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Aquaponics: The Essential Aquaponics Guide: A Step-By-Step Aquaponics Gardening Guide To Growing Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs, And Raising Fish (Aquaponic Gardening, Aquaponics For Beginners)

Grow Your Own Selection of Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, All Whilst Raising Fish with This Proven Step-By-Step Guide to Aquaponics! 2nd Edition: Updated May 2016INCLUDES BONUS: STARTING AN AQUAPONICS BUSINESSI am thrilled to take you on an aquaponic voyage – from guiding you through how to build your own fully-sustainable aquaponic garden to breaking down the science into concise, proven steps on how to yield the best results. This easy-to-follow guide is carefully tailored toward hobby gardeners as well as more advanced explorers of urban homesteading.By the end of the book, you will be able to create your own customized aquaponic garden by choosing and combining some of the systems and growing options we supply, depending on your food growing goals.This essential aquaponics guide covers the following:An Introduction to AquaponicsHow It Works and Its BenefitsThe Best Plants and Fish to UseAquaponic System DesignsHow to Assemble, Cycle and Maintain Your Aquaponic Garden And much more!This is all presented with clear explanations, photos and diagrams.Download This Book and Start Your Aquaponic Journey Today!

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I purchased 2 books by this author (Aquaponics essential guide and Hydroponics the essential guide) what the description of each book does not tell you is , that they are the same. Yes each book contains exactly the same information you think you are getting a book specific on each subject but each book covers both subjects. So just get one or the other you will have both subjects covered while not making this trickster any richer.

Andy presents a comprehensive and very thorough explanation of the benefits of creating your own aquaponic garden for growing your own organic produce.I enjoyed how there is advice for both beginners and advanced growers including the basic model of the structure to a more complex one.I also enjoyed how the book clearly lays out:- what type of fish are best- what plants, vegetables, and fruits grow best and why- a list of supplies you’ll need- how to determine the correct PH levels- and further maintenance of your system for the best resultsIf you’re interested in created an easy, sustainable way to produce healthy, fresh, and organic produce from the comfort of your own home without having to dig in the soil and get dirty constantly like a traditional garden) I recommend this book. It truly is an eye opener into the world of Aquaponics.

This book provides a complete guide for beginners on what Aquaponics is and how to set it up yourself. It gives nice advice on what fish to use, and which plants you can grow. It is explained very nicely how to build your own system aquaponics system. It guided me about how to choose the best materials and plants. Inside of this book I have found all most every information and lesson that will need from the beginners to expert level. It is an excellent guide book, the tips and advice given was fantastic!

I can't even believe that a system like this actually exists. How cool is it that you can grow veggies, herbs, and fish to eat all at the same time. I stumbled upon this book by accident but glad I did. It lays out a clear plan for me to get started doing it. The pictures were so great also. I like Andy's writing style. I am so grateful to have it. Excited!

I was looking for a great way to eat more vegetables in my diet and also take up a new hobby, so I was considering gardening but didn’t know the first thing about it. I have a friend who is super into stuff like this and was talking about Aquaponics and I admit that I was a bit curious as to what it was all about. I’m really glad that I checked out this book! It is very informative, well-written, easy to understand and is a great guide to everything a beginner like me would need to know about the technique. Another great thing that I liked a lot was the incorporation of pictures to illustrate some of the items discussed. I highly recommend this book for anyone who would like to know more about Aquaponics gardening and how they can get started.

Only 48 pages of large print with little detail and poor editing. One example: Page 37, paragraph 3 - "keep the 5.8 to 7". Same page, next paragraph says to maintain a "pH level of 6.8-7." Which is it? Other than keeping the pH within one of these ranges, there's not much about how to do so. How about an example? In fact, throughout the book there's not a single example of a working system. Watch almost any online video on aquaponics and you'll get more concrete information on how to put together a working system. The second half of the book (all 40 pages of it) is about hydroponics and is no better. Save your money.

This guide to aquaponics is awesome! According to the author,aquaponics is a step up to hydroponics in such a way that it no longer needs expensive nutrient rich solutes but uses the natural ecosystem to produce nutrients for plants to grow and thrive. This essential guide lived up to the name. It provided a lot of useful information for beginners in aquaponics such as myself. The author made it all understandable and not so daunting as I was expecting. He had great suggestions for hobby growers and garden gurus. Overall, I loved the book!

This is the only book I could find on aquaponics after looking for 30 minutes. I hadn't started my own aquaponics set-up yet, but am extremely interested in doing so. I wanted something that would help me understand all of the systems required, how to plan a build, and what to expect once it's set up. This book did a good job of answering all of the first round of questions I had. Next is acting and following up on forums full of others doing similar work. I can't wait.

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