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The Vegan Solution: Why The Vegan Diet Often Fails And How To Fix It

“If you had told me 2 years ago that such a small change in my diet would yield such a big difference in my health, I would have laughed right in your face!” ~Chris Randall; VeganIn "The Vegan Solution: Why the Vegan Diet Often Fails and How to Fix It," prolific author Matt Stone shares his pioneering research on the role of metabolic rate in health as applied to a vegan diet. In the book you’ll learn about “The Frigid Fourteen” – fourteen metabolism-lowering mistakes that are frequently being committed in the vegan world. These simple, misguided mistakes are commonplace and extremely detrimental to the metabolic rate and all of the body’s systems affected by it. Yet they are all simple to fix, returning the body back to proper function, oftentimes while remaining completely vegan. Popular Youtube vlogger Chris Randall, who lost 150 pounds and rid himself of many chronic health issues and has had a sensational return to health with a vegan diet, also chimes in with his personal experience and advice after applying many of Stone’s methods. Randall has spent many months as a personal client of Stone’s, and has seen his body temperature return to normal, his strength and sex drive is soaring like never before, and he is getting progressively leaner and healthier eating in excess of 4,000 calories daily – far more than he was eating prior. In the book you’ll find out how you, vegan or not, can apply the same methods and achieve similar results – all with changes so minor it will seem far-fetched that it could actually yield such dramatic changes. The common negatives you hear about a vegan diet – losing muscle mass and strength, hair loss, horrendous digestion, tooth decay, freezing cold hands and feet, frequent urination, insomnia, dry skin, loss of menstruation and sex drive, and more are things most assume to be a consequence of avoiding animal products. Stone and Randall propose otherwise and aim for “fixing” your vegan diet instead of rushing you down to the local steakhouse. Whether you are thinking about trying out a vegan diet or have been at it for many years, this book is the manual for how you can properly meet your physiological needs, avoid the ravages of a poorly-designed vegetarian diet, and thrive. In an endless sea of pseudo-scientific and cultish vegetarian literature and propaganda, "The Vegan Solution" offers up real, sound, simple advice based on the scientific reality of our human needs and biological function. It’s a must-read for anyone attempting to follow a vegan diet.

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This writer's resources are questionable at best. Only five are from peer-reviewed, academic sources, and he even cites Wikipedia as a reference more than once! This book was interesting but when presenting such controversial and lesser known information on topics such as the cause of heart disease, Matt Stone would do well to cite more credible resources. I read this book with an open mind but really, who cites Wikipedia and expects their book to be taken seriously?

This isn't a solution for vegans. It's a solution for orthorexics, people practicing extreme restriction, who happen to be vegan. Vegans eating an adequate number of calories won't find much here, especially if they are eating grains and/or cooked food (as most of us do, despite Stone's focus).That said, this is better than many nutrition books by self-proclaimed internet "experts" -- there is little here that is harmful (although there is plenty that is dubious, like the idea that eating raw carrots will disinfect your intestine).Vegans interested in nutrition would be much better served by Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to Be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina, a book that has fewer unfounded assumptions about veganism and about nutrition. Stone positions himself as an anecdote to vegetarian pseudoscience, but there are already people in the vegan community who are serving this role and are a lot more helpful (and bring better sourced information and fewer false assumptions about veganism).

This book was a pretty quick read. Over all Stone is advocating a balanced caloric/starch/sugar diet that does not starve the body, but rather fuels your metabolism. He doesn't bash the Vegan diet, but offers tips/criticisms on how to achieve proper metabolism while aligning with that way of eating.Pros: concise; practical adviceCons: use of profanity/crude writing style isn't my thing

The writing is just terrible. You are going to have to wade through some seriously juvenile composition and the intro is basically every tired joke about being vegan that your coworkers and extended family think is still so so funny the umpteenth time they tell it. Just, ugh. So why 4 stars? I've been cold even as an omnivorous child that detested vegetables, and it was always irritating to have people attribute my shivers to my veganism when I knew that couldn't be the case. The advice in this book (which, really, could be one whole page) does indeed solve it. You will be warmer.The title of this is really incorrect; it's not about the failure of the vegan diet at all (certainly not in a nutrient deficiency sense). The author, when he's done acting like a middle-school smarta-- does take pains to point out that the same problem arises in many common diets, such as paleo, gluten-free, etc. So feel free to grab this cheaper title instead of Eat for Heat, since you'll get what you need with a lot less of this execrable prose. It's inexpensive, and you'll note a difference in just a few days.

I think I first heard of Broda Barnes from reading Matt Stone's 180 Degree Health blog. Dr. Barnes had (to me) a surprising perspective on heart disease that is sadly ignored by most of the medical community. It is easy to see how Broda Barnes has influenced Matt's very intriguing approach to a vegan diet. Matt also derives a healthy dose of inspiration from Ray Peat which I find satisfying.Matt is competent in English and the book is well edited. It was fun to read and funny. Well, I found it funny but I'm a bit of a nerd who actually notices competent English and editing. So be advised.Chris Randall gives this book some vegan credibility. I actually discovered this book from a Youtube video Chris made. I've been checking out Real Raw Results videos for several months, so it was a surprise to me to see a collaboration between Matt Stone and Chris Randall. It's like discovering two old friends I knew from completely different schools had somehow met and made a baby together.The result is weird...yet somehow kinda cool. Like Wolfgang Van Halen.This is not a vegan propaganda book so don't expect a lot of coddling of vegan philosophy. It is about boosting your metabolism on a vegan diet. Some of the suggestions are surprising and interesting. I like surprising and interesting stuff when I read a book.The bottom line is there was enough surprising and interesting stuff to justify the paltry $4.99 + tax. I got enough out of it to attempt some of the suggestions and see how they work for me. It is a different direction than what I was trying so I am curious as to how it will affect me. Familiar stuff to the 180 Degree Health crowd, but it might be a bit of a culture shock for many vegans.

Long time vegan, as in decades long. I didn't really care for the proposals that this book is making about vegan health and diet. The reasoning, and 'solutions' proposed by the author create a crater worth of annomolies when cosidering contemporary thoughts of vegan health and nutrition. Unlike the usual evolution of 'anomaly' in regards to the current thinking on a subject, this one takes us back in time on nutrition instead of forward with counter-intuitive, counter-cultural advice.That being said, if you'd like an interesting, although not quite useful read go ahead and skim this one.

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