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Herbal Antivirals: Heal Yourself Faster, Cheaper And Safer - Your A-Z Guide To Choosing, Preparing And Using The Most Effective Natural Antiviral Herbs

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You—Why Herbal Antivirals Really Work!Have you ever suffered from a viral infection? If you have, it’s certainly an experience you won’t forget. Whether in your own country or disastrously struck down mid-vacation, you likely wished that you’d taken an anti-viral shot, or at least a course of medication.Your thinking is correct—but synthetic medicine isn’t your only defence!The truth is that there are natural remedies on the market—and in your back yard—that you can use today to fight the same bugs just as effectively without all the aching symptoms of traditional western medicine.Herbal Antivirals shows you how to properly prepare, dose and take these natural medicines yourself—and you can even grow them in your garden! Not only you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars, you’re also lessening your impact on the environment while treating yourself with natural ingredients that you have sourced yourself.In this book, you’ll discover that creating your very own herbal antivirals isn’t complicated. You can easily teach yourself to treat viral infections with natural medicines that give your body what it NEEDS, without the excess chemicals.With the 45 most valuable herbs comprehensively indexed for creating potent natural antibiotics and herbal antivirals, this is a book that helps you become your own doctor. Fully illustrated with pictures, as well as details on common use, preparation method and dosage, knowledge is finally at your fingertips.Remedies for the most common ailments and recipes are included as a BONUS, as well as a FAQ to answer your herbal antiviral questions.What will Herbal Antivirals teach you? Content includes:• Common treatments for viral infections• Discover how do herbal antivirals work as well as synthetic medicine?• Where to find the herbs you need!• Best herbal treatments for common ailments (from warts to chronic hepatitis B)• When, how, and why to use natural remedies• 5 Key Essential Oils with Natural Antiviral Properties• Consult a “cheat sheet” for fighting infections naturally with the right herbal edicine.• What are the most effective plant-based herbal antivirals?• What herbal antivirals are considered safe when pregnant or breast feeding?• And much more!BIG Pharma hates books like these coming out because it dents their profits while educating you about the potential dangers of synthetic medicine.The truth is simple:You can prepare and use herbal remedies to address your health issues and boost your immunity the natural way!Would You Like To Know More?Add Herbal Antivirals to your shopping cart now to download straight away and discover Mother Nature’s biggest gift and how you can start to use it with yourself, family and loved ones.Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

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This book is AMAZING. It is like the Bible of Herbal remedies, herbal antivirals and herbal medicine!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend this book if you are interested in learning more about herbal medicine. This book is super easy to use and apply, the breakdown of all the herbs is one of the best I have seen, every herb has the availability, antiviral properties, collection and preparation, dosage, side effects, contraindications, alternatives and other uses. This book is for everyone who is interested in healing naturally and works in an alternative medicine job. I love this book!

I downloaded this book to keep me occupied during a flight and I'm glad I did. It was exactly the right length to hold my attention. It was long enough to be worth my time yet short enough to avoid being overwhelming. While the subject matter is presented in a way that is well within reach for any novice, I found that the author did a nice job of providing evidence I had not run across before. In this book, she presents myriad new studies that corroborate what traditional herbalists have been teaching for centuries.This book is well-researched-- the author ACTUALLY cites her sources throughout the book.I enjoyed the kindle format for this book-- the hyperlinks to other chapters referenced within the book made for a much tiger experience than I would have gotten from a hard-copy book.

Wow! I never realized how many uses there were for some of the most common things in my kitchen like honey and cinnamon! After reading this book I am so excited to start trying all these different natural remedies! I found this book to be a perfect in-depth guide for learning more about herbal antivirals and the many plants and herbs available to us for home use. ! I've been through other home remedies books before, but found none of them were as detailed or backed by as much research as this one. I already had some knowledge of different options, such as zinc and peppermint, but had no idea how many different natural remedies were out there, or how effective some of them could really be. This book gave really easy to understand detailed breakdowns of each of the antiviral herbs, including dosage amounts and where to find them. The first half of the book was really informative as well, including lots of statistics and easy to understand charts. It was a helpful way for me to get up to date on all the research and studies that are out there right now and to be much better informed about the viruses that exist today. It'll be hard for me to justify going to the drug store next time I catch a cold now that I've got a great recipe for some cold and flu tea that I can make at home. It was worth reading this book!

I bought this book to learn more about natural remedies that help the body to defend itself against viral infections. This easy to read book was nice for offering basic knowledge on herbal remedies that can be made at home as a first aid for usual illnesses.What I liked most of all was that all 45 mentioned herbal antivirals had an interesting youtube video explaining. I was happy to find out that many of the antiviral herbs like cinnamon, garlicI had in my kitchen. However I read more about other herbs that I didn’t know before such as ashwagandha and Siberian ginseng. The links to where to find and buy the herb were very useful. I also liked that the writer mentions the potential side effects of the herbs, the contraindications and the alternatives. That is extremely important because most of the books write about positive effects and don't mention side- effects.For example I didn’t know that cinnamon is not recommended for people who use blood thinning medication.It means that if you decide to use natural remedies you should consult the doctor or herbal therapist.for the right dosage. I really recommend this book for everyone who want to know more about antiviral herbs and their advantages!

Since the first book, Herbal Antibiotics, was such an enjoyable read, I snatched this book off of the digital shelves the moment it came up for Free! Mary Jones provides helpful insight and answers the elusive question, just what are herbal antivirals? Well, think of a medicine you would take for a viral infection, and then substitute or add natural herbal ingredients which can alleviate some of the symptoms. Ask a physician first! She tells the dos and don'ts when using both types of medications, whether that be herbal or conventional, and advises what to avoid when suffering from viral infections.She provides so many different ideas for herbal antivirals. From cats claw which protects the immune system to betony which works to fight the influenza virus, you will find an herb that will help alleviate probably all of your viral diseases, to an extent of course. Very professional look and layout with so many resourceful graphs, pictures, and links to videos. The instructions are clear, and dosages are easy to follow. Tells you what to avoid if you are pregnant or suffering other illnesses. Jones even provides recipes to help alleviate and prevent, and don't even get me started about the cinnamon and elderberry soup! It was refreshing and so exhilarating to rid my body of toxins. All in all, the book provides excellent information and great alternatives to conventional medicine.

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