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Marijuana Grower's Handbook: The Indoor High Yield Cultivation Grow Guide

Describes ways to grow marijuana indoors, including tips on light, temperature, water, seed selection, and growing problems.

Paperback: 282 pages

Publisher: Quick American Archives; 3rd edition (March 9, 1998)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0932551254

ISBN-13: 978-0932551252

Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 12.6 ounces

Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (48 customer reviews)

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this book is an excellent first book for the first time grower. It goes in to the basics of all aspects of cultivation without droning on about things that a novice could care less about. It also includes enough info to be helpful to the more experienced grower. the photos and diagrams were excellent. this book is good for hydroponics and soil growers, indoor or outdoors. this book has it all.

This is the same Ed from the "Ask Ed" grow tips column of High Times magazine. The book is an excellent overview of all aspects of cultivation of this sacred and beneficial plant, from choosing seeds to harvesting: lighting, nutrients, soil, harvest/manicuring and storage. Each chapter handles a different step, so you read it as you go through the process over several months. Or you can always do what I did: read it all as soon as you get it! My copy is the "revised" Indoor/Greenhouse edition, which was first printed in 1985: I'm sure the later editions would only be better, as Ed is always "in the field," advancing the cause of freedom and happiness!

No grow book has it all. There is not substitute for experience, and this book was my favorite; I did read five others, all classic grow books, so there is a basis for comparison. I find myself going back to it and finding answers I didn't know were there. I would have liked to have the book better organized for the novice, but once again, the organization was no worse, or was better, than any of the others. I had never grown anything in my life before, but have achieved success. A very good grow manual, at least in comparison to existing competition.

I had very high expectations when I ordered this book, yet was disappointed. The book has good content, lots of info, but is vague about many points. VERY VAGUE, it's as if Ed wants you to buy more of his collection to get a COMPLETE guide to growing. I didn't pay $20 for a continuing series. The most disappointing point is that there are 50 (yes 50!) pages that are either blank or have irrelevant information; basically filler. Pretty decent, but only 2 stars.

Every part of cultivation from seeds to harvest laid out in easy to understand tables, graphs and charts. A kindergartener could grow quality bud with this book's help.

I was very excited at first when i purchased this book. I was dissapointed when I started reading it. I wanted to know how to grow pot. I found it to be very thin when it came to explaining things. Way too much information in some chapters. I did however get some info from it and have a nice 3 footer growing in my closet. I used a ratio of 50 50 my own compost to a good potting soil something this book reccomends against. It's obvious some of the other reviewers did not read this book.

I have many books by ed rosenthal and not one of them compares to this book, some real fine information for the grower and or beginner, or for the curious.

The book is one of the bests with the clear chapters from seeding and lighting to harvesting levels. Also the pictures are so exciting, however, sometimes it's hard to understand some of the terms if English is not your native language but anyway it gives you great help. After i bought this book all the people around started to treat me like i'm a expert about the subject and i like it because, after you read this book you just realise how the people around you,who wants to grow their own pots, do it wrong...

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