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Raw Food: Lazy Man's Guide To Raw Food Success (raw Food, Raw Vegan, Raw Food Diet, Raw Vegan Diet, 801010, 801010 Diet,)

Is There An Easy Way To Success With A Raw Food Vegan Diet?The 18 chapters in this book contain advice, ideas, inspiration and strategies to help people to transition to a raw vegan, 801010 style diet.I have traveled the world visiting many festivals and events, learning from some of the best known raw food teachers. I have packed this information together into this book.Contained in this book are 18 chapters, which are:1. Why Would A Person Go 100% Raw?This will give you an idea of why people have chosen to follow a raw food diet and what continues to inspire them.2. Lazy Man's Raw Food Back Up PlanWhat to eat when you are not organised and think you can't find enough raw food to thrive on.3. Living In A Cold Climate As A Raw FoodistTips for staying raw in the cold.4. Christmas On A Raw Food DietGetting through the holidays on your new lifestyle while everyone else still eats the dead bird.5. Changing Your Diet And LifestyleHow to make changes. Advice on what to look out for when you are changing and transitioning.6. Emotional Trauma And HealingWhen you go raw, emotions can come up, particularly old emotions. This chapter will teach you to be aware of this and what to do to deal with it best.7. StressHow to recognise and deal with stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle.8. Have You Ever Wondered How Your Amazing Brain Developed?A fascinating theory on how the human brain developed on fruit.9. SleepA personal own issues with sleep.10. Exposing People To Your Crazy Fruit Diet At Your New JobBuild confidence to share your new eating habits with others...even your new work colleagues.11. Apples Are Bad For YouSometimes people worry about eating too much fruit, and worry that some fruits are bad for them or covered in pesticides. This chapter will sort out your fears!12. My Friend Doesn't See Me As A Raw Food GuruA funny story about my friend trying a Juice fast and didn't ask me my advice, despite the fact I had been raw for years!13. "Eat To Live Forever" With Giles CorenThe Fruitarian Diet (and some of my friends) were featured on a tv show in the UK, this is my reaction to the show.14. A Quote About Fruit You May Like15. Teeth Problems On A Raw Food DietIn the past people claimed that you could never get teeth problems on a raw food diet. I talk about this myth, my own issues with my teeth and what I have done about it.16. Weird Raw Food CoincidenceA weird raw food related coincidence that happened to me at work...the law of fruit attraction in action!17. "There Are NO Raw Food Populations!"My answer to people that ask why there are no raw food populations. I think the answer will surprise you.18. Health Is Not Something You Chase It Is Something You BuildMy perspective on health and why you should focus on it in your life.This book is not a step by step guide on exactly what to eat and how to eat on a raw food diet. But this should help you develop the right mindset and hopefully clear up your ideas on what this lifestyle is about.Get This Book Now!If you enjoy the book please leave an honest review to help me improve it for the future.Thank you!

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I was looking more for a guide on how to switch to a mostly raw diet, not a quirky ebook on a fruit only diet. This isn't really a "guide" - it's just stories that didn't really hold my interest.

The Raw Food Vegan diet is indeed gaining its own popularity nowadays. It is becoming a rising trend now, especially when it comes to eating healthy and getting the most nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. That is why coming across this book is a big help for me cause I would like to understand this diet even more. The 18 chapters in this book made so made impact on me and I appreciate them all. What's even more amazing is that there are raw food ideas and recipes in this great book, one can always try them anytime. The discussion about the Lazy Man's Raw Food Back Up Plan is also enlightening. This is a very practical grab.

Gotta say, the author is really funny. I like his writing style and how he makes a seemingly boring topic like raw food sound hip and entertaining. But I did see this as a lazy man's guide so I was also hoping for some clear cut approaches and "easy tips". The tips are out there but I had to sift through all the ramblings to get to it. But as a slow afternoon read, it is a very fun book to check out and really shed some light on fruits and raw diets. It's another one of those unique gems!

Absolutely interesting to read. It is a health beneficial book. The author provides a brief explanation on understanding this lifestyle and how important it is to have the right mindset in achieving your goal. This book contains proven and effective tips on how we can start with this raw vegan diet. Let this book inspire you and shift to this diet as you discover it's health benefits. High recommended for people who wants to lose weight.

This book is for people who are beginnig their jouney on raw food.Its purpose is to give people relevant information so they won't dobeginners mistakes or that they have to spend a lot of time reading booksor acquiring knoweldge on the internet.It gives you information about eating a lot of fruits an vegetables whichmeans it is high in carbohydrates, low in protein and low in fat, alongwith the 80/10/10 diet, which is, in my opinion, best for human health.He encourages you to experiment in eating a variety of fruits to find outwhat is best for you. He also gives you useful tips like blending dry fruits.The author guides the reader in the right direction, that is to eat wholeraw plant based food which is high in carbohydrates.Apart from that there are very useful information especially in the chapter"Teeth problems on a raw food diet" which can save people a lot of money and toothache.It found it enjoyable to read the book because the author shares with his readers hispersonal experiences and not just about food (!) while giving the reader a lotof useful tips. In it there is also information about what books it is good toread if you want to get more information about the raw food diet, that is thebooks "The 80/10/10 diet" by Dr. Douglas Graham and "Left in the Dark", laterrenamed to "Return to the Brain of Eden" by Toby Wrigt and Graham Gynn.If I had read this book when I was beginnig to change my diet towards more plantbased diet and later to vegan diet it would have saved me a lot of time (and problemswith weight !) so I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

I think those new to raw will love these recipes. And those who truly need or want to put something together quickly. I am enamored with the ease of these recipes. I think it's almost validation for how I eat and most usually approach the raw thing, meaning - in the summer and early fall and even spring it's much easier and feels more natural to eat a lot of raw. Anyone remotely interested in raw foods should give it a try and begin with this book.

Here is a guide that is easily readable, humorous, and full of helpful insights for anyone looking to start a raw food diet. If you're curious about some of the everyday components of healthful living that are not usually included in normal nutrition guides, you'll find those here. Ronnie includes these along with personal anecdotes, and does so in a fun fashion.For this affordable price ($0.99!) I believe it's a worthwhile purchase for anyone starting a raw food or fruit-based diet. Even those who've been living this lifestyle for awhile will likely be able to relate to Ronnie's tales and probably also find a few tips or bits of knowledge that you haven't seen before.

This book is useful and well written. By the help of this book I have learned about raw food. Inside of this book I have found tons of helpful advice and effective strategies. Last week my friend suggested me about this book and by reading this book I am pleased.Inside of this book I have found 18 chapters and the author described everything very clearly. By reading this book I have understood about why we have chosen to follow a raw food diet. This book also taught me about what to eat when I am not organized. By reading this book I have learned about how to recognize and deal with stress. Overall, this book is very helpful and it’s really impressive.

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