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Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies

Whether you have been living with type 1 diabetes for some time, or you have just discovered that your child is diabetic, there’s a lot you need to know about the new developments in treating, controlling, and living with this disease. Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies, explains everything you need to know and do to make living with type 1 diabetes easier and healthier. This reassuring, plain-English guide helps you understand and mange the disease with tips on working with your doctor, administering insulin, developing a diet an exercise plan, and coping with illness and travel. You’ll find out about the latest technologies of blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery, and get a handle on everything you need to do to keep yourself or your child healthy, active, and feeling good. Discover how to: Overcome short-term complications Eat a diabetes-friendly diet Use exercise to help control type 1 diabetes Handle school, work, and other activities Help your child maintain a high quality of life Prevent long-term complications Be healthier than your friends who don’t have diabetes Deal with the emotional and psychological effects of the disease Choose an insulin pump for yourself or your child Calculate insulin dosages Anyone can live a long, healthy, and productive life with type 1 diabetes. Small Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies delivers every drop of information you need to make sure that you or your child can do just that.

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (February 5, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0470178116

ISBN-13: 978-0470178119

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Dr. Rubin is a practicing endocrinologist and diabetes specialist. Using the familiar "Dummies" format, Dr. Rubin efficiently covers the important information about Type 1 diabetes (or T1DM). He also summarizes relevant comparisons to Type 2 and "LADA" diabetes. Dr. Rubin's communication style is easy to comprehend. He minimizes medical jargon and explains complex medical processes in plain English.The book contains an explanation of what diabetes is, the major symptoms, the complications that result from poor management, how to tell the different variations apart, and how treatment regimens differ. He goes through the major options for treatment, including medication and transplants. He covers attention to diet and exercise, which are critical to increasing the quality of life for patients.He also covers the responsibilities of the diabetes caregiver, including how to minimize the risk of complications. He makes the point that diabetes is really a "family" disease.Much of the book is oriented towards parents of diabetic children, since a majority of Type 1 patients are children. He devotes significant effort to assuring patients and caregivers that, although diabetes is a serious disease, it is not a death sentence with proper attention and care.After reading the book, parents of diabetic children, and the patients themselves, at least will have an overview of their responsibilities, and how to seek additional information specific to their situations.In all, this book is a modest amount of money for a lot of information packed inside. It is certainly a valuable addition to a diabetic's reference library.

This is helpful for non-diabetics, particularly people who want to learn about a friend or relatives disease. Though much of the information is available on the websites of the big diabetes organizations. If you are an adult type 1 diabetic it is not very helpful as it is really written for the parents of a type 1 child. The problem is that parents of a type 1 child, will definitely need books that more effectively and thoroughly discuss the disease, treatments, diet.. and these books will, in all likelihood, have a general overview of the disease as well. Most books on diabetes do, and are almost always written for the general public. So the dummies book here seems pointless.

This is a good book for reviewing and it has updated information that inspired me to try harder and count carbs. My mother found this book and loved it she said she had no idea that there was so much involved in being a type 1 diabetic. I became a diabetic before I was 21. It was not diagnosed until a month after I turned 21. I am 55 now and all I can say is I have to keep reading and reading and I still won't know everything I need to know. This book is easy to read and it is not only good for the diabetic himself but for the family to read and then maybe they will not be so judgmental...

My boyfriend has type 1. It really explains the WHY and HOW really well. Explains why highs/ lows in blood sugars are bad. I like to know "why" so if there ever was an emergency I could help him. I have also learned what's best to cook and make him for lunch. If you buy this grab your highlighters and sticky tabs. It will really help. My best friend had twins two years ago. Her body basically gave her Type 1. Which is rare at 32 years old. Type 1 is normally hereditary and starts before age 10. So she has had to change her life and learn. I sent her this book. She is really thankful for all the help. Especially understanding about carbs and how they affect your sugars. This book is excellent and if your child was recently diagnosed I 100% recommend this book. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is BC the few recipes are not very diabetic friendly unless you weigh 100 pounds and are not a man or woman. Haha.

After reading this book I concluded that you better not be a dummy if you have diabetes. It's one complicated disease. This book went a long way toward helping me understand diabetes. It convinced me that an iron will, regular habits,and a penchant for routine and and detail, are the keys to living with diabetes successfully. Should you be deficient in any of the qualities listed above, good luck. You shall need it.

Lots of good information for us beginners. Was totally clueless about type 1 when my 18 year old son was diagnosed with it in May. No doctor or educator has given me this much information in one form.

I have a couple other books by Rubin. Both are very informative. That's why I was disappointed with this tome: it's written for mommies, and perhaps even daddies, who may have the misfortune to have children who suffer with this chronic disease.I don't begrudge kids having their own diabetes book; it may even help them in choosing what to eat at McDonalds or Burger King. But look, I might as well admit that I'm 81, a post-adult adult, who can use a little advice on current diabetes developments without all those asides to mom, or the "boys and girls."So among Dr. Rubin's other fine books on hypertension and diabetes, this one seems a bit odd: was it hastily compiled and summarily edited? Too much padding?Boys and girls who profit from this book may be able before long to give us a new one on bullosis diabeticorum, or on the inhaled insulins that MannKind is about to bring forward any day now.

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