the best paleo pizza we've eaten. Dead. Serious.

I own Juli's previous book, The Paleo Kitchen, that she co-authored with George Bryant. I am a HUGE Juli fan (I've been reading her blog since back in the day when she used to cuss and was unapologetic about it.), but I didn't like the recipes in The Paleo Kitchen one bit--and I tried a bunch of them. I was hopeful that The Paleo Cookbook would be better. Well guess what? It does NOT disappoint! I got it in the mail yesterday and went out to buy the ingredients for the Maple Bacon Pork Loin, Spiced Sweet Potatoes, and the Basil, Mint, & Cucumber Gin & Tonic. We were in Paleo heaven last night! Even my 15-year-old son who said he wasn't "into" pork wolfed down about 1/2 a loin saying, "Wow, pork loin is actually good when it's cooked right!" He even swore some sort of an oath by the maple bacon sauce that he loved so much, but I was ignoring him and didn't catch all of it.For lunch today I made the tortillas and was SUPER pleased with how they turned out. We ended up eating them with everything for the next three days--even the picky teen was eating them straight off of the pan. For lunch, I threw in some leftover pork and sweet potatoes from the night before, topped it with a little white cheddar, chopped spinach, and Sir Kensington's Chipotle Mayo--oh WOW! As I write this, I am drinking the Chunky Monkey breakfast shake (delish!) post workout and planning to make the Prosciutto Herb Frittata with hash brown patties for BFD (breakfast for dinner) tonight. I made the dirty chai chocolate muffins...which my 15-year-old scarfed down. Usually he won't touch my "healthy" foods, but you should have seen his eyes light up when he saw that I had packed him a muffin for his "to-go" breakfast.

This book is nothing short of amazing. Whenever I get a new cookbook, I thumb through it and rip up newspaper pieces to add as crude bookmarks so I can remember where the recipe I want to try first is. With THIS book, nearly half of them were marked as being so delectable sounding that I wanted to try it first. This is a problem, especially since we just moved and my house is undergoing a kitchen remodel and everything is still boxed up. I have approximately one skillet, two bowls and a set of spoons at my disposal. Thankfully, Juli's book is entertaining enough to just read straight through, and I was able to find a few recipes that would work with the limited equipment I could find.The Mu Shu Pork (which I made with chicken because it's what I had on hand) was SO delicious, that I even ate a bunch cold as leftovers. And I've always been of the mindset that there's enough brand new food to eat out there that you shouldn't recycle your meals and eat what wasn't good enough to finish in the first place... the only reason we didn't finish the whole batch for dinner is because I doubled it. Because I have foresight and it's hot and cooking is tough without equipment, so I figured the fewer times I have to do it, the better.The Parsnip Potato Hashbrowns are awesome (shredded in my cuisinart, which I unearthed just for the recipe), and would be lovely accompanied by applesauce or sour cream (not paleo), or a garlic aioli (heck, who am I kidding; They're fantastic on their own).I meant to make the Slow Cooker Short Ribs Tostadas today, but I still can't find my crockpot, so I guess I'll have to do some digging around as soon as it's cool enough to venture into the garage.

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